Springboard vs. BloomTech: Finding the Best Course Provider for You

A look at the available courses, pricing, and student outcomes for both course providers - here’s how they compare.

Springboard and BloomTech (formerly Lambda School) both provide students with different course options for learning remotely, as well as robust online communities and significant career support. However, when comparing Springboard vs. BloomTech bootcamps, there are some crucial differences.

Bloom offers courses that are 40 hours per week and last for nine months with live collaboration with other students across different teams. Springboard courses are asynchronous, 100% online, include mentorship from leading industry professionals, and can be done in conjunction with having a job.

Springboard vs. BloomTech

1:1 Professional Mentorship
Career Services
Job Guarantee
Live Classes
Ready to advance your career?

Why choose Springboard over BloomTech

Professional Mentorship

Industry professionals that provide accountability, feedback and guidance at each stage of your learning journey.

Capstone Project

An in depth project designed to utilize course learnings and serve as an asset when it comes to your job search.

Job Guarantee

A guarantee that ensures you'll start a new job directly related to your area of study or receive a full refund of your tuition.

An industry-leading program

Enrolling with Springboard guarantees you a quality learning experience.
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Meet a few of our Springboard alumni

Nelson Borges

Education: Marketing
Previous Job: Marketing Manager
Current Job: Insights Analyst at LinkedIn

Other bootcamps didn't really relay to me that they would provide mentorship and help me find a job, or that they really cared about me, but Springboard did.

Reagan Tatsch

Education: Business Marketing
Previous Job: Regional Director, LoftSmart
Current Job: Data Operations Manager, ISS

In the middle of a global pandemic, it was pretty scary to jump in and start trying to find a new job. So I liked the fact that Springboard had a job guarantee; there’s nothing to lose.

Erich Schulz

Education: Character Animation
Previous Job: Public School Teacher
Current Job: Product Designer, Disney

What really stood out to me about Springboard was the mentorship program and the fact that you could study at your own pace. I also loved the accountability that I would have from working with a career coach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do Springboard and BloomTech offer?

Springboard offers courses in data analytics, data science, UX/UI design, software engineering, cybersecurity, and tech sales. Courses are asynchronous, 100% online, self-paced and can be done in conjunction with having a job.

Bloom Institute of Technology offers courses in web development and data science. Each course is on a semi-flexible schedule that requires the student to commit to live classes each week.

How much do courses cost at Springboard and BloomTech?

Springboard’s courses range from $349 for prep courses to around $10,000 for full bootcamps. Discounts and scholarships are available if certain criteria are met.

Bloom courses come in around $20,000 paid in equal installments with an option for a slightly higher deferred tuition.

Both Springboard and Bloom offer tuition reimbursement for their flagship courses if you’re unable to land a job within a certain amount of time.

What kind of career improvements can I expect from completing a course?

93% of Springboard students receive an offer within 12 months and graduates report an average salary increase of $22,000 in their job offers.

BloomTech reports a graduation rate of more than 60% across all of its courses and a job placement rate of at least 70% for all graduates. For those who were successful in their job placement, the median annualized salary was $62,000 for all programs.

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