Springboard vs. EdX: A Comparison for Prospective Students

A deep dive into the differences between Springboard and EdX. Learn what both platforms have to offer to find out which learning environment is better for you.

While Springboard and EdX are both online learning platforms, they offer very different experiences and focus on different sets of goals. While EdX aims to offer variety with thousands of courses available, Springboard focuses on a handful of offerings that are designed by industry experts to launch graduates on a new career path.

Springboard offers career-specific courses that will have you job-ready upon graduation. This is a practical education that uses real-world projects and gives students 1:1 time with seasoned professionals to mentor them throughout the process. Springboard partners with industry-leading organizations and individuals to design their bootcamps, with course lengths averaging at around six months if done on a part-time basis.

As a platform, EdX hosts thousands of courses on a variety of topics, including business management, data science, engineering, food and nutrition, medicine, law, and architecture. They offer two main types of education: free or low-cost online courses and college credit courses. Anyone can enroll in a general course and receive a certificate, but college courses often require an application and give graduates actual college credit upon completion.

Springboard vs. EdX

Industry-leading curriculum
Job Guarantee
Live Classes
Flexible Schedule
Career Services
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Why choose Springboard over EdX

Affordable Tuition

With competitive pricing and robust financing options, Springboard is an amazing value for your money. Plus, if you don’t land a job within six months of graduating, you’ll get your money back.

Industry-leading Curriculum

Our courses are designed collaboratively with experts like Colt Steele and Datacamp. Our students have been hired upon graduation by top tech companies like Google, Meta, and Microsoft.

Flexible Schedule

At Springboard, you can benefit from live classes and community learning while still maintaining a flexible schedule. Study when it suits you, so you can get the most out of your course.

An industry-leading program

Enrolling with Springboard guarantees you a quality learning experience.
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Meet a few of our Springboard alumni


George Mendoza

Education: Economics
Previous Job: Business analyst
Current Job: Solutions Manager @ Hypergiant

The career coaches at Springboard were invaluable in curating my resume to better reflect my experience and ambitions.


Haotian Wu

Education: Mechanical Engineering
Previous Job: Product Manager
Current Job: Data Scientist @ RepTrak

My mentor’s guidance enriched my learning by showing me someone’s perspective who had hands-on experience with real data science projects. As someone with a more technical background, my mentor calls ended up being more like discussions.


Melanie Hanna

Education: Chemical Engineering
Previous Job: Process Engineer
Current Job: Data Scientist @ Farmer's Fridge

I’d absolutely recommend the Data Science Career Track. With the job guarantee, you just can’t lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Springboard and EdX prepare you for your job search?

EdX mostly focuses on independent study, rather than job-specific career coaching. The majority of courses have limited 1:1 support and don’t offer a job guarantee.

On the other hand, Springboard courses are tailored experiences that put you on the career track of your choice. Complete beginners can start with introductory courses before starting their Career Track, ensuring that they have all the technical knowledge needed to succeed in the course. Once you’re enrolled, you’ll be assigned a personal mentor with industry experience, so you can get real-world advice. Springboard’s curriculums are built around practical projects that teach you the skills you’ll need to excel in your first role.

How much do courses cost at Springboard and EdX?

Courses at EdX vary greatly in price. You can enroll in a short course for as little as $99, while Bachelor’s degrees can cost between $17,000-26,000. Courses with college credits are more expensive, but in comparison to enrolling directly with a college, the prices are very affordable.

Springboard bootcamps cost around $10,000 and last about six months if done part-time. Students who enroll in a Career Track have the option to complete the introductory course first at no extra cost. This fee also includes career support service for the entire duration of the course and an additional six months of career support after graduation. Springboard also offers flexible and affordable financing that helps students save thousands of dollars when compared to traditional universities.

Can Springboard and EdX’s curriculum really prepare me for a career in tech?

Whereas EdX offers educational content that will prepare you for a career in tech, Springboard actively prepares you for a specific role. You can enroll in a range of courses at EdX that can teach you advanced and niche topics within the field you’re interested in, and this can differentiate you from other candidates. You can use courses to get into a new field, progress your current career, or expand into connected areas of expertise.

With Springboard, you’ll receive both academic and career-based support that’s backed with a job guarantee. Springboard prepares students for the realities and practicalities of the tech industry by giving them 1:1 access to people who actually work in the field. And, Springboard’s career coaching readies students to impress employers, negotiate salaries, and create an invaluable network.

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