Springboard vs. Khan Academy: Comparing Learning Platforms

A detailed look at courses, learning format, tuition and student outcomes.

In the ever-popular e-learning market, both Springboard and Khan Academy have emerged as significant players because their courses offer many benefits. However, what works for one student may not work for another.

This comparison will look at the details of each, including average cost, support options, and how students perform once they complete their course.

Springboard vs. Khan Academy

Khan Academy
1:1 Professional Mentorship
Khan AcademyNo
Career Services
Khan AcademyNo
Khan AcademyNo
Job Guarantee
Khan AcademyNo
Live Classes
Khan AcademyNo
Khan AcademyNo
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Why choose Springboard over Khan Academy

Job Guarantee

A guarantee that ensures you'll start a new job directly related to your area of study or receive a full refund of your tuition.

Professional Mentorship

Regular feedback, guidance and accountability from industry professionals.

Career Support

Professional career coaches focused to help you with everything from resume prep to interview practice.

An industry-leading program

Enrolling with Springboard guarantees you a quality learning experience.
All categories
All categories
All categories

Meet a few of our Springboard alumni

George Mendoza

Education: Economics & History
Previous Job: Business Analyst
Current Job: Solutions Manager, Hypergiant

The career coaches at Springboard were invaluable in curating my resume to better reflect my experience and ambitions.

Jonas Cuadrado

Education: Physics
Previous Job: PhD Student
Current Job: Data Scientist, Feedzai

I loved talking to my mentor. He always gave me meaningful insights about how corporations work, the hiring process, or just useful resources on how to move forward.

Parker Konz

Education: Political Science
Previous Job: Singer & Musician
Current Job: Visual Designer, Gorilla Group

I liked that it was a long, in-depth program, which is what I wanted. I learned a lot and I feel very prepared for my job now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do Springboard and Khan Academy offer?

Springboard is a career-focused edtech platform where skills are taught as part of a roadmap to a profession. Springboard follows a bootcamp model, which means classes are capped to ensure a manageable mentor-to-student ratio and follow a structure that ensures that students understand the fundamentals of each profession before they advance to more challenging skills.

Springboard’s bootcamps—which span the most in-demand tech professions such as software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, tech sales, and design—also take a more holistic approach to education. They combine a comprehensive curriculum with self-paced instruction, video lectures, readings, capstone projects, and work sprints that mimic the real-world work experience.

Khan Academy is intended for all students and focuses on skills and knowledge taught in most classrooms. While there’s nothing stopping adults from enrolling, the bulk of its courses span math, science, reading, history and humanities. Some of its more advanced courses touch on college-level subjects, such as cryptography, algorithms, and information theory, but these are taught as standalone subjects instead of organized as part of a career track

How much do courses cost at Springboard and Khan Academy?

Springboard’s bootcamps are around $10,000, with discounts and scholarships available for select students. Springboard’s introductory courses, which give students a taste of a field at a fraction of the time commitment, start from $349.

Khan Academy is free for all students.

What kind of career improvements can I expect from completing a course?

Springboard offers a job guarantee for qualified graduates, with all-encompassing courses that prepare students for the workforce. If a student does not secure a job related to their field of study within six months of graduation, Springboard will offer a full refund on tuition.

Student outcomes are difficult to measure for Khan Academy because the platform is not intended to prepare students for the workforce. When measured against its stated goals of helping students achieve better grade schooling and pre-college exam outcomes Khan Academy has a strong track record.

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