Springboard vs. Uvaro: Courses, Curriculum, and FAQs

Finding the perfect tech sales course can be time-consuming. Check out our comparison of Springboard and Uvaro and find out which one is right for you.

Springboard and Uvaro both offer a tech sales program that readies beginners to work in the industry. While both have similar pricing and course length, there are significant differences between the two when it comes to the curriculum and career support.

Uvaro offers both an accelerated 4-week version, and a 12-week version of their sales course. They also offer a few other courses like Customer Success Management, Account Management, and Account Executive foundations. Courses are delivered as a mix of independent and live learning, so participants can have some flexibility while still studying with a cohort. The curriculum includes a lot of content on job searching tactics and career growth training, as well as learning technical sales skills.

Springboard’s Tech Sales Career Track is a 12-week, part-time course that’s backed with a job guarantee—if you don’t get hired within six months of graduating, you’ll get your money back. It features a practical curriculum developed with industry experts, as well as robust career services, including 1-on-1 advice and assistance. 93.2% of Springboard students land jobs in their chosen field after graduating.

Springboard vs. Uvaro

Industry-leading curriculum
Job Guarantee
Live Classes
Flexible Schedule
Career Services
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Why choose Springboard over Uvaro

Flexible Schedule

Making a career change is a big decision and a lot of work —and most of us do it while continuing to work. For that reason, Springboard offers flexible scheduling, even in courses with live classes.

Industry-leading Curriculum

Springboard’s Tech Sales Career Track was developed in collaboration with Winning by Design, a successful sales training company. We’ve included everything you need to know about sales strategies, and all the practical applications you need to master them.

Job Guarantee

Springboard is so confident in its courses that they’re sure you’ll land a great job after graduation. If that doesn’t happen within six months, your tuition will be refunded.

An industry-leading program

Enrolling with Springboard guarantees you a quality learning experience.
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Meet a few of our Springboard alumni


Andrew McGrath

Education: Politcal Science
Previous Job: Sales Manager

The program seems very hands-on, and I like having an open line of communication with my advisors and instructors.


Monica Chieffo

Education: Musicology
Previous Job: Lecturer @ UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music
Current Job: SDR @ Zappar

I went into my new job with confidence because I had spent so much time in the Tech Sales Career Track learning the skills that I would need in this role.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Springboard and Uvaro prepare you for your job search?

Although Uvaro doesn’t offer a job guarantee, they do offer lifelong career services. This means that graduates can always contact Uvaro for help with resume building, job searching, and interview prep. As a result, 70% of course participants have found roles in tech sales within 90 days of getting started with Uvaro. From the get-go, career prep is part of Uvaro’s curriculum, and they cover topics such as job search tactics, tools, and interview practice.

Springboard also incorporates career services into their tech sales course, offering students regular 1-on-1 calls with a personal career coach throughout the 12-week course. The nature of sales makes group work very important, so group coaching calls with classmates are also offered. You can use your time with your career coach however you see fit, but some common services include personal brand building, network training, presentation practice, resume reviews, and mock interviews.

How much do sales courses cost at Springboard and Uvaro?

Uvaro offers a 4-week and a 12-week version of their Tech Sales Foundations course, with both costing $6000. The fee covers access to additional workshops and lifetime career support. Financing options include monthly installments of $250 for 24 months or deferred tuition. You can also apply for one of the scholarships they offer to marginalized folks.

Springboard’s 12-week, 150+ hour Tech Sales Career Track costs $7,000 upfront. Participants have the choice to pay month to month, or with a deferred tuition plan that lets them pay after they’ve started a new job. Springboard has also partnered with Climb Credit, a lending company specializing in education, to help students finance their studies with low-interest loans. The full price of each financing option is clearly stated on the Springboard website, so you know from the very beginning how much you’ll be paying.

Can Springboard and Uvaro’s curriculum really prepare me for a career in sales?

Uvaro’s Tech Sales Foundations course is designed for both seasoned sales reps and complete beginners alike. Therefore, the course begins with the basics: industry fundamentals, and the importance of public speaking and presentation skills. You’ll learn how sales professionals need to represent and brand themselves in order to build trust and rapport with customers. By studying with a cohort, you’ll also practice what you learn with real people, which will really help you retain information. Industry-expert guest speakers will also share their valuable knowledge with you so you can learn what the tech sales industry is really like.

Springboard’s industry-leading curriculum was developed in conjunction with renowned sales trainers Winning by Design. It teaches you the end-to-end sales journey with different sales models and strategies so you can grow your pipeline and work toward success. You’ll practice everything that you learn in real time with your cohort, as presentation and conversation skills are essential for sales professionals. Towards the end of the course, you’ll be introduced to the tools that you’ll actually use on the job, like Salesforce and CRM. By the time you graduate, you’ll have clear expectations about what a sales role will entail and confidence in your ability to fill that role.

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