How will a mentor help you?

In every Springboard course, you get a personal mentor who works in industry - who you will meet online, 1-on-1, each week.

Technical guidance
  • Reviews of projects and exercises
  • Challenging your approach
  • Help with execution
Career advice
  • Industry insights
  • Interview tips
  • Job search advice
  • Setting learning goals
  • Tracking progress weekly

The number speaks for themselves

Research shows that by having a mentor, you are:


more likely to get a raise
(Source: Forbes)


more likely to get a promotion
(Source: Forbes)

Why 1-on-1 mentorship is the best way to learn

Learning with a mentor not only helps you build skills faster, but also enables career growth.

Personalized learning
Everyone learns differently. With 1-on-1 mentor calls you get to focus on what’s important to you.
Industry insight
Your mentor works in the industry, and will give you real-world insights few teachers can.
Mentors can help you develop networking skills, provide advice and tell you where you can find jobs.
Learn with a professional who is truly passionate about what they do, and can hold you to the same standards.

Meet some of your mentors

Alan Si
Pia Zaragoza
Saloni Borar
Nate Kugland

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