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Dive into the world of Python programming with this comprehensive guide. Access countless resources from a single page, from free courses and mentor-guided bootcamps to salary information, expert career advice, and real-world success stories.

  • Learn end-to-end data science skills with Python and use generative AI to enhance your work.

  • Open up lucrative career opportunities in technology, healthcare, finance, and beyond.

  • Gain hands-on experience at every stage of the data science process, from problem identification and data wrangling to building functional machine learning algorithms.

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What is Python?

Python is one of the most versatile, easy-to-learn programming languages. It powers diverse applications, from web development to data analysis and AI. Its simplicity and readability make it ideal for beginners. Python's extensive libraries and community support streamline development, making it the go-to programming language for everything from web scraping to machine learning algorithms.

Why learn Python?


Increase in Python usage on GitHub in 2022


Average salary for a Python developer


Most in-demand programming languages by recruiters in 2023

Courses with a job guarantee

Courses designed to help you learn Python for an immediate jumpstart into the workforce. Learn with a 1:1 mentor and land a job after graduating — or your money back.

Data Science Bootcamp

Master the end-to-end data science process, from the six steps of the Data Science Method to building machine learning algorithms.

  • Access a curriculum developed in partnership with DataCamp, featuring hands-on projects to help you master core data science skills.

  • Receive 1:1 mentorship from an industry expert and career coaching services during and after the bootcamp.

  • Complete 28 mini-projects and 3 capstone projects to showcase your ability to identify business problems, acquire data, and make predictions with machine learning.

Software Engineering Bootcamp

Become a full-stack developer in 9 months by learning the most in-demand programming languages, understanding software development theory, and building your portfolio with hands-on projects.

  • Access an 800-hour curriculum developed in partnership with coding legend and acclaimed Udemy instructor Colt Steele. 

  • Learn web fundamentals, object-oriented programming, AI prompt engineering, and data structures and algorithms. 

  • Complete 20 mini-projects, two cumulative projects, and two capstone projects to build an interview-ready portfolio you can show future employers. 

Data Analytics Bootcamp

Learn the technical and strategic thinking skills needed to become an entry-level data analyst. Use AI tools to uncover patterns and extract insights to drive change in almost any industry.

  • Access a curriculum developed in partnership with Microsoft, which will teach you how to transform real-world datasets into actionable recommendations and develop advanced data visualization skills.  

  • Learn data analysis in Python, statistics for data analysis, and Microsoft Excel for Business Analytics. 

  • Complete 29 mini-projects and two capstone projects to showcase your skills to potential employers.

Courses from an accredited university

Elevate your Python journey with these university-backed bootcamps. Graduate with job-ready skills and a university credential.

Data Science Bootcamp with UMass Global

Complete an intensive 400+ hour curriculum to master the Python data science stack, SQL and databases, statistical inference, and more.

  • Receive weekly 1:1 mentorship from a seasoned industry expert and support from a student advisor and career coach. 

  • Choose from one of three specialization areas: the Generalist Tack, the Business Insider Tack, or the Advanced Machine Learning Track. 

  • Complete two capstone projects using the Data Science Method to wrangle data, create a training dataset, and build a functional machine learning model.

USF Data Analytics Bootcamp

Learn fundamental business statistics concepts, analytics and visualization tools, and advanced data analysis techniques in a  6-month bootcamp designed to get you job-ready.

  • Master industry-standard data visualization tools like Excel, SQL, Python, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau. 

  • Complete exercises, assessments, and projects that teach you to break down complex problems, test and analyze them, and present actionable business insights.

  • Complete 20+ hands-on mini-projects and a capstone project to build a well-rounded portfolio to show prospective employers.

UMGC Online Data Science Bootcamp

Gain practical experience with the end-to-end data science process through a 400+-hour curriculum designed to prepare you for an entry-level data science role.

  • Learn the full Python data science stack, SQL and databases, data storytelling, statistical inference, and machine learning. 

  • Acquire a competitive edge in the job market by completing one of three specialization tracks: the Business Insider Track, Generalist Track, or Advanced Machine Learning Track. 

  • Hone your job search strategy with career units sprinkled throughout the curriculum plus access to 1:1 career coaching during and after the bootcamp.

Free & short courses

Just getting started in Python? These short (or free!) courses will help get you familiar with Python basics and set a solid foundation for future learning.

Free Data Analytics Course

Explore the possibilities of a data analytics career by learning data visualization, machine learning, probability, statistics, and more.

  • Become familiar with industry-standard tools like Python, Excel, Power BI, and Tableau to convert structured data into powerful visuals. 

  • Gain a thorough understanding of what data scientists and data analysts do and determine if data analytics is the right career path for you. 

  • Apply your learnings in a case study using a synthetic dataset for fraud detection in financial transactions. 

Data Science Prep Course

Learn the Python, statistics, and probability skills you need for the data science career you want. This course prepares you to take the Technical Skills Survey (TSS) to enroll in the Data Science Bootcamp.

  • Gain an introduction to Python programming and foundational data science concepts. 

  • Use Python to complete real-world coding exercises and practice solving real business problems using data science tools.  

  • Access six weekly sessions of 1:1 mentorship with an industry expert, including a review of exercises and your final project.

Resources to help get you up to speed

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What's it like to study and work in data science?

Springboard came highly recommended to me from friends who had completed the Data Science Career Track. The mentorship was incredibly helpful, but so was the student community. I could use the student Slack channels for any questions I had or if I needed feedback on something.

Joy Opsvig

From: PR account executive

To: Data science apprentice engineer at LinkedIn

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