Mentorship makes the difference

  • Working industry professionals who will help you achieve your goals

  • Provide accountability, feedback, and guidance at every stage of your learning journey

  • Know what the industry demands and what hiring managers want


What is Springboard mentorship?

Mentorship is personalized learning instead of one-way teaching. Unlike a class instructor, who presents material once and expects you to grasp it, your mentor will work with you individually.

Your mentor will:

  • Guide you through the curriculum and familiarize you with industry tools, answer questions, and remove blockers

  • Help you plan, create, and structure excellent portfolio projects via regular feedback

  • Provide industry guidance and an insider's perspective of the work in your chosen field

Does mentorship really matter?

Yes. The data doesn't lie — mentorship provides a serious edge.

Professionals in mentorship programs are 5x more likely to be promoted and get a pay raise. (LinkedIn)

76% of professionals think mentors are important, but only 37% have one. (Forbes)

How does mentorship work?

Finding mentors in the real world can be intimidating. At Springboard, we'll do the hard work for you.

You’ll learn from the best to be your best

We’re extremely picky when it comes to our mentors.

Springboard accepts less than 10% of mentor applicants. Mentors must have a minimum of three years experience, and are rigorously tested for curiosity, resilience, adaptability, and like-ability.

Why? Because when you’re working 1-on-1 with somebody empathy and accessibility are just as important as expertise.

You’ll get personalized guidance and accountability at each step

Tackle the curriculum together, get your critical questions answered, and receive actionable feedback.

Mentors hold you accountable to your dreams, provide a window into the industry, and share an insider's perspective on what it takes to be successful.

You’ll get matched with your mentor based on your schedule, area of focus, and career goals

Once enrolled, you’ll fill out a profile detailing your availability, goals, and the skills you want to develop.

Our student success team will then match you with a mentor and schedule your calls based on your availability.

What Springboard students say about their mentors

Hands down, the most valuable part of the Springboard experience was the mentorship and portfolio projects. I learned so much about data science and I felt supported whenever I ran into technical questions or projects that my team at work couldn’t help me on.

Mikiko Bazeley

Data Science Graduate

From Hair Salon Receptionist

To Head of Machine Learning Ops @ Featureform

My mentor was super supportive and was even willing to refer me to people in their network, which was great. They also sat down with me to do exercises on Hack the Box, which allowed me to put what I had learned into practice.

Rafael Ayala

Cybersecurity Graduate

From Math Teacher

To Cybersecurity Expert, M&A @ Autodesk

My mentor built a lot of confidence in me throughout my Springboard experience, and I think that's just a testimony to how Springboard selects their mentors.

Reyna Martinez

UI/UX Design Graduate

From Student Advisor

To Associate UX Designer @ ServiceMax

Meet our mentors


Julia Kho

Operations Research Developer

Mohit Bhatia

Program Manager - Analytics

Archit Garg

College Professor

Tobias Zwingmann

Senior Data Scientist

Hasin Ahmed

Head of Product Design

Shoumik Goswami

What is the mentor experience like?

For each student, the experience is different —the value of mentorship is unique and personal.

Hear from a few of our students on the value they found in their mentor relationships.

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