The broader field of artificial intelligence, under which machine learning engineering falls, is booming. We’re expecting to see 2.3 million new jobs in the market by 2020. And machine learning engineer salaries are among the highest in tech.

Springboard helps students around the world start on and advance their careers in machine learning (ML) and data science. Both of these courses come with a job guarantee.

If you’re someone who just wants to earn a machine learning certificate, Springboard has your back here too. Check out this list of courses—including both paid and free options—and pick the one that suits you best.

Machine Learning on Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft Azure Platforms

A list of courses and machine learning certificates created specifically by and for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft. If you’re looking for a specific role in startups that use those cloud platforms—or want to work for Amazon, Google, and Microsoft directly—these learning tracks and certificates are for you.

The courses are free and the certification costs a small amount.

Machine Learning on AWS: All Courses

If you’re considering specializing in developing applications on top of AWS, start here. Amazon offers a variety of training options, videos, and coursework. You can filter by location, language, plus virtual and physical classrooms.

Once you’ve found, enrolled in, and completed machine learning courses on AWS, you can get that knowledge and the skills you picked up certified. The top-range price for this machine learning certificate is $300 and you can enroll in an exam using your Amazon account on the AWS Certification page.

Data and Machine Learning on Google Cloud: All Courses

Similar to Amazon’s training initiative, Google wants to help you spin up or upgrade your existing skill set on its Google Cloud platform. If you want to work for companies that use GCloud and its machine learning, this track is for you. Designed for people who work on designing, building, analyzing, and optimizing big data solutions, this learning path helps you get up to speed quickly.

After you’ve done that, Google’s certification will cost you $200 and the exam will be conducted in person, at a location near you.

AI Engineer on Microsoft Azure: Course

Created by Microsoft for the Azure Cloud platform, this course will help you gain or improve your skills in machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, data mining, bots, and agents. The course can be self-paced (free) or instructor-led (paid) and offers a Microsoft certification for $165 upon completion.

If you’re not sure whether Azure is the platform for you to focus on, you can take the Azure Fundamentals course to check it out before jumping in further!

IBM Advanced Data Science: Course

Have you ever wanted to play with IBM’s Watson? You now have a way to do that while learning and earning a certificate from IBM. Every cloud provider in the world now has its own series of courses to help you learn the relevant tools and upgrade your skills. On Coursera, IBM’s courses range from entry-level data science to advanced machine learning and signal processing specialization. As with most online learning paths, courses tend to be free but the certificate itself will cost you a small amount.

Highly Rated Machine Learning Certificates

Based on ratings from students on review sites like Course Report and SwitchUp, these are among the best-reviewed options for aspiring machine learning professionals.

Stanford University Machine Learning: Course and Certificate

One of the world’s best (and first) courses on machine learning, cited by everyone who’s ever written a post like this one, Andrew Ng’s Stanford University offering is perhaps the quintessence of ML online learning. Earning this machine learning certificate via Coursera lets you add it to your LinkedIn or resume. It’s a great way to pick up the fundamentals of the field before continuing your education.

Deep Learning: Course and Certificate

Another all-star teaching team led by Andrew Ng, another course and certificate that’ll cost you only $49 a month on Coursera. Diving into neural networks, deep learning, structuring machine learning projects, working with convolutional neural networks and sequence models—this course has it all. Deep learning being the logical progression of your machine learning career, this certificate is worth considering.

eCornell Machine Learning Certificate: Course and Certificate

Taking three and a half months to complete and costing $565 a month, this online certification from Cornell University will net you 165 development hours and teach you the fundamentals of machine learning. You will use Python and the NumPy library for code exercises and projects, and learn on top of the Jupyter Notebooks. Cornell recommends having prior experience with linear algebra, Python, probability theory, and multivariate calculus before enrolling.

Not sure if this one’s for you? They even made a helpful tool to assess your own level of skill to use here.

Harvard University Machine Learning: Course and Certificate

You can enroll in this eight-week course from Harvard University on edX and get yourself a machine learning certificate for just $49. Here you will learn how to train algorithms using training data to predict the outcome for future data sets.

Applied Data Science With Python: Courses

The University of Michigan is one of the U.S. schools now offering a plethora of online learning options. Their Python specialization course is one of the most highly rated at the time of this writing. It was designed for people who want to apply statistics, machine learning, information visualization, text analysis, and social network analysis techniques through Python toolkits.

Harvard’s Data Science: Micro-Degree

Taking it a step further than a certificate, Harvard offers a course on edX for less than $500 that lets you earn a micro-degree from the esteemed university. Here you will learn statistical concepts (probability, inference, modeling) and how to apply them in practice, along with a hands-on experience with tidyverse (including data visualization with ggplot2 and data wrangling with dplyr). You also will implement machine learning algorithms.

Columbia University Artificial Intelligence: MicroMasters Program

The edX platform and Columbia University up the ante with how much and what you can learn online by bringing you what they are calling the MicroMasters degree. This $1,300 graduate-level course gives you deep learning in AI and is recognized by employers. Being enrolled in it also means you can choose to pursue an accelerated and less expensive master’s degree from the same university if you so desire.


You can think of AI as the new electricity. Startups and established companies alike are actively using machine learning and deep learning to drive their businesses forward and to innovate within their respective industries. These days, saying “we use AI to do X” is similar to saying “we use a Postgres database to do X” 10 years ago. Anyone not using AI to do something is already being left behind.

Are you considering participating in this evolution of technology and business? Going the traditional educational route may not be for you, and that’s fine. You are reading this post, after all, so take advantage of the amazing online resources available to you!

The above are some of the best, highest-rated courses and machine learning certificates. But of course, there’s also Springboard’s machine learning bootcamp.

The Machine Learning Engineering Career Track is a flexible, mentor-led online program with a certificate you can display on LinkedIn and, more importantly, a job guarantee.

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