We sat down with Intermediate Data Science with Python graduate Adarsh Srinivas to learn more about his experience in the course and where he’s gone since graduating in 2016. I chose Springboard because it was a unique opportunity to work with a data science professional. The best part about working with my mentor, Hobson, was […]

Companies today understand the power of data to improve their processes, to micro-target their advertising, and to identify and exploit market efficiencies. But data science can be directed to purposes besides profit. “Data for good” offers powerful opportunities to social justice warriors. Here are three reasons why those aspiring to create social change should embrace […]

Deciding to change careers isn’t always easy—in fact, it can be downright scary. For Data Science Career Track alumni Karen Masterson, though, her passion outpaced her fear. Since a young age, Karen’s loved learning about language. As she got older, she started making the connection between programming languages and ancient languages, and began to see […]

Aurora LePort graduated from Springboard’s Intermediate Data Science: Python course. We sat down with her to learn more about her experience, goals, and life after Springboard. I wanted to pair my degree in behavioral neuroscience with data science to make a real, meaningful impact. Human behavior has always fascinated me. It even led me to […]

It’s undeniable—data science is one of the fastest growing fields in the world today, and shows no signs of slowing down. Because of that, it’s becoming increasingly important to study and understand the professionals who make up this field, and the ways they navigate it. This article is a continuation of a piece from earlier […]

Tech jobs are always oversubscribed, so if you want to be seen among the sea of resumes that come in, you’ve got to hit all the right notes. Follow these 9 tips to show off your skills in a new way, and hopefully catch that recruiter’s eye! 1. Write a good career objective A good […]

The State of Data Science and Machine Learning, Part 1: Education level, job titles, undergraduate majors, and more   Late last year, Kaggle conducted a massive survey of more than 16,000 data scientists to dive into questions around their education levels, undergraduate majors, job titles, salaries, and much more. The survey posed nearly 300 questions, and […]

This post originally appeared on Medium. Ever since I completed Springboard’s Data Science Career Track, I have been receiving messages from people asking me about my experience and trying to gauge if the track would be a good fit for their future career goals. Therefore, in this post, I shall be describing my four month journey […]