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Springboard vs. Other Online Bootcamps: How Do They Compare?
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Springboard vs. Other Online Bootcamps: How Do They Compare?

3 minute read | May 26, 2020
Sakshi Gupta

Written by:
Sakshi Gupta

Ready to launch your career?

Ready to launch your new tech career? Find out what program is right for you by reviewing Springboard bootcamps vs. other online bootcamps.

Compare how Springboard stacks up against other top-rated online bootcamps with this comprehensive comparison guide.

What Is Springboard?

Springboard is a San Francisco-based edtech company that prepares students for today’s careers with skills that last a lifetime—all while offering a first-of-its-kind job guarantee. If students don’t land a job after graduating, they can receive 100% of their tuition back.

Springboard offers bootcamps and short courses in UI/UX design, data science, data analytics, software engineering, and machine learning. All Springboard bootcamps are 100% online, self-paced, and take six-nine months to complete. During each bootcamp, students are matched with a personal industry mentor who guides them throughout the program through regular one-on-one video calls.

During the program, a Student Success Manager will be on call to handle logistical queries, create study plans, and help students stay accountable to their learning goals.

Before and after graduation, Springboard’s career coaches support the student in their job search, help prepare them for interviews and networking, and facilitate their transition in the tech industry.

Springboard vs. Other Online Bootcamps

See how Springboard measures up to other online bootcamps against a series of factors including cost, program focus, the application process, outcomes, human support, and job guarantee.

Springboard vs. Thinkful

Springboard and Thinkful both offer an individualized mentorship program, a feature that is highly sought after by many students. Both bootcamp providers also offer weekly check-ins around course progress.

The main difference between Springboard and Thinkful is in programming structure. Springboard’s bootcamps are 100% online, while Thinkful offers a mix of online and in-person bootcamps in various US cities.

Read the full Springboard vs. Thinkful comparison here.

Springboard vs. Fullstack Academy

While both Springboard and Fullstack Academy teach web development and full-stack development, the two schools have different approaches.

Fullstack Academy specializes in in-person, campus-based bootcamps. Fullstack does offer a single option for a web-based bootcamp that moves students through a three-stage part-time, then full-time immersion.

By comparison, Springboard’s bootcamps are 100% online and self-paced. This allows students to move at their own speed and provides immense flexibility in scheduling.

Read the full Springboard vs. Fullstack Academy comparison here.

Springboard vs. Flatiron School

Both Springboard and Flatiron School offer subjects within the tech industry and focus on emphasizing career-focused outcomes for their students. However, Flatiron School primarily offers in-person courses, which have been temporarily adjusted to an online format in 2020.

In addition, while Flatiron School does offer students a job guarantee for some of its qualifying programs, students must meet a strict set of benchmarks and requirements. By comparison, Springboard graduates get a six-month runway to secure a role in their industry: if they don’t, students receive 100% of their tuition back.

Read the full Springboard vs. Flatiron School comparison here.

Springboard vs. Lambda School

Both Springboard and Lambda School offer comprehensive curriculums. However, Lambda School bootcamps are catered towards students who are able to commit to a full-time learning experience via day-to-day class instruction. In addition, Lambda School only offers courses in three disciplines: data science, full-stack web development, and iOS Development.

By comparison, Springboard offers bootcamps and courses in UI/UX design, data science, data analytics, software engineering, and machine learning. All Springboard courses are 100% online, self-paced throughout an average of six months. Finally, Lambda School bootcamps cost roughly 200% more than Springboard bootcamps.

Read the full Springboard vs. Lambda School comparison here.

Not ready to enroll just yet? Read more about the factors you should consider while picking a program in our bootcamp criteria guide.

Disclaimer: We’ve worked hard to ensure the information in this comparison guide is accurate and up-to-date. However, mistakes happen. If you spot an error, please get in touch with us at and we’ll correct it right away.

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