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Best Careers for ENTJ Personalities

3 minute read | July 8, 2020
Sakshi Gupta

Written by:
Sakshi Gupta

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Learn which careers are ideal for you based on your Myers-Briggs personality type.

ENTJ is one of 16 different personality types from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI). ENTJs represent about 12% of the general population (3% of men; 1% of women). Famous ENTJs include Franklin D. Roosevelt, Margaret Thatcher, and U.S. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

On this page, we’ll help you get a better understanding of ENTJ strengths, weaknesses, and the best ENTJ career choices.

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What Does ENTJ Stand For?

ENTJ stands for Extroversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Judging.

Also known as the Commander, ENTJs are born leaders who are motivated to create change. Articulate and quick-witted, they possess a natural vivacity that enables them to persuade others to see their point-of-view. When a system is flawed, the ENTJ notices it and enjoys the process of discovering and implementing a better solution.

Regardless of an ENTJ’s career path, they see themselves as a leader and are motivated to organize people and processes to achieve big picture results. Ambitious ENTJs yearn to gain power and influence. Blunt, decisive, and driven to get things done, they can seem critical or brisk in the pursuit of a goal. They size up people and situations quickly, which may make them seem presumptuous or even arrogant. ENTJs are charismatic and not easily swayed by the opinions of others. Politician, public speaker, and entrepreneur are examples of the best jobs for ENTJ personality types.

ENTJ Personality Strengths & Weaknesses


What Careers Are Best for ENTJ Personalities?

Below you’ll find a mix of the best careers for ENTJ personality types.

  • Project manager. Project managers oversee project timelines, manage roles and responsibilities, and organize budgets. ENTJs’ natural take-charge mentality enables them to focus on the bigger picture while also managing small tasks and finer details, essential skills for a project manager. ENTJs naturally gravitate towards leadership positions, and project management enables them to plan and coordinate various organizational functions at the same time.
  • Tech lead/software architect. Tech leads and software architects are senior software engineers who oversee a team of developers and lead all software development projects. The main difference between a tech lead and a software architect is the level of people management involved. Tech leads are more focused on delegating work and mentoring junior developers, while software architects make high-level decisions about an organization’s technology stack.
  • CEO. ENTJ is the most common personality type among CEOs. Leadership roles, in general, make for the best jobs for ENTJs, who are naturally assertive. With their charismatic personality, self-confidence, and tendency to take charge, ENTJs can motivate teams, speak powerfully in front of large crowds and keep projects on track.
  • Entrepreneur. ENTJs aren’t easily swayed by the opinions of others and have confidence in their own abilities—two indispensable traits for a successful entrepreneur. As self-starters who are naturally enterprising, ENTJs are workaholics and often cite work as their hobby. Given the commitment and long hours often involved in launching a startup, this type of resilience sets ENTJs up for success as a business owner and makes entrepreneurship one of the top ENTJ career matches.

How Does Springboard Help ENTJs Achieve Their Career Goals?

Springboard provides a self-paced curriculum structure designed to cater to ENTJs. By covering an extensive curriculum, accessible mentorship, and providing the tools for a self-driven portfolio, Springboard has adapted its many career tracks to cater to various learning styles and successfully prepares its students for a variety of ENTJ personality careers.

  • Springboard’s online, self-paced courses flex to your personality type. The courses offered by Springboard are 100% online and self-paced, ideal for ENTJs, who work best alone and have confidence in their own abilities.
  • Technical careers provide ample opportunities to advance into leadership roles. Software engineers enjoy stable job growth, a high starting salary and many opportunities to be promoted, going from junior developer all the way to tech lead or software architect. If you’re interested in a career in technical leadership or management, Springboard’s Software Engineering Career Track helps you build your network in tech.
  • You know what you want, but sometimes you need a little guidance. Confident and assertive, ENTJs tend to navigate job interviews with ease. But the job search can be tough sometimes. With Springboard, get unlimited 1:1 career coaching and regular calls with a personal mentor who can help you with job search strategy, assignments, networking opportunities, and more.

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