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Top Data Analytics Companies in 2024

9 minute read | October 27, 2021
Sakshi Gupta

Written by:
Sakshi Gupta

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Data Analytics is a booming field at the present time. Highly skilled professionals are required across industries to help organizations improve and expand their business. From providing a better understanding of your audience to enhancing user experience, data analytics plays a pivotal role in all business-oriented operations.

Due to the varied applications of data analytics skills, good data analytics companies offer lucrative packages for qualified candidates who wish to pursue a career in data analytics. If you are a new graduate or experienced professional, this blog will help you know about the best data analytics companies across the world.  

Data Analytics Companies are Offering you the Perfect Job Role

Data analysis is required in every field, be it healthcare, IT, e-commerce, or any other industry. Data analysis skills, once mastered, can be implemented across fields. You can choose from several roles that will give you an overall exposure throughout your career span. For instance, in the financial sector, you can become a quantitative analyst or explore the job role of an operations analyst. 

If you are in a marketing-based profession and are looking for a career transition, you could become a marketing analyst or a project manager in a firm. You could also go for specific industry-based roles such as being a healthcare analyst if you like the healthcare sector or a logistics analyst if you wish to enter the manufacturing industry. Moreover, if you are interested in such fields, this blog on making a career transition into emerging technologies could be a useful read for you. 

How To Choose The Right Data Analytics Company?

With such a varied range of data analytics jobs currently available in the market, it might be a bit confusing for professionals trying to start their data analytics career. As every industry relies on data analytics, the choices available for you are plenty. Therefore, it is necessary to understand your interests and skills while selecting a job role.

For example, the military and healthcare sectors offer interesting data analytics projects, therefore as a fresher who wishes to focus on learning new things, these industries could best suit you. Similarly, if you are looking to start your own business or your interest lies in understanding organizational development, you have the flexibility to choose a corporate data analyst role or try your hand in the finance industry. 

If you are making a career transition, it is better to look for a field that could make use of your existing skills and interest. The biggest advantage for professionals in this field is the availability of industry experts and mentors. They are always ready to help and assist you. You can take career advice from professionals regarding your transition to understand better.

If you are an individual who is interested to work on multiple projects, you have the option of being a freelance data analyst. With a wide range of projects, the market has numerous opportunities for freelancers. Becoming a well-known freelance data analyst can take some time, however, the kind of work you will be doing can be very rewarding and give you more space to pursue other things. Here is an article that will help you to know more about starting your career as a freelance data analyst.

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Top Data Analytics Companies you Should Lookout For

Top Data analytics companies are known for their educational environment, portfolio of projects, special tools, highly skilled professionals, and mentors. Therefore, getting a job in one of the top data analytics companies could kickstart your data analytics career and also provide various growth. Here is a list of a few data analytics companies you need to keep an eye on –

1. Ernst & Young

A part of the big four accounting firms, E&Y could prove to be the best start to your data analytics career. E&Y has earned many accolades including a recurring mention in the CRM watchlist and the MAKE (Global Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise) award.

Notable projects/products:

  • The company has a huge client base which includes several of the fortune 500 companies. They excel in providing financial advisory and consulting services.
  • With their specialized team of data analysts, they are also working on projects that help in sustainable infrastructure development for organizations across the world.
  • By collaborating with the leading shipping firm Maersk, they developed a blockchain method to reduce the fluidity of risk in marine insurance with the help of data analysis.

Salary range for Data Analysts: ₹3,50,000 – ₹6,50,000 (approx.) per Annum

Skills you need to focus on: To get a data analyst job at EY you should work on your data analytics hard skills such as SQL, have command over statistical programming languages like Python, and have good soft skills. Their recruiters focus on a candidate’s personality as much as what is mentioned in the resume.

Where can you apply: You can visit their careers page to get more information according to your profile.

2. IBM

Considered to be a pioneer in developing modern systems for businesses, IBM is one of the top data analytics companies. Its parent company, going by the same name in the USA, holds the most number of patents generated by a business. With strong connections to business leaders of various industries, the portfolio of projects held by them is really fascinating for a data analytics professional.

Notable projects/products:

  • IBM is best known for projects like TD stock market analysis and Edison electric car project.
  • IBM also hosts an open developer challenge called ‘Call for Code’ which aims to gather organizations around the world to develop solutions for mitigating natural disasters through technology.

Salary range for Data Analysts: ₹3,73,000 – ₹9,00,000 (approx.) per annum

Skills you need to focus on: You should be well-versed with data modeling skills, analytics skills, etc., and should have an understanding of ML operations, as a lot of weightage is given to these. Along with this, you need to focus on your soft skills which include teamwork and creativity. The team at IBM evaluates you based on both hard skills and soft skills, hence, it is necessary to focus on both of them equally.

Where can you apply: You can access information and send applications by visiting their careers page.

3. Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics was one of the companies which were known for revolutionizing the ‘Software as a service’ delivery model in India, in its initial days. Due to their expertise and skilled team, the company undertook projects from top Indian banks. The company emerged as the forerunner in technology thanks to its talent in delivering the best projects in data analytics and AI.

Notable projects/products:

  • In 2015 Fractal bought a big data startup called Mobius Ventures to set up its genomics solutions branch. Later, it went on to acquire 2 more start-ups for statistical analytics and behavioral agriculture.
  • It is also renowned for Qure.AI, a software that helps radiologists understand and analyze X-rays.

Salary range for Data Analysts: ₹4,20,000 – ₹10,00,000 (approx.)per annum

Skills you need to focus on: According to the trusted online coding platform HackerRank, individuals need to focus on programming languages like Python, along with a grip on the concepts of quantitative analysis, data interpretation, logical reasoning, etc.

Where can you apply: Portals like LinkedIn and Glassdoor are the best way to connect with their team.

4. Citrix

Considered to be one of the best data analytics and software companies in the world, Citrix is known for its creative environment and expertise in data analytics. Citrix has over 4 lakh clients worldwide which includes about 99% of the fortune 100 companies.

Notable projects/products:

From MetaFrameXP to transforming its presentation server product line to XenApp and the recently introduced ‘GoTo’ product line for online webinars, meetings, and much more, Citrix has always come up with groundbreaking innovations.

Salary range for Data Analysts: ₹6,00,00 – ₹12,00,00 per annum

Skills you need to focus on: Make sure to know everything mentioned in your resume because they are known to ask resume-based questions. When it comes to skills, other than the core programming skills and the basics of data analytics, there is no fixed skill that they test.

Where can you apply: You can connect with them through their careers page or portals like LinkedIn.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become much bigger than a professional networking website. It provides content insights, marketing solutions, real-time analytics, and data for its users. Due to its various requirements, it is a great place for anyone looking for a career transition.

Notable projects/products: Most of the data analytic projects of LinkedIn are done to enhance their internal operations or to develop products for their platform. Few of them are –

  • LinkedIn Analytics Tool, this feature has made marketing simple. By helping brands understand what their audience wants, they have helped them expand their reach easily.
  • Used in features like skill endorsements, optimal discovery algorithms and post-analysis, it enables more than 575 million active LinkedIn users to get jobs, hire quality employees, and grow their business easily.

Salary range for Data Analysts: 5,50,000 – ₹6,50,000 (approx.) per annum

Skills you need to focus on: Managing data sets and statistics along with command over SQL and Microsoft office.

Where can you apply: You can apply on their careers page or through LinkedIn.

6. Atlan

The company is well-known for its data-ops-led approach to a company’s processes and various tools that it developed to enable data reproducibility and automation in client organizations. Due to its incredible potential, the company is backed by Ratan Tata and Ranjan Anandan.

Notable projects/ products: Atlan has stress-tested with more than 200 companies across industries to make their operations and data functions better.

  • It has developed several tools like Camelot, Fliyo, and rLandsat to assist companies to optimize their data flow, data collection, and program implementation.
  • The company also partnered with Sequoia Capital for its surge program in order to rapidly scale start-ups. The program is being carried on at an international level to build better systems within the companies and to attract investors from across the globe.

Salary range: ₹ 3,84,000 – ₹ 8,00,000 (approx.) Per Annum

Skills you need to focus on: To get a job at Atlan you must focus on your Python skills. Additionally, the knowledge of data visualization, quantitative reasoning, and organization management skills will come in handy.

Where can you apply: You can see the open positions and send an application through their careers portal on the company website.

7. HashedIn

The company started by providing software-related products to e-commerce SMEs and later emerged as a trusted analytics consulting partner to firms operating on different scales. HashedIn presently has more than 600 people in its workforce and over 165 clients, internationally.

Notable projects/ products: The company has many notable projects like:

  • Offline map and ship navigation system for Buffalo Automation.
  • IoT enabled safety and compliance solutions for Honeywell’s gas leakage detection suite of products.
  • Modernising UI for Aruba.
  • Its developments in sanitation technology enable quick detection of bacteria on work equipment, utensils, etc. to prevent foodborne diseases.

Salary range: ₹5,00,000 – ₹6,60,000 Per Annum

Skills you need to focus on: Data visualization skills along with operating systems, problem-solving, data structuring, and networking skills. Moreover, the interview process involves question-answering through a pen and paper round.

Where can you apply: You can take a look at the available opportunities and apply directly on the careers portal on their website. You can explore more jobs on their LinkedIn page.

As an aspiring professional in the field of data analysis, it is important for you to keep track of the new companies in this field. Read more about these top 10 emerging data analytics startups here. Along with this, if you wish to try your hand at a few interesting datasets, check out these interesting data analytics projects.

Selecting the perfect company from the above-mentioned top data analytics companies can help you take the right step towards building a data analytics career. While all these companies have the right mix of projects, opportunities and growth, the best career advice is to focus on improving your skills. To do that, you need to always be ready to learn new skills or polish your present skillset. Online data analytics courses can play a major role in helping your progress in your career.

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