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Springboard Partners With Blacks In Technology For New Fellowship Program

3 minute read | February 9, 2022
Laura Parker

Written by:
Laura Parker

Ready to launch your career?

Springboard is excited to partner with Blacks In Technology, the largest community and media organization dedicated to leveling the playing field for Black talent in the tech industry, for the launch of a new fellowship program.

The program will see both organizations joining forces to combat underrepresentation in the tech industry by accelerating equitable opportunities for fellows to upskill into fulfilling careers.

Fellows will each receive a $10,610 scholarship to enroll in the Software Engineering Career Track, or a $13,310 scholarship to enroll in the UI/UX Design Career Track at a subsidized rate of $1,000. Applications for both courses will be open until March 7, 2022. 

Wondering if the software engineering or UI/UX design course is the right program for you? Check out the prerequisites for each course prior to submitting your application:

Software Engineering Career Track prerequisites: 

  • JavaScript fundamentals: Ability to write simple functions, loops, conditional statements and declare variables.
  • Programmatic problem solving skills: Ability to break down a problem into its component pieces, think through it logically, and come up with a solution.
  • Recommended: HTML & CSS fundamentals – Ability to build simple web pages with basic knowledge of selectors, common CSS rules and specificity.

UI/UX Design Career Track prerequisites: 

  • All backgrounds are welcome as long as you can demonstrate strong visual, creativity, and communication skills.
  • Passing an evaluation of baseline visual skills, analytical thinking and the ability to empathize with users.

Springboard’s commitment to diversity doesn’t end here.

In an ongoing effort to continue forging seamless pathways for Black talent, we’re expanding our fellowship initiative in partnership with employers and sponsors alike who will enable us to amplify access to both education and sustainable careers.

“Removing barriers to education is undoubtedly an important facet in alleviating the drivers that have contributed to the underrepresentation of Black talent within the tech industry,” says Dennis Schultz, Executive Director of Blacks In Technology. “We also understand that it doesn’t stop there. In order to mobilize long-lasting pathways to upward mobility, we have to ensure that we’re not only providing access to education but advocating for inclusive hiring practices, as both are imperative in propelling our mission forward.

Our long-term vision here is to look back and see that our commitments have translated into life-changing experiences that will continue to open up doors for generations to come.”

“Forging this partnership with Blacks In Technology feels pioneering on so many levels,” said Nadeja Adams, senior account executive on the Springboard Employer Partnerships team. “We’re able to see first-hand just how much of a powerful impact we’re able to make when communities come together to drive change.

“One of the many joys of working in the edtech space and on the frontline with employers every day is being able to advocate for candidates that come from so many uniquely beautiful backgrounds, and understanding that it’s not the credentials alone that indicate the potential of a human being — but the story that fuels their passions and aspirations is really what we like to tap into it.

“I’m overflowed with excitement around this fellowship program and all of the Black innovators that we are honored to support in their journey to breaking into the technology industry. I have no doubt that the work that we’re driving here at Springboard in partnership with Blacks In Technology will trailblaze the way for us to continue transforming the lives of many.”

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