From Amazon’s shockingly on-target shopping recommendations to Google’s increasingly sophisticated translation tools, artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff of sci-fi—it’s become a regular part of every consumer’s daily life. This mainstream adoption of AI-powered products coupled with ever-bigger bets by tech and tech-adjacent companies has led to an AI talent shortage that many […]

Today is a big day for our team. SlideRule is now Springboard. When we founded the company in 2013, our goal was to create tools to enable lifelong learners to build new skills and advance your careers. We started by organizing existing online courseware through search and curated learning paths. While these tools were popular, […]

At Springboard, we’re on a mission to close the world’s skills gap by helping our students develop the skills they need to achieve career success in today’s job market. To better achieve that goal, we’re investing more of our resources into our career track courses. As the company has grown, we’ve listened closely to our […]

The demand for qualified data analysts is high and increasing. But employers aren’t just looking for people with the right technical skills; the ideal job candidate needs to excel at business thinking as well. That’s why we partnered with Microsoft to create the Data Analytics Career Track. We offer a unique approach to an analytics curriculum. […]

The past year has been full of growth for the Springboard team, which has swelled in size as we’ve introduced new career track courses in user experience and machine learning, re-envisioned the UX design skills track, and launched the Data Science Career Track Prep Course—with much more on the way. That’s why we’re so excited to be […]

Springboard is on a mission to change lives by helping people find fulfilling, high-paying jobs. Many of our more than 7,000 graduates have broken out of their socioeconomic class, defying the odds to succeed in the technology sector. We know our programs work. In fact, we’re so confident in our combination of expert-designed curricula, one-on-one […]

Take the First Step Toward a New Career With Springboard’s Data Science Career Track Prep Course   Our Data Science Career Track course is an intensive, six-month program designed to prepare you for a data science career and guaranteed to get you a job—or you’ll get your money back. One of the reasons we’re able […]

An estimated 250,000 veterans transition out of the military every year, and many struggle to re-enter civilian life. While some of their training is highly specialized, much of it is transferable to the civilian job market. After all, today’s veterans possess extraordinary technical acumen and thrive in challenging environments, making them world-class learners and valuable […]