Springboard Rise, our first data and design summit, brought together more than 250 students, alumni, and mentors for a full day of learning, networking, and fun at LinkedIn’s stunning San Francisco headquarters. The day began with a celebration of the Springboard community by co-founders Parul Gupta and Gautam Tambay, who shared the company’s story and […]

At Springboard, we’re on a mission to bridge the world’s skills gap by helping as many people as possible access high-quality, affordable education that they can translate into new-economy roles in fields like data science.  We understand that investing time and money in education is a big commitment—and one that not everyone can comfortably make. With […]

Building a human-centric approach to online learning is at the heart of what our team does here at Springboard. In the pursuit of that mission, we’ve grown from a handful of team members in San Francisco and Bangalore to a 40+ strong team with specialists in everything from product design to student services, mentorship to marketing, curriculum […]

This is a capstone project by Springboard alumni David Whitney (Mentor: Sameera Poduri). Springboard students learn to present their work with different audiences in mind. David’s blog post serves as an overview to his capstone project, and for those interested in a more extensive dive into his project can check-out his Ipython notebook. The Github […]

Today is a big day for our team. SlideRule is now Springboard. When we founded the company in 2013, our goal was to create tools to enable lifelong learners to build new skills and advance your careers. We started by organizing existing online courseware through search and curated learning paths. While these tools were popular, […]

We’re excited to announce that you can now track your progress within SlideRule’s Learning Paths! Over the past few months we’ve spoken with many of you, our users, to understand how we could improve the SlideRule experience. You told us how much you love our Learning Paths, and many of you asked for a way to […]

Last month, we surveyed online learners about their needs and preferences. Thanks to many of you who participated in the survey, we now have over 200 responses, and a handful of insights to share! MIT OpenCourseWare has the highest brand awareness at 82%, Coursera is just shy at 81%. Impressive that Coursera has been able […]

The idea of online education is not new. Yet, 2012 marked the beginnings of a revolution that is arguably unparalleled in online education’s 50-year history. The “year of the MOOC (Massive Online Open Course)” took the world by storm, as educators from some of the world’s best universities launched three big initiatives – Udacity, Coursera […]