From Amazon’s shockingly on-target shopping recommendations to Google’s increasingly sophisticated translation tools, artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff of sci-fi—it’s become a regular part of every consumer’s daily life. This mainstream adoption of AI-powered products coupled with ever-bigger bets by tech and tech-adjacent companies has led to an AI talent shortage that many […]

Anyone new to the world of remote work is probably still adjusting to the reality of effective virtual communication while under COVID-19 lockdown. For job seekers, this means confronting the very daunting prospect of video interviews. While the art of the interview is a blade that consistently needs sharpening, online interviewing—whether it’s via Zoom, Microsoft […]

At Springboard, mentors are a key conduit to helping our students land exciting jobs at top tech companies after they graduate. Not only do mentors work 1:1 with students each week to offer project feedback and review concepts, but they also assist with career planning, offering job search advice and interview tips from an industry […]

At Springboard, our mentors are the springboard for helping students reach the next level in their careers. Springboard’s mentor-student model empowers students to take charge of their learning experience complemented by personalized advice and feedback. Mentors work closely with students to provide technical guidance on projects and exercises in weekly 1:1 calls, while also setting […]

As the Springboard community continues to grow, we are constantly ideating around new ways to best support our students. One of our key takeaways over the past year has been to provide more options for different learning preferences and styles. We hope to offer a more immersive data science learning experience by launching our new […]

In 2018, Amazon scrapped its in-house applicant tracking system because of one major flaw: it didn’t like resumes containing the word “women,” so if an applicant listed “mentoring women entrepreneurs” as one of their achievements, they were out of luck. The system had been trained to vet applicants by observing patterns in resumes submitted to […]

At Springboard, we know a thing or two about tech. Our online learning platform has helped thousands of students to learn data analytics, data science, and machine learning engineering. On average, Springboard alumni earn $26K more after completing our programs. Today, we’re excited to launch the Cyber Security Career Track, our latest online bootcamp. With data migrating to […]

Making mistakes and taking chances are crucial steps in the endeavor towards personal growth—just not when you’re a cybersecurity analyst. “We have a saying in the cybersecurity space that hackers only need to find one way in, but we need to be perfect as defenders of our networks,” said Mark Adams, a cybersecurity analyst who […]