From Amazon’s shockingly on-target shopping recommendations to Google’s increasingly sophisticated translation tools, artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the stuff of sci-fi—it’s become a regular part of every consumer’s daily life. This mainstream adoption of AI-powered products coupled with ever-bigger bets by tech and tech-adjacent companies has led to an AI talent shortage that many […]

Anyone new to the world of remote work is probably still adjusting to the reality of effective virtual communication while under COVID-19 lockdown. For job seekers, this means confronting the very daunting prospect of video interviews. While the art of the interview is a blade that consistently needs sharpening, online interviewing—whether it’s via Zoom, Microsoft […]

We’re happy to announce that Springboard has partnered with Lousiana State University Online & Continuing Education to launch the LSU UI/UX Design Bootcamp. LSU is among the top 1% of elite universities with land, sea, and space-grant status and the highest-ranked public university in Louisiana by U.S. News & World Report. The new LSU UI/UX Design […]

We’re very happy to announce that Springboard has partnered with PowerToFly—the global community dedicated to fast-tracking economic equality by connecting underrepresented talent to upskilling opportunities and roles in highly visible sectors—to attract a more diverse pipeline of talent to in-demand careers in tech.  Springboard will lead as a talent development partner and create upskilling opportunities […]

We all know that careers in technology and information are subject to drastic fluctuations in demand due to their fluid and flexible nature. However, jobs in data science—and especially in data analytics—are seeing steady growth. IBM was correct in their prediction that the demand for data scientists would increase by 28% in 2020 alone. But that’s […]

At Springboard, mentors are a key conduit to helping our students land exciting jobs at top tech companies after they graduate. Not only do mentors work 1:1 with students each week to offer project feedback and review concepts, but they also assist with career planning, offering job search advice and interview tips from an industry […]

At Springboard, our mentors are the springboard for helping students reach the next level in their careers. Springboard’s mentor-student model empowers students to take charge of their learning experience complemented by personalized advice and feedback. Mentors work closely with students to provide technical guidance on projects and exercises in weekly 1:1 calls, while also setting […]

As the Springboard community continues to grow, we are constantly ideating around new ways to best support our students. One of our key takeaways over the past year has been to provide more options for different learning preferences and styles. We hope to offer a more immersive data science learning experience by launching our new […]