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Springboard Referral Program

The Springboard Referral Program

3 minute read | February 5, 2020
Katie Ried

Written by:
Katie Ried

Ready to launch your career?

Since Springboard’s early days, our success has always been a reflection of our community. Whether you’re a current or former student, mentor, or career coach, you believed in us and our mission. This is why we decided to find a meaningful way to give back to you, while continuing to grow our community.

Our Referral Program was made with you in mind: we want to support you as you share the gift of learning. As a current student, alumni, mentor, or career coach, whenever you refer someone to any Springboard Career Track, they’ll get $750 off the course, and you’ll get $250 as a thank you for sharing the gift of learning.

If you want to refer a friend or colleague to Springboard, read our step-by-step guide below.

How do I refer someone to Springboard?

1. Go to your profile within the Springboard dashboard, by clicking the icon with your name in top right corner. Then click “Earn $250”.
Springboard Referral Dropdown

2. On the next page, you’ll see your unique Springboard referral URL. You can choose to share your 5-character referral code or copy your unique page link with the person you are referring. Alternatively you can click on one of the options to share through social media or email.

3. If the person you are referring has not yet applied or been accepted to a Springboard Career Track, they’ll first have to complete a free, 5-minute application to their chosen course. Once they are accepted, they can enter your custom coupon code into the promo code section of the payments page (in the red box on the bottom right in the image below) to claim their $750 discount.

Springboard Referral Coupon Usage

You can read the terms and conditions of the referral program here.

If you’re considering taking a Springboard course, you can learn about the programs we offer in UI-UX design, software engineering, data science, data analytics, cybersecurity and tech sales here.

We encourage you to connect with people in your network to hear about their experience with us. You can also call us at +1 415 966 2533 or email for help in connecting with Springboard Alumni. 


1) Which Springboard programs can I refer somebody to?

The Referral Program only applies to our Springboard Career Tracks.  This means you cannot use it for any Intro, Prep or University partnered courses. 

2) How and when do I get my referral bonus credited?

As a mentor or career coach referrer, you will receive referral credit to the account we have on file for your payments.

As a student or alumni referrer (a student or graduate already involved with Springboard who is referring someone else), you will receive your referral credit as a refund to the credit card we have on file after the person you refer is in the course for 2 weeks (or passes the deadline for the “trial period” at the start of his/her course).  If you have any questions about this or need to switch how we refund you, please reach out to your student advisor.  

As the referred person, you can use your referrer’s unique referral code in the promo code box when you enroll.  Referral discounts can only be applied to the upfront or monthly payment methods. This will immediately reduce your tuition amount by $750.

3) What if my friend drops out of a Springboard course?

As long as the person you refer is in the course past the 2-week period window, you get your referral bonus regardless of whether they drop out of the course.  That said, we do encourage you to be supportive of them – the more people students have in their lives encouraging them, the better the progress they can make in the course. 

4) Can a referred student combine my referral bonus with other scholarships or discounts? 

No, this cannot be combined with other offers.

**This post was updated on January 10, 2024 with our most up-to-date benefit

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