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Whether you want to take a few minutes to learn what “front end” means or take a few weeks to build a website, you’ve come to the right place. Choose the learning method that works for you, and start learning. All for free.

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A software engineering career means a lifetime of solutions.

Build scalable products for yourself and your company.

Start a new career path as a front or back end engineer, QA engineer, or software implementation specialist.

Form an irreplaceable problem-solving mindset.

Develop elegant code that changes the way people connect, work, and thrive.

Learn the languages behind best-in-class products.

Learn essential programming languages, like Python, HTML/ CSS, Java, and JavaScript (yes, they’re different!).

Give software engineering a try with this free course.

Explore the methods and best practices that create long, successful engineering careers:

  • Understand language basics
  • Try out versioning systems, such as GitHub
  • Develop code to solve user problems

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Self Taught vs. Bootcamp vs. Degree

Learn from Colt Steele on the pros and cons of each coding method.

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