Free Front End Developer Course

Unlock your creativity and take your first step towards building stunning websites with our free front-end development course! From HTML to CSS and JavaScript, learn the fundamentals of web development and create impressive user interfaces.

What you’ll learn in this free front end course
This learning path will provide a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, and Javascript via hands-on front-end development projects. With these skills, you can branch out into front-end web design, HTML5 development, or even back-end server work with NodeJS and the rest of the MEAN stack.
How to define the structure of a web page using HTML
How to add layout and styles to web pages with CSS
How to use Chrome Developer Tools to debug and edit code on the fly
Object-oriented programming basics in Javascript
Create an interactive website or application
How to use Javascript's JQuery library to simplify your scripting
About this front end development course

Jef Raskin, father of the Apple Macintosh, famously said, “As far as the user is concerned, the interface is the product." This is especially true than anything for web products. Front-end developers are the magicians who create the interface you first see when you fire up a website. Every web and mobile app needs front-end developers, and given how everything we do is moving to the internet, front-end developers are in great demand.

Why learn front end development?

There are many different job roles available to front-end developers. It’s an area that offers growth opportunities and salary security. But it’s also a useful set of skills to develop for personal use. Whether you're looking to be a professional developer or just want to pick it up for fun, learning front-end programming will be time well-spent.

What will you learn?

By the end of this front end development course, you will have created several web pages and have developed a solid foundation in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. With these in your toolkit, you can branch out into multiple directions such as front-end web design, HTML5 development, or even back-end server work with NodeJS and the rest of the MEAN stack.

Who is this for?

This free front end development course is designed for beginners with no prior knowledge of programming. It will also be useful for those with some programming experience, but who are new to front-end programming.

Front End Course FAQs

What are the prerequisites for this front end development course?

None! This free course is open to anyone with an interest in web development.

Can I get a job after taking a free front end development course?

While this course is a great way to grow your development skills, it’s not meant to get you 100% job ready if you’re new to the field. Our recommendation is to treat it as a jumping-off point before considering an in-depth bootcamp or course.

Is this front end development training suitable for beginners?

Yes! This course was designed for beginners and is structured to walk you through the basics as you work towards building your own web pages.

Is front end development easy to learn?

For individuals who have some prior programming experience, front-end development may be easier to pick up since they may already be familiar with the basic concepts of programming and the underlying logic. However, for someone who is completely new to programming, there may be a steeper learning curve.

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