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Introduction to finding data science jobs

Data science is one of the hottest new fields to emerge in the last few years, resulting in a huge burst of interest as a career option. Data Science itself is at the intersection of three distinct areas: 1) statistics and math 2) algorithms and programming 3) communication and business.

Many students, both people looking for their first jobs as well as working professionals, are interested in data science as a career. However, they find that mastering all the different areas of data science is not enough to break into the field. The job hunt process itself can be a very daunting, especially in a field that’s as broad as data science.

After working with several thousand students over the last two years, helping many of them get their first job in the field, we have created this learning path to help you get a clear idea of what it’ll take to get your first data science job. We expect that a lot of this material will translate to job hunting in other fields as well.

Why master the data science job search?

Data science has been called the “sexiest job in the 21st century”. The data science interview process is the complex beast that stands before you if you’re going to break into a career with lucrative pay, great social impact, and great upwards mobility.

Mastering the data science job search process and optimizing yourself for it promises to be an investment that will return you many more dividends than any time you might have invested.


What will I learn?

By the end of this learning path you will have learned:

  1. How to optimize your job search strategy
  2. How to update your resume,  LinkedIn and cover letters
  3. How to get as many data science interviews as possible
  4. What to review before a data science interview
  5. What to do during and after a data science interview to ensure your success

Who is this for?

Anybody looking to transition into a career in data science and who isn’t sure about how to handle the data science interview process that serves as a gatekeeper. This path will help you find data science interviews -- and ace them.

Springboard also offers a mentored data science career track bootcamp where you can benefit from personalized career coaching and a job guarantee -- get a data science job or your money back. 


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