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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing from Springboard


What is digital marketing? It is the process of interacting with potential customers through digital channels with the goal of getting them to do something, like buy a product. You’re digitally marketed to every time you’re online, in the form of ads, email newsletters, blog posts, and more. So you actually already have experience with digital marketing, which makes getting started easy.

In this learning path, you’ll cover the fundamentals of digital marketing and go through various approaches with the end result being a professional digital marketing plan.

Why learn digital marketing?

Learning digital marketing skills can help you grow your own business, work for cutting-edge startups, or freelance around the world. This free curriculum will help provide you the basis upon which you can grow essential digital marketing skills.

What will you learn?

First, you’ll pick a product or company that you want to digitally market. You’ll then jump into marketing fundamentals and move into the following areas:

  • Understanding your customers

  • Measurement and metrics

  • Conversion-rate optimization

  • Organic channels

  • Paid channels

  • Email marketing

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Referral marketing

You’ll conclude the learning path with a capstone project that will have you build a marketing plan for the product or company you chose to promote in the beginning. When you’re finished, you’ll have the full picture of what it’s like to be a digital marketer and whether it's a career path you want to pursue.

Who is this digital marketing course for?

This learning path is for people new to digital marketing which can include designers, software engineers, salespeople, and even marketers who focus on other areas besides digital, such as events or branding.  

If you want to build a career in digital marketing and want expert 1-to-1 mentorship from somebody who works in the field, as well as career coaching, check out Springboard's Digital Marketing Course.

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About the author
Former Director of Growth, Heap
Jon, Former Director of Growth, Heap

Jonathan Bishop has spent his career marketing great products across SaaS, Ecommerce, and Marketplace business models, in the US and Southeast Asia. His work has brought in almost $20 million in revenue at early stage companies and he loves to teach everything he’s learned about growth and marketing through projects like Better Marketing Decisions.

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