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Use this free SEO course to build a strong framework in search engine optimization, explore how to optimize a site for organic traffic, and learn how to track and measure results.

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best things you can do for long-term business and revenue growth. It’s the tip of the spear when it comes to improving your sales and lead funnel. By ranking as a top result in commonly browsed search engines, you can grow your business exponentially. Well-done SEO allows visitors to find your site via terms and topics that speak to them, land on pages designed to answer their questions, and track their journey through your site so you can optimize for a better user experience.

It takes time to plan, execute, and monitor any SEO strategy—while there is no end to how complicated SEO can be, there is a proven framework that can help anyone establish a solid  foundation for their site or business.

Why this SEO course?

This course aims to provide that framework—it was designed to walk someone with minimal SEO experience through the steps needed to understand the basics behind search engine optimization, explore how to optimize a site for organic traffic, and learn how to track and measure results (as well as identify and correct mistakes).

With nearly 40 resources across seven core modules, the course is set up using a sequence that begins each module with a theory or concept, supports it with tactics, and then drives it home with case studies or videos.

What will you learn in this SEO training?

This free SEO training is broken into 6 core sections:

  • Introduction & History of SEO

  • keyword research & content planning

  • on-page optimization

  • technical SEO

  • link building

  • results & reporting

Each of these sections is supported by in depth lessons that will show you how to apply each to your business as well as case studies to demonstrate how others have leveraged each piece.

Who is this for?

This SEO course is intended for those that recognize the need to implement or review tactics within their business but don’t know where to start.  

Whether you’re a marketer, CEO, or entrepreneur, if you’re looking to learn more about SEO for free and how to implement it well, this course is for you.

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About the author
Quincy, SEO

Quincy has been helping companies and entrepreneurs improve their SEO through a focus on foundational best practices + white hat tactics. He specializes in traffic growth through research, content planning and linkbuilding and has overseen the training of both teams and stakeholders. His efforts have helped companies like Springboard increase their visitors, conversions, and sales.

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