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Use this free curriculum to build a strong foundation in cybersecurity, examine common types of attacks, and strategies for protecting our environments through tools and design.

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About this course

This learning path is a collection of resources, videos, and courses from across the internet, organized into a curriculum to prepare analysts for a role in application and software security. Mobile phone apps, computer games, productivity tools, and many more types of web and client applications are designed with a clear goal in mind, but sadly, security is often not one of them. Whether it is a lack of resources, an absence of skills, or just a plain oversight, designers and users are exposing themselves to a range of risks bad actors cannot wait to take advantage of. Security analysts, therefore, not only must possess an understanding of development methods, but also must have a strong grasp of the risks, vulnerabilities, and mitigations needed to make software and applications run smoothly and securely.

Why become an application and software security analyst?

While designers and product managers focus on fulfilling the business needs of applications and software, a security analyst protects an organization’s data, reputation, and trade secrets against cyber-attackers. Security analysts do this by integrating themselves into the designing, building, testing, deployment, and maintenance of products. They conduct a series of tasks that bring together risk assessments, vulnerability management, and defense planning at all levels. At a more advanced level, security analysts work with developers to integrate secure coding and design principles into development, taking a traditionally secondary act and making it an integral part of design process.

What will you learn?

A successful application and software security analyst must be well-versed in a wide-range of concepts. We'll cover:

  • core security concepts analysts must understand 
  • an overview of development methodologies 
  • common vulnerabilities and attack vectors 
  • mitigation techniques and common security tools 
  • resources available to identify new and unique security attacks

Who is this for?

Aspiring security analysts, application developers, product managers, and anyone wishing to learn more about how to build secure applications. This learning path is accessible to those without a background in the field.

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About the author

John is an IT leader and educator with extensive experience in security, enterprise architecture, and team building. He is currently Director of IT at Recondo Technology.

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