A Guide to Entry Level Data Analyst Salary And How to Negotiate

Sakshi GuptaSakshi Gupta | 4 minute read | October 29, 2021
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If you have considered becoming a data analyst, you’ve most likely thought about what you can expect in terms of entry level data analyst salary. Will your data analyst salary increase considerably over time? Will you be able to make ends meet as a data analyst in your first job? Which industries pay the highest entry level data analyst salary?

This blog aims to help you navigate through entry level data analyst salary so that you can set up reasonable expectations in terms of compensation, perks, and benefits.

What’s the Entry Level Data Analyst Salary?

Entry level data analysts are individuals who have recently graduated from the university and are now in search of their very first stable data analyst job. These are the data analysts who have zero experience in the industry -none. The entry level data analyst salary is something that people rarely want to discuss unless they are keen on pursuing a career in the senior analyst job roles in the future.

The reason why we say that people do not often want to discuss entry level data analyst salary is that it is not all that striking when compared to the senior managerial data analyst roles. However, remember the fact that entry level data analysts don’t do the same amount and quality of work as senior analysts! Just like any other job role, data analyst salaries also depend on various factors like your total experience in the industry, the experience level of specific data analytics skills, location, industry, and others. The exact data analyst salary figures also vary to a great extent depending on the source, however, this should give you a good idea of the entry level data analyst salary you can expect. But remember, your data analysis skills as an entry level professional are valuable, and you deserve a decent salary.

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Entry Level Salary – Industry Averages

According to Glassdoor, junior or entry level data analysts make an average salary of 4,50,000 INR per annum. It also shows that the data analyst salary can range from 2,53,000 INR on the low end, up to 9,9000 for the highest-paid junior data analysts.

Source: Glassdoor
Source: LinkedIn

Linkedin.com paints a slightly less optimistic picture as it shows the average entry level data analyst salary is 3,40,000.

Similarly, PayScale lists the average entry level data analyst salary in India 319,491 INR per annum with the highest-paid entry level analyst earning as much as 6,43,000 INR per annum.

Source: PayScale

Entry Level Data Analyst Salary – Highest Paying Industry

With every business making data-driven decisions, data analysts are the foundation of every industry. Data analysts are now employed by almost every industry right from Banking & Financial Services to Energy and Mining. Knowing which industry pays the highest entry level data analyst salary will be helpful during your data analyst job search and ease the decision-making process.

Examining LinkedIn’s entry level data analyst salary data, data analysts in the Finance, Retail, and Healthcare industries are offered higher salaries compared to entry level data analysts in other industries like Entertainment, Consumer Goods. Financial analysts at entry level earn an average salary of 6.2 lakhs per annum while those in the healthcare and retail sector manage to make an average income of 5.5 to 5.7 lakhs per annum.


Entry Level Data Analyst Salary – Top Employers

Examining the data from PayScale for entry level data analysts, Amazon, EY, and Global logic are among the top employers hiring entry level data analysts. However, among the top companies hiring for data analysts with less than a year of experience, HSBC is the highest paying employer with an average entry level data analyst salary of 6,83,000 INR per annum.


How to Negotiate for a Salary?

The best and the most important part of entry level data analyst salary negotiation is doing the research. The figure that you negotiate for should be sourced from one of the popular sites like PayScale, Glassdoor, Indeed, or LinkedIn. Quoting figures from these sites demonstrates that you have enough knowledge about your worth as a data analyst. If you have mentors, colleagues, or friends already working as data analysts in a similar industry-use the information from them for determining entry level data analyst salary. This does not mean you need to ask them what their salary is rather ask something like “What’s a competitive data analyst salary for an entry level position in Bengaluru?

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As a fresh graduate one might not have years of professional experience but if you have worked on a certain level of specific data analytics skills do not undervalue the work you did in college. Say for example you have gained expertise in creating pie charts, plots, and charts in the college from the data. You can highlight these experiences and abilities by specifically relating them to data visualization-one of the key data analytics skills. Now that you know some top secrets on how to negotiate a better data analyst salary, it’s time to put them into practice.

Well, now you have a fair idea and a good understanding of how much you can make as an entry level data analyst. Whether you are planning to become a data analyst, or you just wanted this information out of utter curiosity- I hope you have found what you have been searching for. At Springboard, our vision is to bridge the world’s skills gap and become the first choice for learning and mastering data skills. Our data analyst learning path comes with a 1:1 mentoring-led and project-driven approach along with a job guarantee for all students. It has been designed to help individuals master the data analysis skills needed to land rewarding data analyst jobs in the industry.

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