Soft Skills to Enhance Your Artificial Intelligence Skills for Professional Success

Sakshi GuptaSakshi Gupta | 4 minute read | June 14, 2021

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Soft skills by definition, mean personality traits and interpersonal silks that help you interact better with your colleagues. These can help you boost your AI career and performance at work. Artificial Intelligence skills are complemented by soft skills which help in your overall growth as a professional. Moreover, the work of an Artificial Intelligence engineer requires you to understand human behaviour, which soft skills can help you do in a better way.

How Do Soft Skills Aid Artificial Intelligence Skills?

Data computation, mathematics and algorithms are required skills to create artificial intelligence. But AI has a human aspect to it as well. It is made to interpret and adapt to human behaviour, and give responses that feel similar to human responses. The precision of this programming determines the efficiency of the software. To program the software in such a way, you need to have the skills to predict human behaviour. You also need the skills to interact with your team in a better way and face challenges and pressure of work. Secondly, the current AI is ‘narrow AI’ which has limited potential to interpret human emotions. There can often be responses that cannot be analysed because of this limitation. Therefore, artificial intelligence engineers with good soft skills can fill these gaps and devise the right solutions for the customers.

What is the Importance of Soft Skills for an AI Engineer?

Developing soft skills helps you know and foresee the behaviour of other people. As every team consists of people from different educational and personal backgrounds there is a difference in the way each one of you perceives the information. Therefore, soft skills help you to communicate facts clearly and make them understand the aspects related to your work in a better way.

For example, standard information like the conclusions driven from the collected data can be confusing for your marketing team, if communicated technically. As an artificial intelligence engineer, you will have to resolve the confusion by translating the data in other terms or explain it through examples. You need to build your interpersonal skills to do this successfully.

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Top Soft Skills Every Artificial Intelligence Engineer Needs to Know

Having command over some basic soft skills can help you become a better artificial intelligence engineer. It can also help in your personal growth. This is because soft skills are equally handy while dealing with situations outside work. Here is the soft skill list you can start working on:

  1. Critical thinking- For developing your artificial intelligence skills, it is important to understand and analyse problems. You need to be able to deconstruct every aspect of the data, identify even the minor issues and implement the changes in your algorithm to derive conclusive improvements. Apart from this, you need the ability to realise the problems faced by the user and devise solutions accordingly. Knowledge of algorithms is incomplete without the ability to analyse problems.
  2. Creativity– They say, ‘creativity is intelligence having fun’. This is true as creativity or the ability to come up with innovative solutions gives you the space for having fun with your work. Being creative means looking at things from different perspectives and accordingly coming up with new solutions. As a part of an organisation, is it not only essential to do your work in a good way, but also to innovatively solve interpersonal conflicts.
  3. Curiosity- Being naturally curious helps you to find out the crux of the problem. This capability will not only improve the way you work but will also make you question the greater meaning of being in an organisation. As part of a team, you will learn to find out the reason behind people’s actions and organisational decisions as well.
  4. Working under pressure- Skilled people are also prone to making mistakes when they face tremendous pressure. It is necessary to maintain your cool under difficult circumstances to perform consistently. If you are unable to deal with the pressure by yourself, seek career advice from a professional or ask the leaders at your organisation to help you out.
  5. Cooperation and collaboration- The ability to collect data and convey the information in a comprehensible manner to the team is necessary to get the work done in an organisation. Success is only possible when you learn to work with your team effectively. Moreover, to improve yourself and your work, accepting and grasping the given feedback is necessary. A team player is the one who keeps the team together, helps the weaker members and also recognises the effort of every team member.

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Benefits Of Learning Soft Skills To Boost Artificial Intelligence Skills:

Skill  In work  With team 
Critical thinking  Understanding problems in artificial intelligence skills Understanding problems in workflow
Creativity  Devising solution for a problem  Devising solution for a problem
Curiosity  Knowing about the root of the problem  Knowing the traits of the team
Handling Pressure  Keeping the work consistent  Keeping behaviour consistent 
Cooperation  Pointing out flaws and incorporating feedback  Accepting and comprehending feedback 

Soft skills can even help you for a career transition or for improving your status in the organisation. Using soft skills for resume building can help you land the job you want and can even help you bring out your best aspect in the interview.

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