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12 Machine Learning Companies Worth Knowing
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12 Machine Learning Companies Worth Knowing [+ Open Jobs]

10 minute read | December 19, 2022
Sakshi Gupta

Written by:
Sakshi Gupta

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From social media to healthcare, a growing number of companies are harnessing the power of machine learning, the subset of artificial intelligence wherein algorithms are trained to make predictions from the available data. Machine learning algorithms use statistical techniques to find patterns in data and can be trained on large datasets to improve their accuracy over time. These algorithms can be used in a wide range of applications, such as image recognition, natural language processing, and predictive maintenance and modeling. 

Machine learning allows businesses to analyze data and make sense of it. For example, it can be used to personalize recommendations to customers, automate repetitive tasks, and detect fraud. Additionally, machine learning can help businesses make more accurate predictions about future trends and outcomes, which can help them make better decisions and drive growth. 

Want to learn more about the businesses that are using machine learning, and if they’re hiring? Then you’re in the right place. Below, we’ll tell you all about 12 exemplary companies using machine learning, and how they’re using it.  

What Do Machine Learning Companies Do?

A machine learning company provides a wide range of services and applications, including custom software development services, natural language processing, machine learning consulting, training courses, and data analysis services. 

12 Top Machine Learning Companies

Here are the top 12 machine learning companies worth knowing about:


What They Do

Dataiku is a software development company that provides a platform for data scientists and analysts to collaborate. The platform provides tools for data preparation, and visualization, allowing users to build and deploy data-driven applications and machine learning models. Dataiku’s goal is to help organizations make better use of their data to drive business decisions and outcomes.

Dataiku, machine learning companies


Dataiku’s notable products include DSS (Dataiku Data Science Studio) and DSS Enterprise. DSS is a collaborative platform that allows data scientists to build and deploy machine learning models, while DSS Enterprise is a version of DSS that is designed for use in large organizations and comes with additional features and support.

Are They Hiring? 

Currently, Dataiku does have openings for data science and ML positions. 

Dataiku hiring, machine learning companies

The salary range for these roles likely falls between $131,000 and $209,000 per year.

machine learning companies, Data Scientist at Dataiku salary

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

What They Do

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a technology company that provides a wide range of services for businesses, including servers, storage, networking, and data center infrastructure. HPE is also a consulting solutions provider. They utilize their technical expertise to offer support and education and to help enterprise businesses optimize their systems and operations. The company’s stated goal is to help businesses use technology to improve their performance and drive growth. Originally founded in Palo Alto, HPE’s headquarters now resides in Spring, Texas.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), machine learning companies


Some of HPE’s notable products include HPE ProLiant servers, HPE Nimble storage systems, HPE Synergy composable infrastructure, and HPE Pointnext services. HPE ProLiant servers are designed for a variety of workloads and are available in different sizes and configurations to meet the needs of different organizations. HPE Nimble storage systems offer high performance and reliability for data-intensive applications. HPE Synergy composable infrastructure provides a flexible, scalable platform for deploying and managing complex workloads. HPE Pointnext is a set of services that help organizations optimize and manage their technology investments.

Are They Hiring? 

HPE is hiring. The global “edge-to-cloud” company has machine learning jobs available worldwide, from Palo Alto to Pune, India. Check out their career page for available positions. 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) hiring, machine learning companies

Salaries for these positions vary, but you can expect to earn between $115,000 and $191,000, depending on factors like job descriptions, experience, and geographic location.

machine learning companies, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) salary

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

What They Do

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that provides a range of services, including storage, networking, mobile app development, IoT development, and machine learning analytics. AWS’s range of services is designed to be scalable, flexible, and easy to use, allowing businesses from startups to enterprises to easily access the computing resources they need to support their operations. AWS’s parent company is, and is one of the leading cloud providers in the world.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


AWS offers a long list of notable products and core services, including the machine learning platform Amazon SageMaker. SageMaker is a machine learning platform that enables developers and data scientists to build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale.

Are They Hiring? 

Right now, Amazon Web Services had limited openings for machine learning positions. Bookmark their job listings page so you can stay up to date on new positions as they become available.

InData Labs

What They Do

Founded in 2014, InData Labs is an AI-powered product development and solutions provider. InData Labs combines “big data” analytics and their deep expertise in AI to provide their customers with custom AI-based solutions. Additional core services from InData Labs include data capturing, predictive maintenance, machine learning analytics, and recommender engines.

InData Labs, machine learning companies


InData Labs’ notable products and services include their suite of big data development services and predictive analytics, which provides businesses with a custom-built recommendation engine system.

Are They Hiring? 

Currently, InData Labs has several open job listings. You can see which positions InData Labs is hiring for by viewing their current open positions page on their company website.

InData Labs hiring, machine learning companies

Salaries for these positions vary, but you can expect to earn between $97,000 and $151,000.

machine learning companies, InData Labs salary


What They Do

Oracle is a technology company that provides a range of products and core services for businesses, including databases, cloud services, and applications. Oracle utilizes its technology expertise to help businesses manage and analyze their data, build and run applications, and make profitable business decisions. The company’s goal is to provide businesses with the tools and technologies they need to be successful in today’s digital economy.

Oracle, machine learning companies


Oracle offers products and core services, including Oracle Database, Oracle Cloud, and Oracle Engineered Systems. Oracle Database is a widely used relational database management system that offers powerful features and high performance. Oracle Cloud offers a variety of cloud services, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Oracle Engineered Systems are purpose-built systems that combine hardware and software to provide optimized solutions for specific workloads.

Are They Hiring? 

Oracle currently has several machine learning jobs available in and outside of the United States. 

Oracle hiring, machine learning companies

Salaries for these positions vary, but you can expect to earn between $141,000 and $224,000.

machine learning companies, Oracle salary


What They Do

IBM is a technology and machine learning company that provides a wide range of services, including cloud computing, machine learning services, custom AI-based solutions development, and blockchain solutions. IBM’s products and core services are designed to help businesses and organizations of all sizes improve their operations and drive innovation. The company’s goal is to use technology to solve some of the world’s most complex problems and help companies make profitable business decisions.

IBM, machine learning companies


IBM’s notable highlights and core services include IBM Watson Machine Learning, IBM Watson Studio, and IBM Cloud. IBM Watson is a suite of AI services and solutions that enable organizations to build, train, and deploy AI models. IBM Cloud is a cloud computing platform that offers a variety of core services, including computing, storage, and networking.

Are They Hiring?

IBM is hiring for careers in AI and machine learning. Visit their Careers AI website for a list of open positions worldwide.

IBM hiring, machine learning companies

Salaries for machine learning engineers vary, but applicants can expect to earn between $123,000 and $197,000.

machine learning companies, IBM salary


What They Do

Unity is a software development company that provides a platform for creating and running 2D and 3D games and other interactive applications. The Unity platform provides tools for building, animating, and simulating 3D environments, as well as tools for designing and implementing game mechanics and logic. Unity’s stated goal is to provide game developers and other creators with the tools and technology they need to build high-quality, immersive, and interactive experiences.

Unity, machine learning companies


Unity’s most well-known products include Unity Personal, Unity Pro, and Unity Enterprise. Unity Personal is a free version of the software development company’s Unity engine, which is designed for hobbyists and individuals who are just starting out with game development. Unity Pro offers additional features and tools for professional game developers, such as support for custom shaders and post-processing effects. Unity Enterprise is a version of Unity that is designed for large organizations and comes with additional features and support.

Are They Hiring? 

Currently, Unity doesn’t have any open machine learning positions. However, be sure to bookmark their careers page to stay up to date on opportunities as they become available.

Google Cloud

What They Do

Google Cloud is a suite of cloud computing services provided by Google. These applications and services are designed to help businesses build, deploy, and manage applications and workloads on Google’s infrastructure. Google Cloud’s goal is to provide businesses with access to the same advanced technologies and infrastructure that powers Google’s own products and core services, such as search, email, and maps. Like AWS, Google Cloud is one of the leading cloud providers in the world.

Google Cloud, machine learning companies


Google’s list of products and core services is far-reaching and includes Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage, and Google Cloud AI Platform—just to name a few. Google Compute Engine is a web service that provides resizable computing capacity in the cloud. Google Cloud Storage is an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. Google Cloud AI Platform is a cloud-based platform that enables developers and data scientists to build, train, and deploy machine learning models. 

Are They Hiring? 

Google Cloud has open machine learning positions all over the world. 

Google Cloud hiring, machine learning companies

Salaries vary based on certain factors, but applicants can expect to earn between $171,000 and $280,000.

machine learning companies, Google salary


What They Do

ScienceSoft is a consulting and software development company. Founded in 1989 as an AI product company, ScienceSoft switched to IT services in 2002. They offer IT consulting and custom software development services to companies in more than 30 industries to help them improve key business functions and acquire new customers.

ScienceSoft, machine learning companies


Web and mobile development are two of ScienceSoft’s major directions, offering both technical expertise and business consultancy for all major industries.

Are They Hiring? 

ScienceSoft does have open positions in its software and mobile development departments, including programming roles and jobs in mobile app development.

ScienceSoft hiring, machine learning companies

Software engineers working on ScienceSoft’s AI and machine learning services can expect to make between $130,000 and $204,000 a year.

machine learning companies, ScienceSoft salary


What They Do

Moveworks is a conversational AI platform that gives employees support in seconds by asking for what they need. It also enables leaders and business managers to prevent the same problems in the future.

machine learning companies, Moveworks


Moveworks’ most notable highlight is its award-winning employee AI platform. This year, Moveworks received multiple awards and honors, including being named one of the best places to work by Inc., Forbes, Built In, and more.

Are They Hiring?

Moveworks is hiring. The AI company invites you to “come work magic with us” by first visiting their career board to see what positions are currently available. 

machine learning companies, Moveworks hiring

Engineers working at Moreworks can expect to make between $129,000 and $204,000 a year.

machine learning companies, Moveworks salary


What They Do

Tekion is an innovative auto tech startup whose partners include the biggest names in the automotive industry, including Audi, Hyundai, General Motors, and Rolls Royce.

Tekion, machine learning companies


Tekion’s most notable service is the Automotive Retail Cloud, its award-winning, flagship platform. 

Are They Hiring?  

Tekion has career opportunities across the globe, including software engineer jobs working with machine learning applications. 

Tekion hiring, machine learning companies

On average, Tekion software engineers make between $108,000 and $167,000 per year.

machine learning companies, Tekion salary


What They Do

Arterys’sstated mission is to transform medical imaging and health care using AI tools that positively impact the lives of millions of people by reducing subjectivity and variability in clinical diagnosis. 

Arterys, machine learning companies


Arterys’s notable tools and solutions include Breast AI, Cardio AI, Chest AI, Lung AI, and Neuro AI. Arterys has been recognized for many awards and honors, including being named a Top 100 Digital Health Care Company and one of the Top 25 Cardiac Imaging Leaders.

Are They Hiring?

At the time of this writing, Arterys didn’t have any current openings listed. However, you can bookmark their careers page to stay up to date on job opportunities at Arterys or submit your resume to be considered for future opportunities.

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Machine Learning Companies FAQs

We’ve got the answers to your most frequently asked questions:

Is Machine Learning Still in Demand?

Yes! As more and more data is generated, the ability to analyze and glean valuable insights based on this data is increasingly in demand.

Can You Pursue a Career in Machine Learning Without a Degree?

While having a degree in a field related, such as computer science or statistics, can be helpful in pursuing a career in this field, it is not necessarily required. Many people who work in machine learning have taught themselves the necessary machine learning skills, and have been able to build successful careers without a formal degree. And if you don’t have a degree, but want to become a machine learning engineer, consider a machine learning bootcamp.

Which Industry Is Best for Machine Learning?

Machine learning is used in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, hospitality, and e-commerce. In healthcare, it can be used to analyze medical data and images to improve diagnosis and treatment. In finance, it can be used for fraud detection and risk analysis. In e-commerce, it provides accurate insights that can be used for recommendation systems, customer segmentation, and user behavior. These are just a few examples, and there are many other industries that can benefit from machine learning.

Which Country Has the Best Machine Learning Opportunities?

It is difficult to say which country has the best opportunities for machine learning, as the availability of job opportunities in this field can vary depending on many factors, such as the country’s economy, the industries that are present in the country, and the availability of skilled workers.

Some countries that are known for their strong tech industries, such as the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, may have more job opportunities, but this is not necessarily the case for all countries.

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