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Accouncing Springboard's UX Career Track

Announcing Springboard’s UX Career Track

2 minute read | September 24, 2018
T.J. DeGroat

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T.J. DeGroat

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Helping people acquire the knowledge they need to succeed in skills-gap industries is a core part of our mission at Springboard. We’ve helped thousands of students develop UX design expertise during the past few years, and now we’re delighted to launch the UX Career Track, a more intensive user experience course with a full career services component—and a job guarantee.

This self-paced, mentor-guided, online bootcamp is designed for people with adjacent skills from a few specific backgrounds:

  • Visual design
  • Coding
  • Marketing
  • Research

Maybe you’re a graphic designer who wants to learn UX design to make a bigger impact on your company’s projects. Or you’re a coder looking to weigh in on a product’s visual appeal. Perhaps you’re a digital marketer who’s always wanted to make the app you pitch more desirable. Or you’re an academic researcher picking up UX skills to apply your research knowledge in the digital world.

The UX Career Track is for you.

We’re putting the final touches on the curriculum, which has been designed with input from hiring managers, industry experts, our own mentors, and UX influencers like Christine from chunbuns, and Alexa from Hello, I’m Alexa.

This career-focused curriculum will prepare you to get hired for entry-level UX jobs (read about what UX designers do here). It will help you master design thinking, develop cross-functional communication skills, and create real-world projects that you can show off in a unique portfolio.

That’s important. We often hear from UX hiring managers that they receive cookie-cutter portfolios. We want every Springboard graduate to have a portfolio that stands out, so one of your projects will be a simulation of UX design on the job with business stakeholders and real design development teams. By the time you graduate, you’ll be able to showcase real-world work that’s unique to you.

And after graduation, you’ll continue to enjoy the support of career coaches and access to our employer network so that you can land an entry-level UX job. If you don’t, we’ll refund your money. We’re that confident in our program and in the students we accept.

Of course, from day one onward, you’ll enjoy one-on-one support from an industry mentor and a strong community of fellow students all working toward reaching their career goals.

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