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Springboard Partners with Hatchways To Offer Personalized Code Reviews For Software Engineering Students

1 minute read | July 11, 2023
Laura Parker

Written by:
Laura Parker

Ready to launch your career?

We are thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Hatchways, a platform that helps run real-world coding technical assessments and interview projects for software engineering roles. 

While Hatchways has traditionally collaborated with employers evaluating technical talent, the Springboard x Hatchways partnership will allow the platform to help our software engineering students reach their full potential.

Students enrolled in Springboard’s Software Engineering Bootcamp programs will have the opportunity to significantly enhance their learning experience with the integration of the Hatchways platform through personalized code reviews and guidance as well as real-world workflows, such as utilizing GitHub and managing pull requests.

At the heart of Hatchways’ approach lies the well-balanced blend of automation and human expertise. The automation component ensures consistent and standardized code reviews, while human involvement ensures that the feedback remains fair and accurate. This hybrid approach fosters speedier and more scalable feedback mechanisms while maintaining the human touch crucial for impactful education.

During the pilot phase of this partnership, we received positive feedback from students and mentors, who were able to harness these tools to self-learn more effectively. Mentors, in particular, found the Hatchways platform useful in giving students a more enhanced and clear learning journey.

This collaboration signifies an exciting step forward in the evolution of technical education—and we can’t wait to see the powerful outcomes it will deliver to our students.

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