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Announcing: Tech Sales Career Track

5 minute read | February 1, 2022
Kindra Cooper

Written by:
Kindra Cooper

Ready to launch your career?

The global pandemic overturned the world as we know it, triggering the Great Resignation, an economic downturn, and a shift to remote work and online learning. But throughout all this, one industry continued to thrive.

In the face of this unprecedented change, the tech industry has exhibited incredible resilience and growth in the last two years. The IDC projects that tech is on track to exceed $5.3 trillion in 2022, and is already growing at the expected 5-6% annual growth rate following a slight dip in 2020; meanwhile, employment in tech occupations is expected to grow at twice the rate of overall employment in the US, with many occupations growing at four to five times the national rate. 

And while switching careers is a growing trend—as many as 50% of workers surveyed in a recent Harris Poll said they are considering a career change—another survey found that more than half of non-tech workers are considering or in the process of pursuing a tech career.

Springboard is no stranger to this growth. Our online learning platform has helped thousands of students land high-paying jobs in fields like data science, coding, UX design, and more. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re launching a brand new bootcamp focused on one of tech’s fastest-growing job fields. Say hello to Springboard’s Tech Sales Career Track.

Wait, what is tech sales?

Tech sales professionals typically work in the B2B SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) industry. Their job is to identify and reach out to potential clients, educate customers about the product, nurture leads, and close deals. 

Unlike traditional sales roles, tech sales requires some technical knowledge. Selling a SaaS product is about matching customers with the right solution to solve a business problem rather than touting a product.

By 2025, tech sales is expected to reach a market value of $436.9 billion, growing 12.5% annually. According to Glassdoor, the average tech sales starting salary for those with less than one year of experience is $65,264, excluding commissions.

Today, tech sales professionals enjoy high job satisfaction, a chance to work with ever-evolving technologies, and great pay. 

Is Springboard’s Tech Sales Career Track right for me?

Springboard has partnered with renowned sales training organization Winning By Design as well as subject matter experts to develop an online curriculum that prepares you for entry-level roles in B2B tech sales at SaaS companies. 

Examples of entry-level roles in tech sales include sales development representative (SDR) and business development representative (BDR). 

This course would best suit:

  • Students transitioning/seeking to advance from low-skill, low-paying jobs into a more skilled, stable and better paying career
  • Aspiring professionals who want to break into a career in tech leading to better job opportunities

All backgrounds are welcome, as long as you can demonstrate strong communication and relationship-building skills, along with the ability to learn new concepts quickly. Before enrolling,  applicants will be asked to pass an evaluation of baseline soft skills centered around communication skills, motivation, professionalism, a commitment to learning, and a resilient mindset.

What will Springboard’s Tech Sales Career Track cover?

Springboard programs are designed to help you get where you want to go. That means our tech sales program has been designed for the real world, with online classes to fit your schedule and access to industry experts and career coaches. 

The Tech Sales Career Track will take most students 12 weeks to complete at a pace of 20 hours/week.

Over the course of three months, you will be able to:

  • Attain entry-level proficiency in skills and day-to-day processes/practices of an SDR/BDR 
  • Demonstrate a basic fluency in language and concepts used in B2B tech sales
  • Demonstrate basic fluency and familiarity with required technical tools
  • Successfully navigate the SDR/BDR hiring process
  • Successfully retain a role as SDR/BDR

We offer an assessment-based curriculum designed to help you grasp new concepts quickly and retain information. You can expect around 30 assignments in the form of quizzes, projects, live activities, role-playing, and more. Although the course is online and self-paced, there will be a mix of synchronous and asynchronous assignments which will be graded by instructors. 

What can I expect to get out of the Tech Sales Career Track?

As with all Springboard courses, the Tech Sales Career Track will be a 100% online experience. The course is fixed-paced, with weekly live classes to help you practice new concepts and techniques. 

As a tech sales student, you’ll also benefit from one of Springboard’s most sought-after features: a community of support that includes a live instructor, a dedicated student advisor, a career coach, a course teaching assistant, and a grader/assessor, who will provide written feedback on assessments. 

Here’s what else you can expect from the course:

  • A hands-on curriculum curated by experts. We believe that diverse perspectives lead to better learning outcomes. Our online curriculum is packed with quality resources; some are handpicked from around the web by industry experts and others are created by Springboard in partnership with Winning By Design. Our instructional designers then build these resources into a curriculum that includes hands-on projects and assessments.
  • Instructors for live classes. Weekly live classes with an instructor enable you to apply new learnings, receive immediate feedback, and engage with the fellow students in your cohort. 
  • A Springboard support team that includes a student advisor, community manager, and career coach.
  • The Springboard community. While online learning sounds isolating, it’s important to remember that you have a whole community learning alongside you. You’ll get access to this community so you can share triumphs and trials, get feedback, and attend weekly and Office Hours. 
  • Career services. In addition to learning tech sales skills, you’ll also work through sections of the curriculum that cover career material that will guide you through your job search.
  • Job guarantee. We guarantee that you’ll have a job offer after graduating, or you can get 100% of your tuition refunded. Eligibility criteria and terms here.

Do I need any prior experience in sales to sign up? 

Prior experience in sales is helpful but not required. The course will teach you everything you need to know about sales techniques including pipeline development, engagement channels for new client acquisition, and qualification calls. In addition, you’ll learn about the SDR technology stack, such as CRM software and other tools. 

Please note: Before you’re admitted to the course, you’ll need to pass an evaluation of your baseline soft skills including communication skills, motivation, professionalism, a commitment to learning, and a resilient mindset. 

Ok, I’m sold. How do I sign and what’s it going to cost me?

The course is 100% online, fixed pace, and will take three months to complete. You have two ways to pay:

  • Monthly plan: You pay $2,500 per month while you are enrolled in the program. Your total payment at the end of 3 months will be $7,500.
  • Upfront payment: You pay $6,500 upfront for 3 months, working out to a 13% discount vs the monthly plan.

Want more info? Find more details about the Tech Sales Career Track here.

Ready to roll? Apply here.

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