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Best Tech Sales Bootcamps

Get Ahead in Sales: 10 Best Tech Sales Bootcamps

11 minute read | April 24, 2023
Monica J. White

Written by:
Monica J. White

Ready to launch your career?

Tech sales bootcamps are a great (and affordable) way to kickstart a new career in tech. These curriculums offer the best of both worlds, combing proven sales methods with a foundational education in the cutting-edge technologies that you’ll be selling.  

But the recent popularity of tech sales bootcamps has resulted in an overwhelming number of options. You can choose from on-site bootcamps, online bootcamps, paid bootcamps, free bootcamps, and even bootcamps that pay you. 

That’s why we’ve assembled this guide. Below, we’ll share our top 10 picks for tech sales bootcamps that are reputable, well-reviewed, and competitively priced. Whatever your situation or goals, there’s a good chance that the perfect bootcamp for you is right here on this list.  

What Is a Tech Sales Bootcamp?

A tech sales bootcamp is a focused curriculum and support system aiming to help students enter a career in tech sales. Unlike academic study, these courses are about teaching on-the-job skills and know-how that will help you land a high-salaried tech role within weeks of graduating.

10 Best Tech Sales Bootcamps

Here are our top ten reputable and effective tech sales bootcamps, covering a range of prices and course lengths.

Tech Sales Bootcamp: Springboard


Course Report – 4.64 /5

Tech Sales Bootcamp Springboard, best tech sales bootcamps

This 12-week program aims to take beginner-level students and prepare them for an entry-level sales position as either a Sales Development Representative (SDR) or a Business Development Representative (BDR).

With live classes, learning assessments, personal career coaching, and interview prep, this program provides students with everything they need to secure their first role in the tech industry.

Best For

Live classes are scheduled in the evening, so even part-time or full-time employees can enroll. The course has no prerequisites and is completely beginner-friendly. 


The online course runs for 12 weeks and requires around 15 hours of study per week.

Prices Starting From

Pricing for this course starts from $5,900 but there are also monthly and deferred payment options.

SV Academy


Course Report – 4.82 /5

SV Academy, best tech sales bootcamps

SV Academy handles both the training of new tech sales representatives and recruitment for big sales companies. Over 800 tech companies have hired SV Academy’s community of early-career sales professionals.

This sales course can be taken either full-time or part-time, with full-time learners taking live classes. Both versions also come with up to six months of job search support and six months of career coaching. 

Best For

With both full-time and part-time options, this course suits all kinds of people but is especially aimed at those who want to pull off a quick career change. The average SV Academy graduate gets hired in 67 days. 


Full-time: 4 weeks and 40 hours per week.

Part-time: 8 weeks and 15-20 hours per week.

Prices Starting From

Upfront pricing starts at $9,900 with loans and monthly payment plans also available.

The Elevate SDR Bootcamp


Course Report – 4.85 /5

The Elevate SDR Bootcamp, best tech sales bootcamps

Elevate is another institution that offers both a training program and a recruiting network. Their tech sales training program features 1:1 career coaching and live classes, as well as guest speakers.

After graduating and landing their first role, students receive two months of weekly coaching calls to help them settle in and thrive in their new position. 

Best For

This course is part-time and can fit around the schedule of most 9-5ers. The application requires a video assignment, so applicants will need to be ready to sell themselves to get a spot.


The part-time program lasts 10 weeks. 

Prices Starting From

Prices start at $12,500 with monthly payment options and RICs available.

Fuel Sales Academy


Course Report – 4.73 /5

Fuel Sales Academy, best tech sales bootcamps

The Fuel Sales Academy is a little different from other courses on this list, as it combines training with paid work experience. Students who are accepted into the program first have to earn an SDR sales certification, and then participate in real SDR calls for Fuel Sale’s partner companies. 

After completing the program, Fuel introduces graduates to various partner companies, aiming for 100% employment for its graduates.

Best For

The Fuel Sales Academy program can be completed either on-site in Kansas City, or from home on a part-time schedule. It’s great for job searchers who are experiencing rejection due to a lack of professional or hands-on experience. 


The course is generally finished in 90 days but some students can graduate quicker if they meet Fuel’s sales metrics. 

Prices Starting From

This course does not cost anything. Instead, it pays students $15 per hour and provides opportunities for commissions. 

re:Work Training


Facebook – 5 /5

reWork Training, best tech sales bootcamps

re:Work Training is a non-profit organization that aims to diversify tech sales professionals. Each successful candidate receives over $5000 of investment so they can safely choose to attend classes instead of working and get through their first month of work before getting paid.

Best For

Those with high motivation but financial struggles keep them from paying for or attending normal training courses. In addition to being a training program, re:Work offers support that even trained or already employed professionals can benefit from.


The tech sales training program lasts 8 weeks, with lifelong career support. 

Prices Starting From

This course doesn’t cost students any money and instead pays them a stipend to ensure they can afford to attend classes. 

PreSales Academy


Course Report – 5 /5

PreSales Academy, best tech sales bootcamps

PreSales Academy offers an online tech sales bootcamp that doesn’t involve cold calling or negotiating. According to recent data, their graduates are offered lucrative tech sales salaries with an average of $116,000. 

The course involves live classes and assigns each student a mentor, coach, and advisor. Cohorts are also kept to between 20-25 students to ensure everyone receives attention and learns optimally.

Best For

The Presales Academy course is held online and part-time, making it accessible for both full-time and part-time workers. 


The course lasts for 10 weeks and students put in around 80-100 hours of study overall. 

Prices Starting From

The upfront cost of the course is $7,000 and there are also ISAs (income-share agreements) available.

Sales Bootcamp: Powered by Vendition


Course Report – 4.77 /5

Sales Bootcamp Powered by Vendition, best tech sales bootcamps

Vendition provides motivated individuals with a great opportunity to kick off their careers in sales. Applicants start by taking the first week-long online tech sales bootcamp before applying to the 12-week mentorship program.

The program trains entry-level SDRs in the core areas of tech sales they need to land tech sales jobs and pays them $9,000 for completing the mentorship.

Best For

Anyone can take the one-week free bootcamp to try out Vendition’s methods or get to know the tech field. However, not everyone makes it onto the mentorship program, so expect a rigorous application process.


The one-week bootcamp is part-time, but the 12-week mentorship is only available full-time.

Prices Starting From

Both courses are free for students. 



Course Report – 4.89 /5

CourseCareers, best tech sales bootcamps

CourseCareers specializes in training students for entry-level tech sales roles they can earn without a college degree or experience. They even have partner companies that drop their degree and experience requirements specifically for graduates of this course. 

The course is self-paced and uses a mixture of video content, textbooks, and quizzes. 

Best For

This course is great for young people looking for a college alternative, or for those looking to make a career change into sales later in life.


Students complete this self-paced sales bootcamp in 8-12 weeks on average.

Prices Starting From

The cost of this course is just $499.

Victory Lap


Course Report – 4.9 /5

Victory Lap, best tech sales bootcamps

Victory Lap is an online learning platform with a self-paced tech sales bootcamp, career coaching, and access to a professional network. According to their website, 78% of their graduates stay in their sales job past the first year and over 600 companies have hired from their pool of graduates.

Best For

The course is completely flexible, so students can complete it regardless of their work schedule. Despite being self-paced, students will also have support from the Victory Lap team throughout the course.


Students can take as long as they want to finish this course.

Prices Starting From

The price for the program is $279.



Course Report – 4.89 /5

Prehired, best tech sales bootcamps

Prehired doesn’t just help their graduates—or “members” as they like to call them—land a job. They also continue to offer support on promotions and moving into managerial positions. Their support lasts as long as graduates’ tech careers do and begins with a comprehensive course that will help graduates enter the tech industry.

Best For

To get the most out of Prehired membership, applicants should have a long-term goal of becoming a manager of a tech sales team. This way, the membership can be useful throughout the entire tech sales career path.


The course takes between 6-12 weeks depending on how much time students can dedicate. 

Prices Starting From

Prehired is a lifelong membership that is paid for through 60 monthly payments of $500 (that’s $30,000 in total). It is possible to pay nothing upfront and only start payments after landing a job. 

How Do You Choose a Tech Sales Bootcamp?

How Do You Choose a Tech Sales Bootcamp

While the goal of most tech sales bootcamps is the same—to help you land a job in tech sales—each has its own methods, perks, and pricing plans. Finding the right program for you takes more than a glance at their front page. Here are some things you need to consider before enrolling.


Judging a curriculum before you have experience in the subject can be difficult, but make sure the course you choose covers the following:

  • Closing deals: how to take potential customers and turn them into paying customers
  • Cold calling: one of the scariest but most important skills for a sales development representative
  • Sales assignments: tasks that let you practice your sales skills for real
  • Tech sales fundamentals: look out for keywords like “sales funnel,” “tech stack,” “outreach,” “prospects,” “discovery calls,” or “buyer personas”

Instructor Credibility and Expertise

Your course instructors should be industry leaders with successful careers in tech sales. Since tech sales bootcamps focus on practical on-the-job skills, you need real sales development representatives to teach you.

Training and Hands-On Experience

Experience is difficult to come by as a student, so it’s best to search for curriculums that provide as much of it as possible.

Cost and Payment Options

Everyone has their own unique financial situation and reputable bootcamps address this by offering more than just an upfront payment option. It can be useful to learn about the different monthly, deferred, ISA, and RIC payment options beforehand through internet searches and forums.

Job Support

Career coaching and job support are some of the most important perks of a tech sales bootcamp. There are plenty of job opportunities around but it can be a competitive field when it comes to landing positions with the most desirable companies.

Some bootcamp companies will also offer you lifelong support, which gives you access to tech sales mentorship, career coaching calls, and professional networks. The more the course offers, the more expensive it can become, so it’s important to weigh these perks against your goals.


All of the top picks from this article have a great reputation but you should still do some of your own research before deciding on a course. Check out review sites like Course Report or Career Karma to see what students are saying about a course before you enroll in it.

Making the Most Out of Your Tech Sales Bootcamp

Making the Most Out of Your Tech Sales Bootcamp

Here are some questions to consider to make the most of your bootcamp.

How Does a Tech Sales Bootcamp Work?

While each bootcamp is slightly different, many use similar methods and tech sales curriculums. If you’re choosing an online program, the company will likely use a modern learning platform that will provide everything you need from a cohort forum to somewhere to complete and hand in assignments.

Since tech sales is all about interpersonal skills and talking with customers, it’s very common for bootcamps to have live classes, even if they’re part-time courses. These will often happen during the evenings or on weekends and more flexible courses will let you choose from a few different times. 

Along with live classes, you will have other work to complete through independent learning, including videos to watch and content to read. Some courses will end with a capstone project that will bring together all of the skills you’ve learned and give you something to show potential employers.

What Should You Expect To Learn From a Tech Sales Bootcamp?

First off, you should expect to study and practice a lot of soft skills in a sales bootcamp as well as technical skills. Talking to prospects, time management, keeping your emotions in check, dealing with rejection, and staying organized are all essential skills for SDRs. Here are some other things you can expect to learn:

  • Pipeline development 
  • Total Addressable Market (TAM)
  • Customer personas and customer research
  • Cold calls
  • RRR-structured email marketing
  • WWW framework
  • Customer relationship management
  • Mirrored language and active listening
  • Handling objections and rejections
  • Tech sales tools: Salesforce, Outreach, LinkedIn, and Gmail

In addition to tech sales skills, you’ll also learn a lot about career development. This will come through your sessions with career coaches and will cover resume writing, interview preparation, networking building, and so on. These skills will help you turn your entry-level tech job into a lucrative career.

What Will Your Schedule Look Like?

If you attend a full-time tech sales career bootcamp, you can expect a very intense bootcamp experience. These programs often last 4-6 weeks and require 40-50 hours of study per week. They will include full days of live classes, whether online or on-site, and downtime will often still be spent with your cohort. Evenings often have optional lectures, guest speakers, or office hours with instructors.

For part-time courses, you can expect to either attend live classes on an evening one or two days a week or complete your work independently.

Tech Sales Bootcamp FAQs

We’ve got the answers to your most frequently asked questions:

Should I Do a Tech Sales Bootcamp?

If you want to start a career in tech sales with the help of industry experts but without a four-year college course, then yes. Bootcamps are a great option for young people in search of a college alternative or full-time workers looking for a career change.

Are Tech Sales Bootcamps Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, the majority of sales bootcamps are designed specifically for complete beginners—people who have never worked in tech or sold anything before. More experienced individuals are welcome too, and can often complete the courses in less time.

Are There Any Prerequisites for Tech Sales Bootcamps?

Most tech sales bootcamps don’t have any knowledge or experience-based prerequisites, as the course will teach all of the fundamental sales skills. However, a computer and other equipment used to join in on video calls are often necessary.

Is a Tech Sales Bootcamp Enough To Get a Job?

Yes, it is the primary goal of most sales bootcamps to get their graduates employed without the need for any other education or experience. Some online sales training providers even have partner companies that they can introduce graduates to and get them hired in record time.

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