How Much Do Coders Make? [2023 Coding Salary Guide]

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how much do coders make

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If you’re looking for a career that places you at the intersection of technology and creativity, then coding may be the job for you. Coding isn’t just about 1’s and 0’s, though there is plenty of that involved. Coders build things, and coding is applicable to almost any field, so there’s ample opportunity to find a coding job that you’re passionate about. 

But what does a coder actually make? The answer is: it depends. So in this post, we’ll break down all the factors that affect a coder’s annual salary. 

What Is the Average Salary for a Coder?

On average, coders in the United States earn around $89,190 per year. 

But the whole story is a bit more complicated. Coders who specialize in a specific coding area make a lot more money. And coding salaries also vary massively based on your location. Finally, the salary you can expect as a coder will dramatically increase as you gain experience and complete coding bootcamps

How Much Do Coders Make? 

Coders can expect to make anywhere from $67,370 to around $116,220 per year. But again, what a coder makes depends on a number of factors. Let’s break it down. 

Coder Salaries by Industry 

How much do programmers make by industry? Let’s break it down. 


All of us use applications and apps on a daily basis, and coders are responsible for building all of these. The national median salary for computer programmers and developers is around $89,190 a year.


Because the medical industry stores patient information digitally, and because some medical devices also require software, the healthcare industry needs reliable coders. The average salary potential for a healthcare software developer is $83,062 per year.


On average, government computer programmers earn about $122,729 annually. Still, the salaries fluctuate heavily from job to job. 


The finance industry heavily relies upon coding, as banks and financial institutions need coders with their day-to-day operations, including electronic trading systems. Poor coding can lead to massive problems for these institutions, so many are willing to pay top dollar for the best coders available. 

Financial coders in the United States make around $145,125 per year.


E-commerce relies on coders to ensure that their customers have a seamless shopping experience. The estimated annual salary of an e-commerce coder is around $107,433 a year.

Coder Salary by Experience 

As mentioned earlier, coding salaries do increase with experience. Let’s break it down: 

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Entry-Level Coder 

The average salary for an entry-level coder is around $78,556 a year.

Mid-Level Coder 

The average salary for a mid-level coder in the United States is $81,484 a year. 

Senior Coder

When you attain the highest level of experience, you will start to earn top dollar. The expected salary is around $94,650 a year for a senior coder.

Coder Salary by Specialization 

Specializing is a great way to increase your coding salary. Here are some of the many specializations for computer programmers: 

Software Coder 

These coders create and format computer software programs and application software. They develop instructions for the software to perform specific tasks, design it to work for different industries, and then maintain these programs afterward.  

The national average for a software developer is around $110,140 annually.

Hardware Coder 

A computer hardware coder ensures that the tech hardware functions properly, from switching it on to powering it down. 

The average salary for a computer hardware developer is $124,035 a year. 

Computer and Network Security Coder 

These coders use their programming knowledge to bolster a company’s cybersecurity efforts, and prevent hackers from stealing sensitive information. They can test programs to measure their security, and if a breach does occur, they can also conduct a forensic analysis. The average cyber coder in the United States makes around $82,047 a year.

Web Coder

Web coders design and create all kinds of websites, ensuring that users have a seamless experience. The median wage for an online programmer is around $77,200 per year. 

App Coder 

App coders build and test the applications that we use on our smartphones. The average mobile app developer salary in the United States is around $104,699 per year, with bonuses.

Coder Salary by Roles 

A coder’s role in their company will also affect their paycheck. Different types of coders include: 

Web Developer 

Web developers help build websites. On average, web developers make about $74,163 a year.

Computer System Analyst 

A computer systems analyst uses their coding and computer skills to analyze different systems, and then generate reports. The national median wage for a computer systems analyst is around $79,279 per year.

Computer Engineer 

Computer engineers, who test networks and hardware systems, earn around $81,244 a year. 

Database Administrator 

Database administrators supervise databases to ensure that they function correctly, and make around $98,860 a year. 

Software Engineer 

Software engineers use their expertise to supervise the entire software development process. On average, a software engineer earns around $120,009 a year. 

Software Developer 

Software developers map out the design of an application and also test programs for bugs. A software developer earns about $100,000 a year.

Coder Salary by Education 

As with most career paths, one’s level of education will affect the salary one can expect. Here’s how that breaks down with coding:

No Degree

If you’re learning to code from scratch, and don’t have a degree, then you can expect to make around $53,216 per year, according to ZipRecruiter. 

Coding Courses 

A coding bootcamp will teach you what you need to code without a degree’s financial and time constraints. It is an excellent way to get your foot into the industry without studying for a longer time. According to Course Report, coders who have completed a bootcamp earn an average of $69,079 per year. 


Programmers with a bachelor’s degree earn around $93,000 a year. 


According to, senior computer programmers with a master’s degree usually earn around $100,000 or more per year. 

Coder Salaries by Location 

Where you live will also affect what you can expect to make, as average coding salaries vary from state to state:

  • Virginia: $100,985
  • Colorado: $72,999
  • New York: $62,090
  • California: $60,841
  • Kansas: $55,388
  • Illinois: $52,996
  • Texas: $45,354
  • Massachusetts: $45,221

Factors Affecting Coding Salaries 

Ultimately, no one factor will determine your coding salary. It’s usually a combination of factors that dictates what you can expect to make. Here’s what you should consider: 

Educational Background

You don’t need a college degree to start a career in coding, and many incredible coders are entirely self-taught. But your educational background will affect your salary, especially at the beginning of your career.


As would be expected, the more experienced you are, the more you’ll get paid. But experience isn’t just about years. It’s also about the variety of your roles, and if you have a greater range of work experiences, then you’ll be able to command a higher salary. 


As the name implies, coding skills are a must for all coders, and the more programming languages you know, the more you can expect to make. Some of the most in-demand and popular programming language choices are JavaScript and HTML/CSS. And don’t forget about coding soft skills too. 


As we noted earlier, where you live will impact your coding salary. If you can relocate, it may pay to do so since you can get a much higher salary in some states for the same job. 

Virginia and Colorado are the highest points for coder salaries in the United States, with New York following close behind.

But you should also the cost of living in each state before moving, since this can also impact how much you take home. 


As a coder, the industry you work in will largely determine what you can expect to make. However, it may be worthwhile to work in a less lucrative industry that you’re passionate about if you think your passion will help you get promoted more quickly. 

How To Boost Your Salary as a Coder

Want to earn more? Who doesn’t! Here are a few ways to increase your salary as a coder:

Expand Your Skill Set

Expand Your Skill Set

Coding bootcamps are a great way to learn the foundations of coding. But if you already have this base knowledge, and want to expand your skillset, then consider an online coding class that will help you develop your coding skills.  

Acquire More Experience 

One of the best ways of learning is by doing. So try taking on personal and freelance projects to accelerate your career. These sorts of projects are a great way to expand your skill set too. For example, if you want to develop your cybersecurity expertise, then consider taking on a cybersecurity freelance project. 

Choose the Right Location 

If you want to make more, then consider moving. Virginia and Colorado have the highest wages for coders, but states like California can offer more jobs. If you find the sweet spot of a low cost of living, and a high-paying job, then you’re set. 

Negotiate Your Job Offer

Negotiating isn’t about strong-arming your next employer into paying you more. It’s about demonstrating your worth and value as an employee. If you’re trying to negotiate your salary, emphasize the parts of your resume that differentiate you from other candidates. 

Pursue a New Degree or Certification 

If you’re a coder without a degree, then consider pursuing a certificate to boost your salary. Or, consider going back to school. Some of the best degrees for coders include computer science, computer engineering, and information technology.


Becoming a coder is both lucrative and fulfilling. Our entire world revolves around technology, so it’s not an exaggeration to say that coders make the world go ‘round. There are many different coding jobs to choose from, so can find a job that fits your passions and interests. And who doesn’t want to make money doing the thing they love?  

FAQs About Coding Salaries 

We have the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about coding salaries. 

How Much Do Coders Make per Hour?

As with annual salaries, the answer depends, but coders make an average hourly wage of $41.

Is Coding a High-Paying Job?

Yes! The average coder salary in the U.S. is $89,190, but that can increase considerably depending on skill and education. 

Can Coders Work in Any Field?

Where software is needed, so are coders. That’s one of the great things about coding: you can apply it to whatever you’re passionate about.  

Can Coders Earn a Six-Figure Salary?

Yes! But not all coding jobs lend themselves to six-figure salaries. Computer and system managers tend to make more than most other coders, with software developers closely behind. Salaries for these roles average more than $100,000 a year. If you’re a coder and aren’t earning six figures yet, then consider some of the online classes or bootcamps we mentioned earlier.

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