We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest course. In it, we’re taking the proven model from our Data and Design programs to a new vertical: software engineering. Now you can benefit from Springboard’s job guarantee, 1:1 mentorship, and career coaching to launch your career in the rapidly growing field of software development.  We’ve […]

Pop culture stereotypes depict computer programmers as non- client-facing, socially awkward office drones relegated to the basement office. However, the most successful software engineers are not only incredible problem-solvers; they’re seasoned communicators, empathizers and, yes, leaders. Like in any industry, soft skills for a software engineer make the difference between a mediocre career arc and […]

Software engineering is about problem-solving first, coding second. Why? Computers need to be told exactly what to do; they can’t make assumptions like a human would when given vague instructions. Secondly, software engineers are tasked with designing features and applications that may not even exist yet, so it’s their job to come up with the […]