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Our commitment to inclusivity

At Springboard, we’re ambitious and transparent with our scholarship goals. Since 2016, we've provided over $3M in scholarships, with a commitment to offer an additional $10M through 2030.

Apply for scholarships as part of your course application.

We’re out to deliver BIG through 2030


of scholarships available for eligible students starting 2022.

Committed until at least 2030.


of students will self-identify as an underrepresented race or ethnicity.

Committed until at least 2030.


of students will self-identify as female or gender nonconforming.

Committed until at least 2030.

We’re increasing access and opportunity

We believe in championing the diverse identities, abilities, experiences, and voices of students. It’s why we offer the following scholarships.

Women In Technology Scholarship

Advancing women in tech

In the US, women represent only 24% of the tech workforce (Deloitte). Our $500 Women in Tech Scholarship is available for select Career Track programs.


  • Self-identify as female

  • Apply to our Data, Engineering, Cybersecurity, or Tech Sales Career Tracks

Diversity In Tech Scholarship

Focusing on underrepresented groups in tech

Some 70% of young tech workers report feeling uncomfortable at work based on their identity or background (Nasdaq)


  • Identify as a person from any of these communities: Black or African American; Hispanic or Latinx; Pacific Islander; Native American; Alaska Native; Middle Eastern; member of the LGBTQI+ community; gender nonconforming; veteran or member of US military; person with disabilities; refugee

  • Apply to any Career Track program

Needs-Based Scholarship

Opening access to more students

The average US tech workers' salary is over $97,000 (Forbes), while roughly half of American workers earn less than $30,000 (BLS).

This $1,000 Needs-Based Scholarship is available to individual with a current household annual income of less than $30,000.


  • Proof of earnings of less than $30,000 annually for the most recent tax year via paycheck, tax return or unemployment benefit claim

  • Must live in the United States or Canada with permanent work authorization

  • This scholarship can be used in addition to the Women In Tech or Diversity In Tech scholarships

  • Apply to any Career Track program

Career Reboot Scholarship

Turning adversity into opportunity

Springboard launched the Career Reboot Scholarship in early 2023 to support the tech community in the face of widespread layoffs.


  • Proof of prior full-time employment at a US-headquartered technology company listed on layoffs.fyi

  • Proof of employment termination after September 1, 2022. Termination letter and email required.

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