How Much Does a Cybersecurity Analyst Earn?

Compensation for a security analyst depends on years of experience, education, industry, and level of seniority. Salary estimates can range from $59,695 to $121,650 or more, according to salary data from Glassdoor and the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Read on to learn about the salary range for common cybersecurity jobs.

cyber security analyst salary

The cybersecurity field is rapidly expanding, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating that employment for security analysts will grow by 31% between now and 2029. As demand increases in the coming years, salaries are also expected to rise. Below are the salary averages for security analysts and the specialized roles that fall under the cybersecurity umbrella.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Also known as a cybersecurity specialist, security analyst, data security analyst, or information security analyst, cybersecurity analyst is a catch-all job title for a person who implements security measures to help organizations prevent and recover from cyber-attacks.

While it is increasingly common for cybersecurity experts to specialize in either cybercrime prevention or incident response, most cybersecurity professionals can handle both and have job responsibilities that include monitoring networks for intrusions and anomalies, responding to security threats, and implementing security policies that ensure compliance.

  • An entry-level cybersecurity analyst salary is around $63,053
  • A senior-level cybersecurity analyst salary is around $96,496

Incident Response Analyst

When a security threat or breach is detected, incident response analysts are deployed to perform security audits, risk assessments, and address the breaches themselves through network forensics and reverse engineering.

Many incident response analysts also have prevention duties such as identifying and resolving weak points in a security system before they become a problem for the organization. These high demand cybersecurity professionals are also well versed in threat intelligence and analysis and are adept at identifying and understanding malware.

  • An entry-level incident response analyst salary is around $58,788
  • A senior-level incident response analyst salary is around $80,729

Application Security Analyst

One of the primary responsibilities of an application security analyst, also known as a network security analyst or system security analyst, is to scan computer systems and web applications against known vulnerabilities and attacks.

Using best practices such as penetration testing and installing firewalls, a person in this position typically has a strong background in threat analysis and detection, OWASP security standards, and cross-site scripting.

While many organizations expect their application security analysts to hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, it’s not unusual for someone with security experience, work history, and knowledge that is backed up by online courses or a cybersecurity bootcamp to land entry-level positions without a college degree.

  • An entry-level application security analyst salary is around $63,053
  • A senior-level application security analyst salary is around $96,496

Security Compliance Analyst

At the center of the Venn diagram of technical skills, project management know-how, and strong communication is the security compliance analyst, who ensures that an organization’s technology and security protocols meet government and industry regulatory standards and that everyone in an organization is on the same page when it comes to data security processes and best practices.

This career path offers cybersecurity analysts with a bird’s-eye view of an organization’s security posture and the opportunity to strengthen network security across the board.

  • An entry-level security compliance analyst salary is around $76,972
  • A senior-level security compliance analyst salary is around $121,149

Security Consultant

A cybersecurity consultant is a security specialist whose skills run the gamut—from cyber attack prevention to implementing recovery plans—who is brought in to assist an organization with its security needs.

The specific responsibilities of a cybersecurity consultant will vary depending on an organization’s security posture, although it’s not unusual for a cybersecurity professional to specialize in one area and offer a narrow set of services.

  • An entry-level cybersecurity consultant salary is around $67,726
  • A senior-level cybersecurity consultant salary is around $108,915

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