Top 7 Companies Hiring Data Scientists Right Now

The demand for data scientists has skyrocketed in recent years. Read on to find out which companies are spending big to fill their ranks.

highest paying data science companies

When it comes to employing data scientists, the technology industry is hard to top. While the financial sector staffs the largest percentage of data scientists, tech companies are some of the biggest data science employers per capita. 

Data is a cornerstone of tech, and the industry continues to lead the charge in harnessing data science to drive product development and innovation. Tech companies employ anywhere from hundreds to thousands of data scientists and rely heavily on their contributions to shape everything from design and production to policy and operations. If you want to work on the cutting edge of data science and influence the development of products and services that billions of people use, these companies offer the greatest number of opportunities to do so.

Top 7 companies hiring data scientists right now

Given the enormous volumes of data generated by digital services, it’s no surprise that tech industry leaders have the greatest need for data scientists. Here are seven major companies hiring data scientists right now: 

  • Apple. A LinkedIn search for data science roles at Apple currently yields 513 results. Apple uses data to tailor and improve user experiences with Apple products. Voice data gathered from Siri is analyzed to improve speech recognition patterns and better map users to information, while data generated by iTunes purchases is used to recommend new content to users. In 2019, Apple ranked seventh on LinkedIn’s list of top companies
  • Amazon. A LinkedIn search for data science roles at Amazon currently yields 481 results. Amazon dominates the e-commerce industry thanks to data science. Customer behavior is analyzed to create product recommendations and anticipate user needs. Amazon also uses predictive analytics to streamline shipping and make faster deliveries. In 2019, Amazon ranked third on LinkedIn’s list of top companies. 
  • Oracle. A LinkedIn search for data science roles at Oracle currently yields 435 results. As a leading supplier of data management tools, Oracle employs data scientists to develop data-driven AI applications, cloud-based IoT applications, machine learning models, and more. In 2019, Oracle ranked ninth on LinkedIn’s list of top companies. 
  • Facebook. A LinkedIn search for data science roles at Facebook currently yields 332 results. Facebook is a social network that has also acquired additional platforms including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Oculus VR. Nearly every Facebook product or application leans heavily on machine learning, which is also used to optimize advertising. In 2019, Facebook ranked second on LinkedIn’s list of top companies.
  • Microsoft. A LinkedIn search for data science roles at Microsoft currently yields 194 openings. Microsoft uses Azure AI and database technologies to measure user satisfaction and enhance user experiences across products ranging from Skype for Business to Office 365. Microsoft also develops comprehensive AI services and cognitive APIs to help developers build intelligent applications. 
  • Google. A LinkedIn search for data science roles at Google shows 82 results. Alphabet, Google’s parent organization, encompasses Youtube, Nest, and more. Data science lies at the heart of Google’s eponymous search engine, which uses web index data to match queries with results that are evaluated for accuracy by machine learning algorithms. Google also uses data to develop scalable storage solutions and applications. In 2019, Alphabet ranked first on LinkedIn’s list of top companies.
  • IBM. A Glassdoor search for data science roles at IBM currently yields 78 openings. IBM develops cloud-based data and analytics solutions like the Watson Studio, which allows developers to create, train, and implement AI-based applications. IBM designs high-level tools to help data scientists manage, model, and analyze data using machine learning algorithms.

Data scientist salaries at top companies

Data scientists are well-compensated, particularly within the tech industry. According to Glassdoor, the average base pay for data scientists is $113,000. However, most top companies also offer cash bonuses and stock compensation, meaning that a data scientist may bring home more than their salary alone.

Here is the average total annual pay for data scientists at top companies:

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