What's in the guide?

Digital marketing is a part of most of your online interactions -- whether you're browsing Facebook, searching for information, or trying to purchase a product.

But digital marketing isn’t just traditional marketing dressed up in new clothes. As the Financial Times puts it -- “most experts believe that 'digital' is not just yet another channel for marketing. It requires a new approach to marketing and a new understanding of customer behavior.”

Yet research on the field is scarce and there are few resources on careers in this cutting-edge field. This guide to digital marketing salaries is meant to inform you about this growing new industry and the compensation you can expect with it.

What’s inside?

Through original research and informative visualizations, we’ll walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know about digital marketing salaries. 

  • You’ll start with an overview of digital marketing and a definition of the term.

  • Then, you’ll see industry demand, a day in the life of a digital marketer, and how digital marketing compares with other careers that require similar skills.

  • Next, you'll see how digital marketing salaries vary depending on location and years of experience.

  • Finally, you'll get actionable tips on how you can maximize your digital marketing salary.  

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to get into a lucrative, cutting-edge field or digital marketers who are looking to increase their salary. 

About the author

Roger has always been interested in the intersection of technology and marketing. He broke into a career in digital marketing by co-founding his own startup. He has worked in digital marketing roles with startups that have raised a cumulative total of more than $80m in venture financing. 

He has written for EntrepreneurTechCrunch, Fast CompanyThe Next WebVentureBeat, and Techvibes.

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Guide to Digital Marketing Salaries

Table of Contents
  • What is digital marketing?
  • Market demand for digital marketers
  • A day in the life of a digital marketer
  • Mean/median salary across industries
  • Mean/median salaries across locations
  • Mean/median salaries across levels of experience
  • Top 5 skills needed to succeed in digital marketing
  • How Springboard can help