Intro to SQL for Business

These 5 tutorials walk you through SQL essentials, from defining queries to your first result set.

In this email course, you will:
Custom content written by a practicing Senior Data Analyst
5 in-depth lessons outlining SQL essentials, each requiring about 10 minutes a day
The first lesson sent straight to your inbox as soon as you sign up
E-Course Outline

Leveraging one of our own data teammates, we created this approachable 5-day course to make the foundations of SQL accessible to everyone.

1. Anatomy of a SQL Environment : Learn where to find inputs, outputs, table names and data types within an example instance.

2. Filtering Data and Getting Specific : Learn the basic ins and outs of Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA).

3. Joining Tables for a Full Picture : Layer tables for more accurate data exploration, using JOIN clauses.

4. Data Gathering and Aggregation : Combine multiple data sources for the bigger picture.

5. Presentation to External Stakeholders : Format your result set for clarity to nontechnical teammates: one of data's most underrated skills.

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