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I learned a lot.

The best part of the course is the projects as they are extremely relevant... I recently graduated from business school and this course helped me land my first job.
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Josh Friedman
Intermediate Data Science: Python, Apr 2018
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Highly recommend!

My mentor was my absolute favorite part about this course. He was kind, patient and very knowledgeable about all aspects of user experience design.
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Cindy Barry
UX Design, May 2018
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A great experience.

Through the support of my career advisor, Allison, I was able to get a job by the end of the program as a data scientist and I am grateful for all the support.
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Jasmine Kyung
Data Science Career Track, Aug 2018

Student diary

A week in the life of a Springboard student
Shumyla Jan, UX Design, Spring 2017

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This week, I started working on the wireframes for my Capstone Project. I want to create an event-aggregating app, and my mentor, Emily, is very supportive of my idea.

Success stories

Our graduates are building meaningful careers and creating outsized impact at reputed organizations. Here are a few of of them.

Introduction to Data Science, July 2015
Before: PhD student, Government researcher
After: Data Scientist at Boeing
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I loved that Springboard curated the best content for me, so I didn’t have to wade through everything myself. I do much better with external pressure, so having a mentor helped me move a lot faster than I’d be able to alone.

Introduction to Data Science, July 2015
Before: Foreign Correspondent at The Wall Street Journal
After:  Data Analyst at Reddit
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I was a little nervous before my first mentor call. it was the first time I’d spoken to a real Data Scientist about what I wanted! But my mentor, Soups, was amazing -- friendly, excited, and very, very encouraging. He made me feel like I could really do this thing.

UX Design, July 2016
Before: Fashion Designer at Alice & Olivia
After:  Marketing Director at Adam America Real Estate
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Within a few weeks of the course, I got a job as the Marketing Director at Adam America Real Estate. Springboard helped me become comfortable creating wireframes and prototypes and taught me the value of user-centered design and validation.

Business Analytics, October 2016
Before:  Freelance
After:  Operations Manager, BoardVitals
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When I started Springboard, I was between full-time positions. My confidence in Excel and understanding of using data to drive business decisions helped me find a position that’s a blend of my background in customer success and my newfound skills in data analytics.