Data Science Career Track
Ginny Zhu
Before Springboard:
Ph.D., Biostatistics & data science
After Springboard:
Data Scientist Intern at Novartis
My mentor is like a never-exhausted source of information. He also inspires me to be like him.
My mentor is like a never-exhausted source of information. He also inspires me to be like him.
What were you doing before Springboard?

Ph.D. student in biostatistics and data science, minor in environmental sciences. With the rise of the big data era, I was dealing with lots of environmental image data (in my previous background in environmental sciences). Data science approaches problems from a data perspective and machine learning algorithms can be applied to solve any kind of problems, which is truly beautiful

Why did you choose to learn with Springboard?

It gives a very comprehensive experience, which set a strong foundation and got me interested in exploring further in this area. (I'm actually now doing my Ph.D. program in biostatistics and data science.)

"The steep learning curve was a challenge."

What was your learning experience like?

Exceptional. I like the flexible schedule, which allows me to learn things at my own pace. Also, my mentor Amir is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. I've learnt so much from him. He is like a never-exhausted source of information and he also inspires me to be like him.

What was the most challenging part?

SQL was challenging because that was something I've never encountered before, but my mentor was very patient in answering all my questions, and I've spent extra time exploring on my own.

What was your capstone project?

Credit card fraud detection and also predictive analytics on electronic health records using PyTorch.

What are you up to now?

I've done my internship at Shell as a data scientist, I’m continuing doing my Ph.D. program, and I plan to be a data scientist in the industry afterwards.

What advice do you have for those considering online learning?

Communicate with your advisors (both career and course advisor) frequently, they've got lots of resources. NEVER be afraid to ask for more!

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