UX Design isn't about making something pretty— it's about creating exceptional products that people want and need. The best way to do that is to deeply understand your users, and keep them in mind through every step of the design process.

In this self-paced online course, you’ll:

  • Learn the basics of UX
    and user-centered design, including the research techniques professionals use to gain customer insight.
  • Work on real-life projects
    and create deliverables like user personas, wireframes, and a portfolio website.
  • Work with your own expert mentor
    with feedback on all your work and weekly Google Hangout sessions.

By the end of the course, you'll:

  • Be ready to apply for entry-level jobs in UX Design.
  • Have a strong portfolio of work to draw upon for interviews.
  • Have a toolkit to use throughout your career.

By the end of the course, you'll:

  • Be ready to apply for entry-level jobs in UX Design.
  • Have a strong portfolio of work to draw upon for interviews.
  • Have a toolkit to use throughout your career.

This course is made for you.

Whether you want a career in UX/UI Design, or you just want to build better products, this course is perfect for you.
Hundreds of students have taken this course, including:

Fully Online, But With The Human Support You Need to Succeed

  • Learn online, from anywhere

    • All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. You can be in any country or time zone. We’ve taught students from 6 continents!
  • Build real projects, earn a certificate

    • We believe you learn best by doing. Our 100+ hour curriculum is designed around 10 real-life projects. Graduate with a portfolio that you can show to employers. Earn a certificate of completion, signed by your mentor.
  • The best curriculum on the web

    • We hired designers with experience at companies like Adobe, Razorfish and VMWare to build a curriculum that combines the best resources on the web. Industry experts review the curriculum frequently, to ensure you're learning what's most relevant to employers.
  • The (career) support you need

    • We’re here to help you succeed. You’ll get 1:1 feedback and career guidance from your expert mentor. When you have questions, you’ll get near-real-time answers in our community.
  • Set your own pace

    • You can go as fast as you like. We know you probably have a full-time job, and we designed the program to fit your schedule.

Jumpstart your career in UX Design!

Our 100-hour extensive, tailored curriculum includes 40+ hours of project work.

Immerse yourself in user experience, a field that encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.


UX Designers seek to find the balance between logic and emotion through the establishment of a logical structure for the experience while also creating an emotional connection with the product’s users.


Topics Covered

  • What is User Experience?
  • The distinction between UX and UI
  • UX Designers in the field

Learn to implement the UCD process and design thinking through short interviews, sketching and paper prototyping.


User Centered Design refers to the process of identifying and prioritizing the needs, wants, and limitations of end users of a product, service, or process at each stage of design.


Topics Covered

  • The user-centered design process and its benefits.
  • Incorporating empathy into the design process.

Learn how to do User Research effectively and master the core of a User Centered Design process.


User Centered Design is the application of thinking about the user’s point of view to solve a problem. Personas are a representation of a collection of specific user characteristics.


Topics Covered

  • Developing a user-research plan
  • Various user research techniques
  • Creating effective personas
  • Empathy mapping
  • Creating scenarios and storyboards 

Embrace lean UX. Incorporate fundamental UX principles into swift cycles of design, prototyping and validation. 


Use MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) to validate product hypotheses and user stories to capture a description of a feature from a user’s perspective.


Topics Covered

  • What is an MVP?
  • Creating and implementing user stories

Learn how to analyze, prioritize, and think strategically about content to create better user experiences.


Content strategy includes planning for all content, not only copy, including images, videos and PDFs.


Topics Covered

  • Creating an effective content strategy for a website
  • Foundations of Information Architecture (IA)
  • Designing user flows
  • Conducting a card sort
  • Creating and sitemaps user flows

Design delightful mobile experiences. 

The number of mobile users has overtaken the number of traditional desktop users. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of mobile apps and mobile sites that are not mobile friendly and those experiences are often very painful. 


Topics Covered

  • Designing for “mobile first”
  • Constraints and strengths when designing for mobile
  • Content strategy for mobile
  • Understanding UI patterns and elements for mobile

Learn about the importance of sketching and iteration in the wireframing process and how to create paper prototypes.


Also, learn how to use color theory, visual hierarchy and typography to create a better user experience.


Topics Covered

  • Sketching and workflows
  • Creating low-fidelity paper prototypes
  • Creating wireframes and communicating element hierarchy
  • Importance of margins, spacing, text size, layout
  • Color theory
  • Creating style guides


Tap the power of validating your designs throughout your workflow early and often through feedback and iteration.


Topics Covered

  • Conducting usability testing sessions
  • Building a research evaluation toolkit

Put together everything that you have learnt for a portfolio-worthy Capstone Project.


The Capstone Project is a key part of our curriculum that every student must complete. The project is designed to provide you with the experience of working in a professional UX design scenario. Working with your mentor, you'll pick a project of your interest. From start to finish, your project will be targeted to a specific client (real or imaginary). Using the UX techniques you've learned, you will create a project that you can show off to potential employers that has been vetted by an industry professional.

Break into the UX design job market.


We’ve gathered resources to help you develop a solid plan of action to break into or supercharge your UX design career.


Topics Covered

  • Developing a plan of action for your career
  • Build a great LinkedIn profile
  • Write a great UX resume
  • Portfolio tips
  • Interview tips
  • Conducting design meetings
  • Getting clients
  • Contract work vs. full-time vs. freelance
  • Networking

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Get mentored by a top industry expert

You’ll have weekly 30 minute 1:1 video calls with your mentor: for feedback, answers to your questions and real-world career advice. Our mentors are hand-picked, for their love of teaching and experience.

You’ll be in good company. Here are some of the fine organizations where our students came from or went to.

Learn at your own pace, just $399 / month

We estimate the total effort required of you at 100 hours. Most working professionals are able to complete in 3 months. You're welcome to choose your own pace. The more time you devote, the less the program will cost.

Here are some scenarios for how much the course might cost you.
Time Per Week 12-15 hours
It will take you 2 months
It will cost you $798
Time Per Week 8-10 hours
It will take you 3 months
It will cost you $1197
Time Per Week 6 hours
It will take you 4 months
It will cost you $1596

When can I start?

Our next available course starts on Jan 2nd. (All start dates before that sold out in advance.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

We worked with a UX design expert to curate the best online resources (courses, videos, articles), based on the most relevant and in-demand skills, into a logical sequence. Expect a total of ~100 hours of work, including project work.  
This workshop lets you learn at your own pace and pay by the month - for only as long as you want to continue. If you don't love it in the first one week, we will give you a full refund. USD 399 per month covers: 1. Full curriculum of courses and materials used in the workshop.
2. Weekly 1-1 video calls with your personally matched mentor.
3. Access to an exclusive community with expert mentors and fellow participants.
4. Help on your questions & project feedback through mentor calls, community & weekly Office Hours.
5. All taxes and fees.
You’ll interact 1-on-1 with your personal mentor in weekly, 30-minute video calls. There will be weekly Office Hours hosted by two of the mentors. You will also have access to a exclusive community of mentors and fellow learners. You can ask questions and receive project feedback through the mentor calls, office hours or the community.
We will provide certificates of completion to all the participants who complete the workshop and successfully complete the final project.
The workshop will happen in a completely online, self-paced, mentor-aided format. All you need is an internet connection.
No pre-requisites. Everyone is welcome!
We don't teach specific UX design tools, and there are no requirements to use any. We do suggest tools such as Axure when needed. Most UX design tools will have trial periods sufficient enough for the course. 
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