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20 Must-Read AI, Data Science Newsletters

6 minute read | January 9, 2019
Melanie Lawder

Written by:
Melanie Lawder

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Both data science and artificial intelligence are constantly evolving and changing, and the amplitude of information about the fields can be overwhelming—especially if you’re a newcomer. Luckily, data science and AI blogs are plentiful. And news outlets are constantly churning out important, relevant stories.

But staying informed on the latest trends, the most up-to-date features, and the newest best practices can be an arduous, time-consuming task. There’s a lot of information out there, some of which may be fluff, misleading, of questionable origin—or just a plain waste of time. Cutting through the fat and getting straight to the meaningful analysis and smart articles requires a little bit of elbow grease.

If you don’t have the time or energy, there is another option: subscribing to an industry newsletter.

Newsletters do all of the internet scouring for you, curating the latest information and relevant articles into an easy-to-read bulletin delivered straight to your inbox. Minimal legwork and internet research are required on your behalf since newsletters include links to pertinent articles, guides, and other new information.

We did all the work for you and compiled a list of the 20 top machine learning, AI, and data science newsletters you should consider subscribing to so you can stay informed. Pick a few newsletters from the following (randomly categorized) list and you won’t miss out on the latest industry chatter.

Our Favorite Data Science, Machine Learning & AI Newsletters

Data Science Weekly

Delivered to your inbox every seven days like clockwork, Data Science Weekly is a goldmine of information on all things data science. In this newsletter, you’ll be exposed to the latest data science articles, videos, job postings, training resources, and books. Hannah Brooks, a business strategy expert and financial modeler, and Sebastian Gutierrez, founder of, are the two authors behind this respected newsletter. If you are an aspiring data scientist, this weekly newsletter will keep you up to date on the latest findings in the data science area.

Data Elixir

This weekly newsletter comes highly recommended by Springboard experts for its comprehensive coverage of data science articles and resources. Founder Lon Riesberg started Data Elixir after subscribing to multiple data science newsletters and noticing that they were missing articles that he found pertinent. “I started Data Elixir as a way to keep track of things I was finding and I had a feeling that other people would find it useful too,” he told the business analytics service company Mixpanel.

Deep Learning Weekly

As its name suggests, this newsletter’s focus is deep learning and it covers the topic aggressively, aggregating new research, learning content, news articles, and other resources in an easy-to-read bulletin. Created by Jan Bussieck and Malte Baumann, each issue of Deep Learning Weekly provides a brief introduction summarizing what the major news of the week is, with links to relevant articles and resources.

Data is Plural

Data journalist Jeremy Singer-Vine is the publisher of this newsletter, which spotlights interesting data sets and data-driven projects. Singer-Vine is currently the data editor at BuzzFeed News.

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AI Weekly

Devoted to artificial intelligence and machine learning, AI Weekly keeps tabs on the latest industry news. The newsletter, created by Plume Labs co-founder David Lissmyr, includes links to interesting AI stories, along with other tools and reads that an AI professional may find useful.

O’Reilly Data Newsletter

Some newsletters are just the bare bones, providing links to relevant content, but no commentary or perspective on what they’re linking to. O’Reilly Media’s data newsletter, which covers the big data sector, isn’t one of them. Each week, O’Reilly assembles a collection of interesting data articles, providing readers with a scintillating sneak peek of what they can expect if they click on each link.

KDnuggets News

KDnuggets News has been in existence since 1993 and is currently delivering news to readers three to four times a month. The email newsletter aggregates stimulating stories published on the KDnuggets blog, which focuses on business analytics, big data, data mining, data science, and machine learning. If you subscribe to KDnuggets News, you can expect to find links to features, tutorials, opinion articles, webinars, job postings, and a wealth of other content related to data science.

Deep Hunt

Curated by Avinash Hindupur, this newsletter provides an illuminating look at timely AI news, articles, research, and tutorials.

Data Science Roundup

Data Science Roundup, which bills itself as curating “the internet’s most useful data science articles,” recaps new and helpful articles in the field of data. The newsletter’s creator, Tristan Handy, also provides his own thoughts and engaging commentary alongside each of the articles.

Inside AI

Delivered daily, Inside’s AI newsletter provides a thorough rundown of the most recent AI-related news stories. For readers in a rush, each article listed in an issue of Inside AI is smartly summarized by the newsletter’s author in a few sentences, giving you a firm gist of its contents without having to read the entire story.

The Algorithm

The Algorithm is a twice-a-week AI newsletter from MIT Technology Review with the tagline “artificial intelligence demystified.”

Import AI

OpenAI director Jack Clark provides the rundown of what’s happening in AI, helpfully analyzing and summarizing the week’s big industry news in this weekly newsletter. Clark also provides insightful perspective to readers, answering the important question of “why it matters” when it comes to the news he features.

Analytics Dispatch

Every week, the data analytics company Mode sends out this short-but-sweet newsletter spotlighting its five favorite data science-related articles that are circulating the web. Analytics Dispatch also highlights a small collection of new data job postings as an added feature.

Machine Learnings

Co-founder Sam DeBrule presents the week’s machine learning and AI news in this easily readable newsletter, which is an extension of the Machine Learnings blog. Featured content and articles are organized into sections like “Awesome, not awesome”, “What we’re reading”, and “What we’re building.”

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Topbots Applied AI Newsletter

The Topbots website contains a huge library of information and articles on AI and bot news for business leaders. Subscribing to its weekly industry newsletter is an easy way to keep informed of Topbots’ latest posts.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Weekly

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Weekly seek to keep its readers on the pulse of the latest AI developments, recommending relevant blog posts, resources, as well as news articles on the latest acquisitions and fundraising rounds by companies in the industry. Its authors, Waikit Lau, and Arthur Chan, also provide thoughtful context and opinions on the content it features in the newsletters.

Center for Data Innovation

The Center for Data Innovation is a think tank advocating for data-driven innovation in the public and private sectors. Its weekly newsletter features original content that concentrates on the convergence of data, technology, and policy, as well as articles and research from news outlets, universities, and other organizations. Succinct summaries of each featured article are included alongside the links in this newsletter, which also incorporate a weekly data visualization and data set for you to peruse.

NYU’s Data Science Community News

A thorough read, this newsletter may take you more than a minute to skim through. But New York University’s Data Science Community News is worth the time investment. This bulletin zeroes in on the latest academic news—i.e., notable leadership appointments and shake-ups, data science investments, and new research projects—as well as what’s happening in the private realm and in government. The in-depth newsletter, curated by Laura Noren and Brad Stenger, also highlights upcoming events, deadlines for conferences and contests, a fun “Tweet of the Week” feature, tools and resources, post-doc opportunities, and careers within and outside of academia.

Data Machina

A more technical newsletter, Data Machina brands itself as a “digest of machine learning curiosities, data science geekery, and other data amenities.” Subscribe to this bulletin and you can expect to find links to data sets, interesting data visualizations, as well as content on blockchain, natural language processing (NLP), Scala, algorithms, and more.

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Written by Rich Brueckner, this weekly newsletter includes the latest news and analysis from insideBIGDATA, an online news outlet with an editorial focus on big data, data science, AI, machine learning, and deep learning. If you subscribe, expect original content from insideBIGATA, including links to contributed articled, industry perspectives, and white papers.

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