The new battleground for business is in the user experience (UX) that is delivered. The most successful companies are investing massively in high-quality research and design efforts to ensure that their users are happy and productive. It’s now more important than ever to proactively sense and respond to people’s ever-changing needs and expectations. This is what UX is all about, and there are plenty of jobs out there to prove it. But how do you cut through all the noise to make sense of this frequently misunderstood profession?

Allow us to introduce Springboard’s new series of infographics geared toward aspiring UX professionals. The first, Getting Started With a UX Career, unveils the current data on top UX jobs, including how much you can expect to earn, the most common career trajectories, top geographical markets, and an overall outlook for why the field of UX continues to trend upward. Download and share it with your networks.

state of ux design salaries

Click the image for the full-sized file. Or download the infographic as a PDF here.

Also, stay tuned for future infographics that will provide detailed information about the most in-demand UX roles.

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