So you want to learn UX design. You’re in luck. The internet is replete with blogs by designers and industry experts that can help you with whatever you need: whether it’s staying up-to-date on UX trends, developing research methods, or getting inspired. We rounded up nine of the best blogs you should follow if you’re […]

Great typography is like a great story — it makes you want to keep reading. Typography refers to the science (and really, the art) of formatting words on a page, and it’s an invaluable skill for anyone who works in graphic design or publishing. Imagine if the text on this screen were bright neon green, or […]

Dominic Sylvester studied graphic design in college, but when he graduated he felt unprepared to actually begin a design career. “They taught me how to use the pen tool in Illustrator, they taught me how to use Photoshop brushes, but they never taught me how to apply my work into the career world,” he said. […]

Diego Encarnacion was in his junior year at Vassar College when he “fell out of love” with his major, philosophy. As he searched for the right career-minded pivot, he zeroed in on the intersection of design and technology. That’s when he discovered UX. It was too late to easily change majors, and Vassar didn’t have […]

Arguably the most important asset a UX designer can have is empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings, perspectives, and experiences of another person. To successfully design something that solves users’ problems and meets their needs, UX professionals must be able to get out of their own heads, interact with a cross-section of […]

I can still remember the warm January day when I was leaving Camp Pendleton for the last time as an active duty Marine. I was excited and rocking out to Montgomery Gentry as I passed through the gates one final time. I was FREE! No more going to physical training, having to clean my room […]

If you’re brushing up on your UX knowledge and looking to add new skills to your toolset, you may have come across the term user flow before. But what exactly does it mean? The UX world is filled with techniques that can be used to get to know your users better. It can be hard […]

Design and TED have shared a close relationship since the start of the conference in 1984. In fact, TED dedicates the “D” in its name to design, which explains how design and the inspiring platform have grown together. For aspiring UX designers who love understanding the field through UX blogs, books, and more, TED Talks are another […]

UX design is a constantly evolving field that must keep pace with rapidly advancing technology. With that in mind, we’re always looking to improve our UX design students’ Springboard experience. Recently, we compiled deep industry research, combined it with thoughtful feedback from our students and mentors, and created a completely new UX Design Course. This […]

In today’s digital environment, there is an endless number of ways to create and share content. From social media to blog posts to email to video (to name just a few), it’s clear that content really is king. Marketers know how important it is for businesses to regularly create effective content assets. But doing so […]