So you want to learn UX design. You’re in luck. The internet is replete with blogs by designers and industry experts that can help you with whatever you need: whether it’s staying up-to-date on UX trends, developing research methods, or getting inspired. We rounded up nine of the best blogs you should follow if you’re […]

Great typography is like a great story — it makes you want to keep reading. Typography refers to the science (and really, the art) of formatting words on a page, and it’s an invaluable skill for anyone who works in graphic design or publishing. Imagine if the text on this screen were bright neon green, or […]

In 2012, I picked up “The Lean Startup“ and the book rocked my world. “Lean” introduced a new methodology that has since changed the way many startups and organizations build products. As a career coach, I found out that lean approaches can be applied to the job hunt to help designers land their first UX […]

If you search on Glassdoor for UX jobs, you’ll find nearly 26,000 postings. UX is a growing, thriving field, and demand is at an all-time high. User experience is about making products, websites, apps, and other pieces of technology as easy to use as possible. While aesthetics is a component of a good website or […]

As a UX design professional, you’ll want to have a number of different tools in your toolbox when evaluating the usability of a product. We’ve already talked about a few common UX research techniques on the Springboard blog, including personas and user flow. Heuristic evaluation is another important technique to keep in mind during the […]

Imagine you’re riding the New York City Subway. You just want to get from one side of the city to the other. But as soon as you enter the station, you’re confronted with a confusing maze of physical barriers. The obstacles mean that you’ll need to ask for help at nearly every turn. Worst of […]

Before we delve into UX design interview questions, let’s take a step back and look at the interview process in general. Job interviews are a bit like first dates: you can prep all you want, but the unexpected may still pop up and throw you for a loop. Perhaps the interviewer hasn’t looked at your […]

The process of creating a user-friendly product must be guided by information about what works and what doesn’t. Features that look good on paper may end up being impractical or confusing, preventing users from achieving their desired outcomes. That’s where data-driven design comes in. Data-driven design can be defined as “design that is backed by […]