So you want to learn UX design. You’re in luck. The internet is replete with blogs by designers and industry experts that can help you with whatever you need: whether it’s staying up-to-date on UX trends, developing research methods, or getting inspired. We rounded up nine of the best blogs you should follow if you’re […]

Great typography is like a great story — it makes you want to keep reading. Typography refers to the science (and really, the art) of formatting words on a page, and it’s an invaluable skill for anyone who works in graphic design or publishing. Imagine if the text on this screen were bright neon green, or […]

Professional development used to be simple. In the past, when job descriptions were fixed and technology was slower to evolve, it made sense to keep continuing education efforts within a relatively narrow scope. However, with the increasing pace of market development, expectations for employees are changing. Companies are eager to avoid the “silo effect,” where […]

Course Report recently spoke to Springboard student Kelly Hart about her decision to enroll in the UX Career Track, the challenges of balancing the course and a full-time job, and what she hopes to do after graduation.  Tell me about your background and how it led you to studying UX design at Springboard. As a kid, I was […]

UX design is a creative and ever-changing field that welcomes fresh ideas from new practitioners, but there are some foundational UX design principles that every new designer should understand. The Interaction Design Foundation defines UX principles as “fundamental points of advice for making easy-to-use, pleasurable designs as we select, create and organize elements and features in […]

Over the past few years, headlines like “The End of UX…” and “Why UX Won’t Survive…” occasionally take over LinkedIn, prompting heated commentary before fading away. UX skeptics line up on one side of the debate, arguing that the rapid advancement of AI and other technology will swallow this field, that it is based upon unproven […]

Alan Turing is often put on a pedestal as the de facto father of computer science. But it was Ada Lovelace, a female mathematician and scientist, who first recognized the raw potential of a “computing machine.” The “enchantress of numbers” did this more than 100 years before Turing ever even conceptualized the Enigma-breaking machine that […]

A software engineer is very familiar with petabytes and XML. Similarly, a doctor is well aware of systolic pressure and the aorta. That’s because these terms belong to their line of work and are frequently tossed around like plain English. UX design is no different. It brings UX terms to the table, ones that you […]

User experience is a hot topic in the business world and continuous learning can help you keep your skills sharp. We’ve curated a list of the most impactful UX books ever written, so whether you’re just starting out or looking to refresh your skills, we’ve found a book suited to your needs. With this combination […]

Have you ever heard of businesses investing millions of dollars into misguided product decisions? Chasing solutions based on intuition, unreliable feedback, and questionable data? Pouring tons of resources into feel-good design exercises and assumption-based journey mapping? How about workshops guided mostly by user lip service and “storytelling” rather than facts and data about potentially uncomfortable […]