Your site’s navigation can be highly effective or highly ineffective, depending on your approach and what your site visitors are looking for. When it comes to those surfing your website on a smartphone, about 67 percent will get frustrated and leave your site if the navigation doesn’t work the way they’d like it to or […]

When it comes to improving the user experience on your website and in your marketing efforts, data visualization is one of the best elements you can add. Visualizations are so effective, 74 percent of social media marketers add visuals to their social media posts. The best part? There are many places and ways to use […]

This post originally appeared on our Medium, and was written by Springboard mentor Sarah Berchild. Are you… A student just starting in the UX design field? Working at an organization where leadership doesn’t understand what UX is? At a job that has never adopted UX practices? Let’s face it. Many companies (yes, even big companies) […]

You can learn a lot by looking back at the top UX design trends from 2017. Knowing what was popular can point to trends for 2018 and beyond. Design changes from year to year, but when it comes to user experience, it’s smart to take what you know works and build on it, even as […]

When it comes to UX design, small changes often have a big impact in the long run. However, there are so many things to consider with UX that it can be difficult to know which changes to start with. Should you implement everything, or just a couple of things? Seventy-nine percent of consumers say that […]

At Springboard, dozens of students have successfully made a career change. One of those students is Tommy Koo. Tommy previously worked in finance, but didn’t find his job fulfilling. He was more interested in design. Eager to make a change, he enrolled in Springboard’s UX Design workshop and developed a strong relationship with his mentor Sadok. […]

Why we wrote this definitive article on learning User Experience Design (UX) and becoming a UX designer User Experience Design (UX) is not only an important and rapidly growing profession, it’s also become a bit of a buzzword. At Springboard, we hear a lot of questions about it. “What is UX design?”, “What Does a […]

How to improve user surveys In his TED talk, US executive, designer, and technologist John Maeda discusses the relationship between technology, art, and design—addressing how technology and art are often treated like separate entities. But by combining them, he states that we can open up to a whole new level of thinking. So how can […]