Springboard Rise, our first data and design summit, brought together more than 250 students, alumni, and mentors for a full day of learning, networking, and fun at LinkedIn’s stunning San Francisco headquarters. The day began with a celebration of the Springboard community by co-founders Parul Gupta and Gautam Tambay, who shared the company’s story and […]

As you begin your education in user experience, there’s likely a plethora of questions you have about finding your first UX design job. The typical questions include: What are hiring managers looking for? What should my portfolio look like? Do I need to know how to code? Should I start with an internship? Is it better […]

User experience (UX) is a term that has been around since the early 1990s, but wasn’t widely recognized until relatively recently. It was first coined by Donald Norman, a cognitive scientist for Apple who came up with “user experience design” as a way of encompassing everything UX represents. He explained, “I invented the term because […]

Designers are constantly inspired by the world around them. It can come from the chaos of cities or the calmness of nature, the sound of street traffic or the pattern of a leaf. We’ve put together a list of quotes about design from UX experts, visual designers, business legends, and even a few philosophers. We […]

People intrigue me. This has remained a constant throughout my life and it’s what motivated me to learn about how user experience (UX) design could compliment my work in architecture and project management. When I began Springboard’s UX Design course, my goal was to transition into a UX design career. Over the course of the […]

Solving design problems is a battle with your own mind. You can feel overwhelmed with everything there is to consider. Trade-offs need to be made, and stakeholders have their opinions. To persevere to an ideal solution, master your mind. I personally find mantras useful for any creative project. They’re go-to phrases you can tell yourself […]

You’re just finishing your studies in UX. Perhaps you’ve completed a couple of personal or client projects. You look back at the work you’ve done so far and ask yourself this important question: “How do I create the best UX portfolio that makes companies want to hire me?” Your first UX portfolio should tell a […]

Let’s talk about UX resumes! You may dread the very thought of trying to condense your professional experience into a list of bullet points. Feeling that way about writing a resume is totally natural—I definitely do! Over the years, I’ve tried many different approaches to perfecting my own resume. After some hard lessons learned, I’ve […]