Google, Airbnb, and Amazon all have one thing in common: an incredible user experience (also known as UX). Their principle websites are straightforward and easy to use, and many (including Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia) attribute the success of these “startup unicorns” to strong UX design. CNNMoney’s 100 Best Jobs in America list for 2017 includes both UX […]

UX design is a creative and ever-changing field that welcomes fresh ideas from new practitioners, but there are some foundational UX design principles that every new designer should understand. The Interaction Design Foundation defines UX principles as “fundamental points of advice for making easy-to-use, pleasurable designs as we select, create and organize elements and features in […]

Springboard mentor and full-stack designer Matt Donovan began his career as a print graphic designer. He moved into UX design after teaching himself web design and interface with clients.  As the former director of product design at Zaarly—a platform connecting homeowners with home service providers such as plumbers, gardeners, and electricians—Donovan spent a lot of […]

Today, we’re happy to announce the launch of a new Springboard course, Introduction to Design. Design is one of the tech industry’s fastest-growing professional fields. Demand for accomplished designers working in UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) is expected to grow by 14.9% over the next 10 years. This growth is not news to […]

Product Designer Sandy Woodruff went from being a designer on a big team at Fab to being the only designer. In this Real Talk, we go behind the scenes on her career journey from Fab to Rent the Runway to Etsy to Google (where she applied 3 times before getting in!). Hear her tips on collaborating […]

Adobe UX Designer (and Springboard mentor!) Karen Ko has a fascinating job: she works on the Creative Cloud Desktop application and Creative Cloud libraries. But a couple of years ago, she was just another applicant from a UX Bootcamp program.  In our latest YouTube video, we asked her to answer some common UX Design interview […]

Springboard has graduated 15,000 students across our course offerings. In this series, we sit down with some of the students who inspire us and help share their story.  Kashif Ross used Springboard’s UX Design Bootcamp to transition from teaching to UX Design. Here’s his story. You transitioned from a career in Education and a background in Psychology […]

Introduction Here’s a common question we hear at Springboard on almost a daily basis:  Does UI and UX Design only apply to digital products and services? Our answer: absolutely not! While the most common focus of UX/UI is mostly nestled within the digital realm, its topics just as easily apply to physical, voice, gesture, light and […]