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Companies are still hiring tech workers

10 Tech Companies That Are Still Hiring Right Now

5 minute read | January 25, 2023
Kindra Cooper

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Kindra Cooper

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With the tech industry reeling from the fastest rate of redundancies since the pandemic began, many are wondering what this means for skilled professions once deemed “recession-proof.” An average of 1,600 tech positions have been eliminated every day in 2023 so far, per, as tech companies course-correct in a post-pandemic world. 

As lockdowns eased and people returned to their offices, schools, and social lives, the PC shortage ended, athleisure wear morphed into office-friendly “workleisure,” and Facebook usage dropped precipitously. 

Despite making drastic cuts, tech companies are still larger than they were pre-pandemic. Folks typically consider FAANGs a health indicator for the overall tech industry, given their sheer size and market power, but the broader labor market is still outperforming expectations, and laid-off workers are finding new jobs quickly. 

Other industries are luring workers away from tech companies

About 79% of workers recently hired after a tech-company layoff or termination landed their new job within three months of starting their search, according to a ZipRecruiter survey of new hires.

What’s more, sectors that once struggled to lure tech talent away from cash-flush FAANGs are clamoring for workers with skills in data science, software engineering, UX design, and more. Here are some examples of sectors that are currently hiring:

  • E-commerce solutions providers
  • Climate technology
  • Logistics and supply chain operations
  • Healthcare
  • Finance and insurance
  • Cybersecurity infrastructure
  • Marijuana startups (in states where medicinal/recreational marijuana is legal)
  • Hospitality and travel
  • Information technology
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Management consulting 

In November, there were 35,132 tech job postings in the finance and insurance sector alone, according to CompTIA’s analysis of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report released on Dec 2. Meanwhile, the green-tech sector is seeing increased government funding and demand for workers who can build climate change solutions, and is eager to recruit laid-off tech workers. 

“This is an opportunity for those industries that have traditionally lagged behind in digital transformation and cybersecurity, to hire talent at a level they may not have been able to before when the tech industry was gobbling them up,” Simone Petrella, CEO of CyberVista, a cybersecurity training and development company, told CNBC.

Here is a list of 10 companies that are still hiring tech workers. 

1. Deloitte


Management consultant Deloitte is seeking to fill a whopping 19,393 US-based roles, according to Indeed, with job titles like full-stack developer, application administrator, SQL developer, cloud security consultant, network administrator, UX researcher, and senior penetration tester. 

2. Capital One

Capital One

The banking and financial services company currently has 2,578 open roles on Indeed requiring technology skills such as machine learning development, software engineering, cyber risk analysis, UX design, business analysis, data loss prevention (DLP), data science, DevOps, and more. 

The fintech company recently laid off 1,000 workers due to pandemic-induced overhiring and the company’s new focus on integrating agile delivery processes into its core engineering practices. However, the job cuts are fewer than the 4,000 or so new roles added in the past year. 

“Our tech organization is actively recruiting for a range of positions, including engineering roles focused on cloud, data, machine learning, and cybersecurity, as well as product managers,” a Capital One spokesman told The Register

3. Chase

Chase Bank

Financial services corporation Chase is seeking to fill 1,875 open tech roles on Indeed, calling for skills like applied AI and machine learning, Java backend development, project management, business analytics, AI research, data visualization, product development, and incident response investigation. 

The firm is also searching for early-career developers for the April cohort of its Emerging Talent Software Engineers program and offers a 15-week paid fellowship called the ReEntry Program for those returning to the workplace after a career break of two or more years. 

4. Accenture


IT consulting firm Accenture secured a top three spot in a recent Indeed analysis of the top 20 companies hiring the most tech workers, trailing PwC and Deloitte, with 414 new job postings on Indeed per million total jobs. The firm has 3,574 job openings on Indeed for software developers, QA automation testers, machine learning engineers, UX researchers, Salesforce developers, systems administrators, AWS cloud engineers, and more. 

5. General Dynamics Information Technology

General Dynamics Information Technology

IT service management company General Dynamics also made Indeed’s list, and is hiring for various roles in cloud computing, enterprise IT, cybersecurity, development and programming, and data analytics. The company currently has 1,181 open roles in tech on LinkedIn. 

GDIT recently expanded its partnership with Cisco to provide government agencies with 5G solutions for IoT and edge use cases and to drive digital transformation in government. 

6. Lockheed Martin

Defense contractor Lockheed Martin has 2,043 tech job postings on Indeed for software developers, computer systems security analysts, systems administrators, artificial intelligence analyst, data analyst, cyber governance and risk compliance analysts, data scientists, database developers, and cybersecurity engineers. Many of these roles are earmarked as ‘Early Career’ or entry-level positions for recent college graduates. 

The company is building GPS 3 satellites, which are used to enhance the accuracy of existing GPS systems. Lockheed Martin also recently signed a defense contract of over $1 billion with the U.S. Department of Defense. 



KPMG, a Big Four accounting firm, has 4,167 open tech roles for workers skilled in business intelligence engineering, tech support, .NET development, cloud solutions architecture, data analytics, IT auditing, Oracle Cloud, SQL database development, and more. 

The company reported 14% growth in its 2022 fiscal year, with reported aggregated revenues of $35 billion, and the creation of 29,000 new roles across the global organization. 

8. Cognizant


IT company Cognizant has over 1,200 positions available in technology engineering, IT infrastructure, and digital. The firm recently entered into an agreement to acquire Mobica to enhance its IoT software engineering service offerings. 

9. Northrop Grumman

Aerospace and defense technology company Northrop Grumman is hiring for over 2,300 roles in IT, engineering, and security across its global offices. The company designs, develops, and builds some of the world’s most advanced products, from next-generation spacecraft to full-spectrum cybersecurity systems,  advanced aircraft, naval systems, and more. 

10. Humana

Health insurance company Humana topped a recent CompTIA analysis of finance and insurance firms hiring the highest number of tech workers, with a purported 4,950 tech job openings. Available positions include senior cloud solutions engineer, enterprise data governance professional, senior business systems analysis professional, and senior systems engineer.   

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