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Introducing Springboard’s Career Assessment Test

4 minute read | August 14, 2020
Simona Galant

Written by:
Simona Galant

Ready to launch your career?

Exciting news, everyone! We’ve been hard at work for these past few months on a little project that we hope will make a big impact on our students, both past and present. The Career Assessment Test is a free, 15-minute test designed to help you find the best career path based on your interests, goals, and experience.

How did we do it? Luckily, we have access to some of the best and brightest career experts here at Springboard. In designing the Career Assessment Test, we worked closely with our subject matter experts and mentors. We also used data from 3000+ Springboard students!

What is the Career Assessment Test?

This free assessment guides you through a series of multiple-choice questions (no typing needed!) and ultimately recommends potential career paths based on your responses to questions that help you showcase your technical and personal skills. You’ll also answer a few questions that give context into your educational background and current career experience, so the results you get will actually be relevant as they’ll be targeted towards you and reflect your unique journey and personality.

Who is the Career Assessment Test for?

Great question! The short answer is: it’s for everyone! More specifically, we designed the Career Assessment Test for:

  • People who are interested in a role in tech
  • People who are interested in making a career transition
  • People who are seeking custom results and next steps for how to transitions their careers

What careers can I learn about in the Career Assessment Test?

We’ve explored 14 in-demand tech careers to help you find the one that’s the best fit for you.

Product Management
Product managers identify customer needs and the larger business objectives that a product or feature will fulfill. Product managers also articulate what success looks like for a product, and build a team to turn that vision into a reality.

Product Marketing
Product marketing managers are the point people for marketing efforts. They lead efforts to understand the user and then develop sales and marketing messaging that speaks to that user. They also set a pricing strategy and drive competitive analysis.

Machine Learning Engineering
Machine learning engineers manage and perform complex modeling on data sets. They also build software that automates predictive models such as Netflix’s “recommended” tool, which makes predictions on things you have watched in the past.

Project Management
Project managers act as the point people for a project from start to finish. They manage timelines, ensure functional communication across different teams, and are accountable for the project’s delivery and outcomes.

Data Engineering
Database engineers create and manage databases. This can include anything from building a new database to meet a specific need to configure new and existing systems to ensure everything remains fully functional.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketers are responsible for managing a company’s efforts to acquire and convert customers through brand awareness, social media campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and more.

Business Analytics
Business analysts use quantitative and qualitative data to understand what a business does and how it does it. BAs then leverage data and problem solving to determine how to improve existing business processes.

Business Development
Business development representatives spend a lot of time reaching out to potential new customers. It is their job to understand the product and the market and come up with creative new strategies for getting customers on the phone.

Graphic Design
Graphic designers are responsible for understanding products and customers. Their role is to use a combination of computer software and artistic concepts to craft graphics and designs that relay the product message to the customer in compelling ways.

Tech sales managers spend a lot of time talking to customers. They’re experts on what they’re selling and they know how to build and maintain good relationships. They are responsible for hitting company targets and work well under pressure.

UI/UX Design
UI and UX design dictate users’ experiences with products. UI/UX designers get to know customers and how they engage with a product. They are responsible for research, testing/optimizing, and perfecting the look and function of a product.

Data Analytics
Data analysts are responsible for gathering, cleaning, and analyzing data using statistics. They translate numbers and data into business solutions.

Software Engineering
Software engineers are computer science professionals who use their knowledge of engineering principles and programming languages to build software products and run network control systems.

Data Science
Data scientists utilize their analytical, statistical, and programming skills to collect, analyze, and interpret large data sets. They then use this information to develop data-driven solutions to difficult business challenges.

Where can I find out more?

Head on over to the Career Assessment Test and take a look around. The test is free, completely online, and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. After you complete the test, you’ll receive an email from one of Springboard’s career coaches with your results—and ideas for the next steps to your dream career!

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Simona is a freelance writer who focuses on the intersection of tech and lifestyle experiences. At Springboard, she helps tell stories about how technology comes together with education.