The past year has been full of growth for the Springboard team, which has swelled in size as we’ve introduced new career track courses in user experience and machine learning, re-envisioned the UX design skills track, and launched the Data Science Career Track Prep Course—with much more on the way.

That’s why we’re so excited to be included on Course Report’s inaugural list of the 22 Best Online Bootcamps of 2019.

Course Report has been tracking and reporting on the coding bootcamp industry since 2013. In putting together its “honest, data-driven” list, Course Report considered alumni reviews, student outcomes data, the quality of instructors and mentors, commitment to diversity, scholarships, and innovative payment plans, among other factors.

Springboard is one of just six schools to receive the “top rated” badge, awarded to programs with more than 30 verified reviews with a rating of four stars (out of five) or higher.

The 22 bootcamps on the list received an average overall rating of 4.7, based on 4,071 reviews (as of June 7). Springboard’s rating at that time was 4.79 with more than 300 reviews.

Among the recent reviews of Springboard is this one from Data Science Career Track graduate Sebastian Alvis:

“Springboard is an ideal bootcamp for many reasons. There are flexible payment options, the course is entirely online, and there is tons of support from the large community and network of mentors. The curriculum uses many different resources to keep things fresh, exposes you to many different data science methodologies, and has two capstone projects. The capstone projects were my favorite part of the bootcamp, as they were where I was able to learn best, bringing everything I had learned together for a problem that I got to choose. Overall a wonderful learning experience.”

And UX Career Track graduate Drew Hopkins said:

“The quality of the course is superb. I’m an avid learner and have taken many online courses through community colleges and state colleges. The amount of knowledge you gain and support you get from Springboard makes universities look slow, petty, wasteful, unresourceful, and greedy.”

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