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Springboard UNH partnership

Springboard Partners With University of New Hampshire

3 minute read | August 18, 2020
Laura Parker

Written by:
Laura Parker

Ready to launch your career?

We’re happy to announce that Springboard has partnered with the University of New Hampshire (UNH),  a flagship research university whose portfolio includes partnerships with NASA, NOAA, NSF, and NIH, to create two new bootcamps that will be offered by UNH Professional Development & Training. The best part? Enrollments are open to all!

The partnership will allow students to build high-demand technical skills while earning a professional certificate from UNH Professional Development and Training in two areas:

Both courses provide a carefully measured blend of technical skills development, collaborative project-based learning, and career support to help students advance within their current profession, or launch a new career in a high-demand field. 

Why has Springboard partnered with UNH?

The traditional model of higher education was already rapidly evolving, but the arrival of COVID-19 accelerated that change. We’ve now seen 25% of universities moving their fall 2020 courses primarily online.

As an online-first education provider, Springboard offers a robust virtual learning experience and high-engagement support resources that students need to complete the online certificate program. These support resources include an industry mentor currently working in the field—Springboard’s mentors represent experts from both Fortune 500 companies and high-growth startups—as well as professional career coaches and student success advisors, all of whom are dedicated to motivating students and keeping them accountable to their ultimate goal of advancing their career. 

This seemed like the perfect time for Springboard to partner with a university to bring our knowledge and expertise in remote learning to the higher education sector.

What can students expect from the Springboard UI/UX Design bootcamp?

Demand for design professionals continues to grow: Indeed projects that UI/UX design jobs will continue to grow at a rate of almost 15% over the next decade.

In the UI/UX design bootcamp, students will learn the fundamentals of UI/UX design, from ideating and designing to sketching, wireframing, and design sprints. The course format integrates an apprenticeship where learners will add real-world experience to their portfolio by working on projects with partner companies. 

The UI/UX design bootcamp is now open to new enrollments for September and October start dates.

What can students expect from the Springboard Machine Learning Engineering bootcamp?

A recent Forbes report names machine learning engineering as one of the fastest-growing and highest-paying roles in tech today, growing over 300% in the past five years with an average annual base salary of $146K.

The Machine Learning Engineering Bootcamp is designed to give students that have some prior coding experience, the skills needed to advance into new machine learning, and artificial intelligence careers. Students will dive deep into the machine learning engineering stack to learn how to deploy machine learning systems to production. 

The Machine Learning Engineering Bootcamp will go live in fall 2020,

What happens after students complete the bootcamps?

Upon completion, graduates of both bootcamps will be issued a professional certificate from the University of New Hampshire and Springboard. They will have gained real-world experience via a personally matched industry mentor and will have had the experience of participating in a set of portfolio-ready work projects. 

Both certificate programs are designed as self-paced and part-time offerings, ready to take students from technical beginners to job-ready professionals in the space of a few months.

Who can apply, and where?

Everyone is welcome to apply now. Click here to learn more about the new courses and how to apply.

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