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21 JavaScript Newsletters to Follow

5 minute read | January 31, 2020
Kindra Cooper

Written by:
Kindra Cooper

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JavaScript has evolved dramatically from its roots as the programming language of the web. Today, JavaScript is used for a variety of software projects, ranging from front-end development using popular frameworks like Angular or React to server-side coding with Node.js or mobile apps using React Native. The flexibility of JavaScript makes learning the language an excellent starting point for a wide variety of tech roles.

The JavaScript ecosystem is constantly evolving. New tools and frameworks come out every day, and some rapidly become outdated. That’s why it’s critical for developers to keep up with the latest trends and insights related to JavaScript. A great way to stay informed is by subscribing to newsletters related to JavaScript. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best JavaScript newsletters for aspiring developers and industry experts alike.

Javascript newsletters JavaScript Weekly1. JavaScript Weekly

JavaScript Weekly sends a roundup of JavaScript news and articles once a week. This JavaScript newsletter is ideal for staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the JavaScript ecosystem. It also includes tutorials, which are great for developers just starting out. Previous articles include JavaScript, ES6, ES7, ES10..Where Are We? and What’s New for Node.js in 2020

2. Node Weekly

Node Weekly is a weekly newsletter with articles related to Node.js (a JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript outside of a browser) and server-side development with JavaScript. This newsletter is an excellent resource for backend or full-stack developers who work with a Node.js tech stack and want to improve their knowledge of the platform.

3. React.js Newsletter 

React.js Newsletter brings together the best news, articles, and projects about React each week. This newsletter is ideal for front-end developers interested in building single-page apps using React and looking to build expertise in the framework. Previous articles from the newsletter include Thinking in React Hooks and Build your own React from scratch.

4. ES.Next News

ES.Next News is a newsletter focused specifically on the JavaScript language and cross-platform tooling. This is ideal for developers who don’t have a lot of time, because it’s limited to just five articles per week.

Javascript newsletters ESnext News

5. React Status

React Status sends a roundup of articles related to React.JS and React Native on a weekly basis. This newsletter is ideal for mobile and web developers to stay up-to-date with the latest developments within the React ecosystem.

6. Mobile Dev Weekly

Mobile Dev Weekly focuses on mobile app development. This newsletter is great for front-end developers interested in building mobile web experiences, whether it’s native apps, progressive web apps, or other mobile web apps using JavaScript.

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7. GameDev.JS Weekly

GameDev.JS Weekly compiles articles and tutorials focused on web game development. This is an excellent way for aspiring game developers who want to learn more about building games using HTML5, JavaScript, and other web-related tools.

8. JavaScript Kicks

JavaScript Kicks sends a weekly curated list of the top-rated articles from its community of JavaScript developers. Each day, the site picks articles focused on JavaScript libraries, frameworks and tooling, and lets the community decide which pieces are the best.

JavaScript newsletters JavaScript Kicks

9. Vue.js Newsletter

Vue.js Newsletter consists of articles related to building apps with the Vue.js frontend framework. This newsletter is ideal for front-end JavaScript developers who want to deepen their knowledge of one of the most popular and easy-to-use SPA frameworks.

10. DevList

DevList focuses on the practice of software development. It’s ideal for developers, testers, or anyone else working in the software development space that wants to learn more about best practices for building high quality software.

11. Dev Tips

Dev Tips sends one developer tip in the form of a GIF each week. Many of the tips cover Chrome DevTools and other web-related tools that JavaScript web developers frequently use. Dev Tips Daily is great for developers looking to expand their knowledge in areas that aren’t covered as much in other newsletters.

12. Dashing D3.js

Dashing D3.js Weekly Newsletter is a roundup of data visualization and D3-related news. The newsletter contains tutorials, screencasts, and articles to help reduce the steep learning curve associated with the D3.js library.

13. The Ember Times

The Ember Times is a weekly newsletter with the latest articles related to Ember.js — a popular front-end framework. The newsletter is ideal for developers who regularly work with Ember and want to deepen their knowledge of the framework.

JavaScript newsletters Ember Times

14. Frontend Focus

Frontend Focus brings together the best front-end news. This newsletter is great for front-end developers interested in articles about HTML, CSS, WebGL, Canvas, JavaScript, and almost any other browser-related topic. Previous articles from the newsletter include Tried & True Productivity Tips from 25 React Experts and The Firefox UI Is Now Built with Web Components.

15. Superhero.js

Superhero.js is a great newsletter for developers that want to improve their JavaScript development practices. The newsletter sends updates whenever they add new content to their growing collection, which includes the best articles, videos, and presentations related to creating, testing, and maintaining a large JavaScript codebase. 

16. A Drip of JavaScript

A Drip of JavaScript sends one JavaScript-related tip every Tuesday. This newsletter is great for JavaScript programmers that want to improve their knowledge with bite-sized, actionable insights.

JavaScript Newsletters A Drip of JavaScript

17. Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly curates blogs, articles, and tools for Angular. This newsletter is ideal for front-end developers who work with Angular and want to improve their understanding of the framework.

18. Weekend JavaScript

Weekend JavaScript sends a curated list of JavaScript news and articles every Friday. The newsletter covers topics of interest to JavaScript developers such as the language’s features, related frameworks, testing practices, and more.

19. Fullweb Newsletter

Fullweb Newsletter delivers a list of the five best articles each week for full stack developers. The topics include web development, back-end development, DevOps, automation, and user experiences, which are ideal for developers interested in gaining a well-rounded knowledge of web development.

20. Pony Foo

Pony Foo sends out news about the open web every Thursday. The newsletter is ideal for developers who want to receive articles with interesting or trending topics about front-end web development and related technologies.

21. Web Tools Weekly

Web Tools Weekly is a newsletter that sends out interesting articles for front-end developers, full stack developers, or web designers each week. The newsletter has a specific focus on the best tools for web development.

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