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What Do Full Stack Developers Make [2022 Salary Guide]

What Do Full Stack Developers Make? [2024 Salary Guide]

9 minute read | June 22, 2022
Sakshi Gupta

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Sakshi Gupta

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There’s never been such high demand for full-stack developers—those who can code both the frontend and backend of applications. And that demand is only going to keep rising, in part because of cloud platforms, like AWS and Azure, which make it easier for businesses to develop and optimize their software. 

Safe to say, there’s never been a better time to pursue a career as a full-stack developer. But what does a full-stack developer actually make? It depends on a number of factors, which we’ve detailed in this post. Keep reading to learn more. 

What Is the Average Full-Stack Developer Salary?

According to Indeed, the average salary for a full-stack developer is $102,006 a year. Full-stack developers also earn up to $5,000 in yearly bonuses, and 401(k) non-cash benefits. As expected, salaries do vary by experience level. According to Glassdoor, entry-level full-stack developers earn around $90,376 a year, while experienced professionals can earn up to $205k per year.

How Much Do Full-Stack Developers Make?

For full-stack developers, salaries differ based on their industry, level of experience, role, education, and geographic location. Let’s break down each of those factors. 

Full-Stack Developer Salaries by Industry

Full-stack developer salaries differ across industries. Some industries, such as tech, tend to pay their full-stack developers more.


full stack developer salary

In the tech industry, full-stack developer salaries range from $110,000 to $140,000. For instance, IBM pays its full-stack developers an average of $83,000 to $126,000 per year. Those in senior positions earn up to $207,000. 

Likewise, CyberCoders pays an average of $115,104 to its full-stack developers. Senior developers at the company can earn around $214,000, while junior full-stack developers make $78,000. 

full stack developer salary


Experienced full-stack developers in the healthcare industry earn over $100,000 with entry-level positions paying around $45,000. For example, UnitedHealth Group pays full-stack developers an average of $116,856 per year, and their senior developers can earn upwards of $222,000 per year. 

full stack developer salary


Government firms and agencies pay full-stack developers over $150,000 a year. For instance, the average full-stack developer salary at Fannie Mae is $161,777 per year. Junior developers are paid $147,000 while senior full-stack developers earn $210,000

full stack developer salary


A full-stack developer’s salary at finance institutions, such as banks, is comparatively lower than at healthcare and government institutions. For example, Capital One pays an average annual salary of $135,924 to full-stack developers.

full stack developer salary


eBay pays an average of $179,916 to full-stack developers per year. While entry-level positions pay $138,000, senior developers earn around $215,000. Other larger e-commerce companies also pay their full-stack developers well, while smaller companies don’t tend to pay as much. 

full stack developer salary

Full-Stack Developer Salary by Experience

As you would expect, experienced full-stack developers earn more than entry-level developers. But if you’re a senior developer, and want to earn over $220,000, you’ll need to add some additional skills to your resume. Let’s break down the earning potential for each level of experience. 

Entry-Level Full-Stack Developer Salary

full stack developer salary

According to self-reported salaries gathered by Indeed, entry-level full-stack developers (those with less than one year of experience) earn $83,721 a year. Meanwhile, those with three to five years of experience make up to $123,459. 

Mid-Level Full-Stack Developer Salary

full stack developer salary

Mid-level full-stack developers make around $113,297, according to Glassdoor. Meanwhile, Salary Explorer reports the average mid-level full-stack developer salary to be $98,700

Senior Full-Stack Developer Salary

full stack developer salary

Glassdoor reports that senior full-stack developers earn around $315,000 per year. Here’s how a full-stack developer’s salary increases with years of experience: 

  • 2 to 4 Years: $123,210 per year
  • 5 to 7 Years: $162,300 per year 

The graph shows the pay trajectory of a full-stack developer based on their experience. 

full stack developer salary, Senior Full-Stack Developer Salary
Source: Glassdoor

Full-Stack Developer Salary by Roles

Full-stack developer salaries also vary by role. For instance, full-stack web developers earn a different salary than full-stack engineers or Java developers. 

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Full-Stack Web Developer

The average salary for a full-stack web developer is $78,087. Senior full-stack web developers can earn up to $177,000. 

full stack developer salary

Full-Stack Java Developer

The annual salary for a full-stack Java developer ranges from $61,000 to $240,000. The average salary is $116,876. 

full stack developer salary

Full-Stack Engineer

Full-stack engineers make an average of $120,125 per year, but senior-level positions pay up to $284,000 a year. 

full stack developer salary

Full-Stack Software Developer

The average annual salary for a full-stack software developer is $107,292. Top-level personnel in full-stack software development can earn $287,000 annually. 

full stack developer salary

Full-Stack JavaScript Developer

Full-stack JavaScript developers make an average of $109,235 per year. Entry-level developers can make $63,000 a year, while senior-level developers can earn $262,000. 

full stack developer salary

Full-Stack Developer Salary by Education

The salary range of a full-stack developer varies widely depending on their education and work experience. Those with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field typically earn the highest salaries. 

Here’s a graph that shows full-stack development salaries based on education levels. 

No Degree

Full-stack developers with no degree tend to earn lower salaries. To earn more, consider pursuing a degree. If you are unable to pursue a degree consider opting for a bootcamp where you can acquire the required skills within a couple of months.


Full-stack developers with a certificate can earn up to $73,700 per year. 


Full-stack developers with a bachelor’s degree earn around $99,000 a year. 

full stack developer salary


Those with a master’s degree can expect to make over $150,000 as a full-stack developer. This is a 53% increase in salary from what you’d earn with a bachelor’s degree. 

Full-Stack Developer Salary Distribution by City

Full-Stack Developer Salary Distribution by City

It’s also important to note that full-stack developers earn more in some cities than in others. Let’s break it down. 

San Francisco

The average salary for a full-stack developer in San Francisco is $123,360. Developers with three to five years of experience can expect to earn up to $166,354 per year. 

full stack developer salary

New York

The average salary for a full-stack developer in New York is $117,000. Developers with three to five years of experience can expect to earn up to $141,606 per year. 

full stack developer salary


The average salary for a full-stack developer in Atlanta is $106,088

full stack developer salary


On average, full-stack developers in Austin make $104,530. Developers with less than one year of experience can make around $94,120, while senior-level developers earn $138,794 annually. 

full stack developer salary

Factors Affecting Full-Stack Developer Salaries

Skills, experience, and educational background all affect what a full-stack developer makes. Here’s an overview of how these factors affect a developer’s compensation.

Your Educational Background

Generally speaking, the higher your educational background, the more you make. However, not all educational experience is equally lucrative. 

For instance, if you get a certificate in full-stack web development, you will have the in-demand skills that employers are looking for. It can give you an advantage over your peers with no diploma, and help you land a high-paying job as a full-stack developer.

Likewise, you can opt for a degree, such as a bachelor’s in computer science or a related field. A degree will give you the fundamental skills and knowledge required to work as a full-stack developer.

You can also consider pursuing a master’s degree in computer science if you want to further your career and earn a higher salary.

Experience (Both Number of Years and Variety of Experience)

Your experience as a full-stack developer will also determine your average base salary. Developers with more experience or a broader range of skills will earn higher salaries than those with less experience.

  • Database Technology: Nowadays, developers need to know how to work with databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, and Hadoop.
  • Web Technologies: You should be proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, JSON, and XML. Experience with AngularJS or ReactJS will also give you an edge.
  • Cloud Computing: Cloud computing has become an essential part of most businesses, and developers need to know how to work with cloud-based platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Mobile Development: As more and more businesses go mobile, developers need to have experience developing apps for iOS and Android platforms.
  • Content Management Systems: WordPress and Drupal are two of the most popular CMS platforms. As such, many businesses expect their developers to have at least basic knowledge of these systems.

Skills (Including Interpersonal Skills)

full stack developer salary: Skills (Including Interpersonal Skills)

The other major factor that impacts a full-stack developer’s salary is their skillset. Besides niche software development skills, this also includes interpersonal skills.

Here are some full-stack developer skills to increase your salary:

  • Programming Languages: The more popular the language, the more in-demand it will be. In addition, learning multiple programming languages shows that you are adaptable and willing to learn new things.
  • Databases: Developers skilled in database management systems (DBMS) such as MySQL, MongoDB, and Cassandra earn higher salaries than those not as familiar with these technologies.
  • Web Development Frameworks: Familiarity with web development frameworks such as Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and Express.js will also lead to a higher salary.
  • Cloud Computing: As more and more businesses move to the cloud, developers who know how to work with cloud-based services and platforms are also in high demand.

The ability to work well with others is essential for a full-stack developer, especially if you are working on a team project or communicating with clients.

The Organization You Work For

If you get a developer job at Google or IBM, you will surely earn more than if you work at a startup. For example, Google pays its full-stack developers $118,488 per year, while Revature pays an average of $55,798 because it’s a relatively smaller and younger company.

How To Boost Your Salary as a Full-Stack Developer

How To Boost Your Salary as a Full-Stack Developer

Want to earn more? Here are some things you can do to increase your salary:

Grow Your Skill Set

Your skills determine your salary. As a full-stack developer, you should know how to work with different programming languages, understand user experience (UX) and design thinking, and be able to manage projects from start to finish. To earn a higher salary, create an impressive programming portfolio that includes multiple languages, and frameworks such as React or Node.js. 

Acquire More Experience

As you gain more experience, you’ll acquire a broader knowledge of the technology industry. This allows you to take on more complex projects, which will make you more valuable. With this experience, you’ll also be able to negotiate a higher salary.

You can gain experience by joining a startup or working on personal projects. Online courses and webinars are another great way to continue learning new things. For instance, Android Application Development is a useful course to learn how you can build Android apps from scratch.

Select the Right Location

As mentioned earlier, salaries for full-stack developers are higher in some cities than in others. So if you’re looking to boost your salary, consider moving or working remotely in a more lucrative location for developers.

Some of the best cities for developers include San Francisco, Seattle, and New York. Consider researching local job boards and websites to find opportunities in these locations.

Negotiate Your Job Offer

Negotiations go a long way in helping you get the salary you deserve. You can negotiate with potential employers by presenting your skills and experience, and leveraging offers from other companies. 

Pursue a New Degree or Certification

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you might consider pursuing a higher degree, such as a master’s in computer science or web development. With a new degree, you’ll be able to command a higher salary, and you’ll also have more job opportunities.

You can also pursue certifications in popular programming languages and tools. Some of these include Java, JavaScript, and HTML. Some industry certifications are offered by Amazon like the AWS certifications, or by Microsoft on a large variety of topics ranging from software engineering and development to solution architecture and more.

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Full-Stack Developer Salary FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about full-stack developer salaries.

Is Full-Stack Development a Promising Career?

Yes. Even the lowest salary for a full-stack developer is lucrative. You can expect to earn over $80,000, even with less than a year of experience.

Are Full-Stack Developers in Demand?

Yes. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 13% increase in job growth for web developers between 2020 and 2030.

Is Being a Full-Stack Developer a High-Paying Job?

Yes. In fact, it is one of the highest-paid jobs in the tech industry. The annual salary range for a full-stack developer is between $83,931 and $111,147. You can earn even more if you have a notable degree, diploma, or many years of experience.

Can Full-Stack Developers Earn Six Figures?

Yes. Mid-level and senior developers can easily make a six-figure salary. For instance, the average salary for a full-stack developer is around $100,000 per year, but if you have extensive experience, you can make much more. You can ensure your economic advancement by acquiring new skills, earning a degree, or moving to a location with higher salary ranges.

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