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This course is designed to give you the insight and experience you need to decide if data analytics should be your next career move.

In this four-week course, you will:

  • Build your Excel skills using key functions to analyze a dataset

  • Solve problems by using frameworks and structured thinking foundations used by actual analysts

  • Turn data into insight and learn how to communicate your findings to different teams

  • Understand how data analysis and data science work together and separately


What you’ll learn in this data analytics course

In four weeks (or about 40 hours total) you’ll learn problem-solving frameworks and structured thinking, sharpen your Excel skills, work on presentation skills, and complete a hands-on project for your portfolio.

You’ll take the Technical Skills Survey at the end of the course and with a passing score, you can enroll in the Data Analytics Career Track.

Topic 1: The Basics of Data Analysis

In this unit, you'll hear from real data analysts who work at top companies like Uber and Pandora. You’ll get a feel for the roles within data analytics and be introduced to your mini-case project.

  • Explain the difference between data science and data analytics

  • Explain various roles and responsibilities of data analysts

  • Describe how data analysis can be used to solve real-world problems

  • Identify and describe some of the tools used in data analysis

Topic 2: Structured Thinking Foundations as a Data Professional

This unit introduces the structured foundations approach and the HDEIP framework that serves as the backbone of data analysis. You’ll learn to break down your problems and put order to them using issue trees and value driver trees. 

  • Build problem statements and SMART statements

  • Build out an issue tree 

  • Work on the first step of your mini-case project

Topic 3: Building Your Excel Foundation

Excel is considered the Swiss Army knife of the data analytics world. In this unit, you’ll focus on the key functions of Excel and explore the third part of the HDEIP framework — the Exploratory Data Analysis Phase.

  • Analyze a dataset filled with numerical and categorical data, using an issue tree to guide your analysis

  • Utilize the Excel functions of SUM(), AVG(), IFS(), Pivot Tables to analyze data in a structured manner

  • Work through steps two and three of the mini-case project

Topic 4: Presentation Fundamentals as an Analytics Professional

Delivering presentations to convince your audience of your insights is often the most challenging but rewarding aspect of a data analyst’s job. This unit will teach you how to create and deliver three different presentations depending on your audience.

  • Learn to present insights to executive, technical, and non-technical audiences

  • Practice fundamentals of presenting, including the governing headline, graphical alignment, and sequential flow of your story

  • Work through the final step of your mini-case project

Topic 5: Technical Skills Survey

You’ve reached the end of the bootcamp and are invited to take the Technical Skills Survey (TSS). You’ll familiarize yourself with the HackerRank Platform and then access a link to the TSS. You’ll run through 12 multiple choice questions on the following:

  • Quantitative reasoning (math skills)

  • Percentage

  • Algebra

  • Visual chart (pie chart)

  • Visual chart (line chart)

  • Deductive reasoning/quantitative

  • Ratios

Topic 6: Congratulations

This unit will celebrate your accomplishments and encourage you to enroll in the Data Analytics Career Track. In the Data Analytics Career Track, you’ll focus on the following:

  • Framing structured thinking

  • Analyzing business problems

  • Connecting data using SQL

  • Visualizing data with Python

  • Communicating your analysis

  • You’ll also produce a unique portfolio showcasing your skills, have regular mentor calls, and gain access to a career curriculum designed to help you land a job in analytics

Topic 7: Mini-Case Project

You’ll work through one end-to-end data project interwoven into the curriculum. You’ll learn a core concept and then apply it. A breakdown of the project phases:

  • Framing Up the Problem Statement 

  • Analyzing the Data in Excel using Formulas 

  • Analyzing the Data in Excel using Pivot Tables 

  • Presentation of your Insights in PowerPoint

Topic 8: Career Support

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in one career coaching call and ask your coach any questions you may have about the data analytics field.

If you decide to move on to the Data Analytics Career Track, you’ll have access to a more robust career support plan, including a tailored job search strategy and interview practice on the most common types of interviews.

How you’ll learn in this data analytics intro course

This course mirrors our Data Analytics Career Track, so you’ll see how a results-focused approach can set you in motion toward the data career you want.

Learn online, not alone

You’ll meet with your mentor, an industry professional. You’ll get feedback on projects, answers to questions, and insight into what it’s like to be an analyst.

Grow your skill with a hands-on project

The best way to put learning to the test is by doing. You’ll apply new skills to an end-to-end project that will test your Excel and presentation skills.

Get expert career guidance

Partner with a career coach at the midpoint who can help you figure out if a analytics career is the right fit for you and how to take the next step.

  • Personalized guidance to move you forward

    Build skills faster with an industry expert in your corner.

  • Accountability at every step

    Weekly calls with your mentor means blockers will be removed and you’ll stay on track.

  • Industry insight on call

    Your mentor is a window into the industry and will provide guidance and an insider's perspective.

Mentor: Julia Kho

Operations Research Developer

Mentor: Mohit Bhatia

Program Manager - Analytics

Mentor: Venkatraman Prabhu

Sr. Product Manager

Mentor: Leslie Chen

Product Manager


  • No data analytics experience is required to take this course.

  • Computer access, internet connection and Microsoft Excel.

    If you do not have Excel access, Springboard can reimburse you for a license during the course or for a specified period. Your student advisor can assist you after enrollment.


Cohorts begin every Monday. Complete the course in four weeks by dedicating ~10 hours per week.

One-time payment


Receive a tuition credit of $349 if you apply and are accepted into the Data Analytics Career Track bootcamp.

What’s included in the tuition:

  • Lifetime access to a curriculum created by experts

  • Four sessions (30 minutes each) with your expert mentor and a career coaching consultation to explore your options

  • Access to a community of aspiring analysts and data analytics experts

  • Preferential application review and admissions fast-tracking for the Springboard Data Analytics Career Track upon successful course completion

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