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Colt Steele

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Developed with coding legend - Colt Steele

Colt's classes have over 1.5 million students worldwide, and his graduates work at companies like Google, Salesforce, and Square. To take the next step in your career with Colt and Springboard, apply today and use the code LEARNINGWITHCOLT for $1000 off your tuition.

Meet Colt Steele

Hi! I'm Colt. I'm a developer with a serious love for teaching. I've spent the last several years teaching people to program through in-person bootcamps and through my popular online courses. I've helped hundreds of thousands of students become web developers and change their lives.

Structured learning on a flexible schedule

Our full stack coding bootcamp focuses on JavaScript and Python development, working with APIs and databases, data structures, and algorithms. It’s 100% online and on-demand, so you can learn on your schedule. Students graduate in 9 months, allocating about 20-25 hours of study per week.

Topic 1: Front-end development : JavaScript

  • Introduction to course, front-end vs back-end

  • JavaScript refresher, high order functions, DOM introduction and manipulation, JavaScript events

  • Git, GitHub and Terminal fundamentals

  • jQuery, HTTP requests, asynchronous code, AJAX with axios

Topic 2: Back-end development: Python and Flask

  • Python introduction, data structures, object orientated programming and progress to intermediate Python

  • Flask introduction, server side templates with Jinja, testing, cookies and progress to intermediate Flask

  • SQL introduction, CRUD in SQL, DDL + Joins

  • SQLAlchemy, JSON, API Requests

Topic 3: Back-end development Node and Express

  • Node, NPM, Node-pg, Express introduction

  • Testing with Jest and Node, routing and middleware, rendering templates with Pug

  • Advanced object oriented patterns, building and testing JSON APIs

  • Authentication and Authorization practices

Topic 4: Front-end development : ReactJs

  • Lifecycle methods/useEffect, Context API/useContext, useReducer, custom hooks and React Router

  • Redux introduction, integrating with React and async Redux

Topic 5: Data Structure and Algorithms

  • Data structures, arrays, linked lists, hash tables, recursion, trees, heaps

  • Sorting and searching algorithms

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Use the code LEARNINGWITHCOLT for $1,000 off your tuition!

Meet a few of our Springboard alumni

ML Engineer at IQVIA, Diana Xie

The capstone projects were really helpful in applying what we learned, and so were the videos by Colt Steele.

Kristy Chu

B.A. Business Economics

Previous Job : Senior Revenue Accountant

Current Job : Software Engineer at

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