Best Careers for ENTP Personalities

Learn which careers are ideal for you based on your Myers-Briggs personality type.

ENTP is one of 16 different personality types from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI). ENTPs are made up of dreamers and doers. Both creative and analytical, ENTP career paths can go in any direction they choose. ENTP career options are as diverse as their notable members, which include entrepreneur Walt Disney, inventor Nikola Tesla, and Theodore Roosevelt.

The sky's the limit, and on this page, we’ll help you better understand the ideal ENTP career choices by breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of this category, and even suggest the best jobs for the ENTP personality type.

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What Does ENTP Stand For?

ENTP stands for Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving.

ENTPs excel at coming up with big ideas and bringing them to life. They thrive in new situations, and their flexibility ensures that ENTP careers are not limited to one area of expertise.

ENTP Personality Strengths & Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
Innovative Argumentative
Creative Easily distracted
Knowledgeable Dislikes routine
Teambuilders Insensitive
Charismatic Impatient

What Careers Are Best for ENTP Personalities?

There’s a large variety of ENTP careers, with some of the best careers for ENTP personalities landing in the tech industry.

  • Entrepreneur. One of the best matches for ENTP personality type careers is to create your own business. By starting a company, ENTPs can exercise the full spectrum of their creativity and hold several different roles. Springboard’s UI/UX Design Bootcamp can help its students bring their big ideas to life.
  • Graphic designer. Working in graphic design is a fast-paced and hyper-creative field that will cater to the ENTP personality. With Springboard’s Introduction to Design course, ENTPs can learn the necessary skills with hands-on projects and one-on-one mentorship.
  • UX designer. UX web designers help create websites that enrich the user experience. The ENTP personality type will fully utilize an innovative and creative mindset to excel in these roles.

How Does Springboard Help ENTPs Achieve Their Career Goals?

Springboard provides a self-paced curriculum structure designed to cater to the ENTP dreamers. By covering an extensive curriculum, accessible mentorship, and providing the tools for a self-driven portfolio, Springboard has adapted its many career tracks to cater to various learning styles and successfully prepares its students for a variety of ENTP personality careers.

  • Gain the confidence you need. Springboard offers introductory courses for students looking to enter careers in design, but feel they do not qualify for these skilled positions right away and can help ESFPs gain the confidence they need to go forward.
  • Get results. Like ESFPs, Springboard courses are results-driven. 85% of all Springboard students received an offer within four months, and 53% of students overall received a job offer prior to graduating.
  • Keep track of your goals. With weekly one-on-one mentorship calls, ENTPs will receive constant feedback to help them stay on track and provide guidance when looking for potential ENTP career matches.
  • Study in a systematic way at your own pace. The courses offered by Springboard are self-paced which is ideal for ENTPs, who require a more flexible schedule.

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